June 2018

Thanks to the leadership of Supervisors Norman Yee, Jane Kim, and the hard work of the San Francisco ECE community, Proposition C passed! At final vote count Proposition C finished ahead by over 4,000 votes. See San Francisco election results here.
What made Proposition C a winner? Proposition C's victory was secured by being placed on the ballot as a citizen's initiative, allowing voters to raise needed revenue through a simple majority. Many in the ECE community participated in a quick-turnaround signature collection campaign in January, which successfully qualified Proposition C for the June ballot.
So keep it up, do more than just vote: stay informed, be active, and celebrate your good work done!
For more information on next steps see Budget Hearings and Securing Prop C funding below, come out to San Francisco City Hall especially this Monday & Wednesday afternoon.
San Francisco's ECE Community Supports Immigrant Children
It's impossible to go through a day without hearing the cries of children of immigrant families who have been separated from their loved ones. As a community dedicated to the early care and education of our youngest we know how harmful this is. Early care educators have been sharing information and actions to oppose the border actions. See a compiled list below.

Sara Hicks-Kilday
SFCCPA Director
walk-aroundSFCCPA Monthly Meeting

Monday, June 25 
6:15-8:30 PM

Children's Council,
Room 120
445 Church Street, SF

Tonight: Prop C victory! ECE supports immigrant children & families
Families Belong Together

Saturday, June 30 
Nationwide events 

Immigrant rights are human rights, and human rights are immigrant rights. It's time we take the streets to call for an end to the human rights abuses of ICE and the Trump Administration as they cruelly separate children from their families.

SFCCPA Monthly Meeting

Monday, July 23 
6:15-8:30 PM

Children's Council,
Room 120
445 Church Street, SF

SFCCPA meetings focus on networking, policy & program updates, professional development, and event & action planning to build a strong community of early care educators.

The San Francisco Budget: Come to City Hall for Budget hearings Monday, June 25 & Wednesday, June 27

Monday, 6/25 Budget Hearing will be the conclusion of fire & police department discussions, motions on accepting cuts, and then Public Comment. No firm start time for public comment, estimate: starting sometime around 1 and going through 6 pm. 
Wednesday, 6/27 Budget Hearing and Action . Supervisors can amend and vote on add back list. Public can speak.  
All interested in supporting a Just Budget for San Francisco - arrange for time to be at City Hall Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday into the evening. Thursday is a back-up day.
Email me at: Sara@ecesf.org to let me know you can be there.
Even with the passage of Proposition C, CPAC has estimated at least a need of $300M additional funds to meet the officially endorsed San Francisco ECE Citywide Plan goals including expanded services for 0-5 and ECE compensation parity with TK-Educators. As we wait for Proposition C funds to be secured, we need to maintain our advocacy at the budget level, with increased investments each year if we are to meet the ECE plan goals.
SFCCPA works with the CPAC and BJC to advocate for a Just Budget. On June 18 we rallied on the City Hall Steps and participated in public hearings. Join us on Monday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 27.

Securing Proposition C Funds

The 50 percent plus one majority victory for citizen initiatives is based on a recent California Supreme Court ruling. This decision could mean welcome relief to raise needed revenues for essential public services from care and education to mass transit. Will it hold?
See more details on the decision here.
Local and state taxes have been more difficult to pass since the two-thirds requirement (and other tax limitations) imposed by California's Propositions 13, 218, and 26. The tax burden has shifted at the state level from income to sales, and at the federal level from the wealthiest and big business incomes to middle- and low-income - both regressive shifts. In the name of austerity (cries of deficit or unbalanced budgets) public services have been reduced. All of this negatively impacts middle- and lower-income populations.
The ability to pass taxes through a simple majority could ease access to increased revenue. With possible impact on Proposition C, this is now an important area to watch. Stay tuned.
Rallies & Marches

Thanks to all who came out this weekend to the  Saturday, June 23 SF Families Belong Together Rally!

More actions next week:

Letter Writing and Calls

Your letters & calls have impact. See airlines that have issued statements that they would not transport children separated from families. Here are two sites that suggest companies and elected officials to call:

This site lists companies profiting from the child detention centers  and ways to contact them to let them know where you stand.

The website 5Calls provides elected officials contact with a script to call: Calls with script
Where to Donate

A  Facebook fundraising campaign   started by a Bay Area couple to reunite separated migrant families had brought in more than $10 million in five days. See more.

Here are other recommended places to donate:
This page on Political Charge lists a number of organizations providing legal services to immigrant children and families, also includes links to articles and information.

Job Announcements
Workforce Registry & Job Announcements

If your site has job postings, please share them with us! Email info@ecesf.org.

For comprehensive ECE job information, check out the California ECE Workforce registry, a comprehensive ECE job source!  The Registry is a state, regional, and local collaboration tracking and promoting the education, training, and experience of the early care and education workforce, and piloted in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Visit www.caregistry.org to create your account, and post or search job listings. For assistance, contact the San Francisco Professional Development Project (PDP) in the Child Development and Family Studies Department at City College, 415-452-5605, or Mona Mala, mona@childrenscouncil.org, 415-343-4669.

Jobs in the ECE Community

CCSF has a new Career/Job Service! Visit College Central and refer your employers, students and CTE partners to the service! Employers can post jobs and internships for free and students and alumni  can search jobs by category and type. 

Wu Yee Children's Services has  several job openings .

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