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June 2018
New CDA Executive Committee:
Pediatric Dentist Dr. Karen Foster Takes the Helm

Dr. Karen Foster was installed as the 132nd CDA president during the 2018 CDA Annual Session in Crested Butte, Colo. Dr. Foster, a pediatric dentist, is only the third female president in the association's history. 

It's a Wrap: 2018 Legislative Session

Colorado's 2018 legislative session began Jan. 10 and ended May 9. It was a unique session filled with contentious conduct investigations, as well as a number of divisive issues. The CDA was fortunate to be able to accomplish many key objectives despite the rancor under the gold dome. Read more.
How Do Changes to State X-Ray Regulations Affect You?

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has proposed updates to x-ray machine regulations for healthcare providers. This is intended to align state x-ray regulations with national standards that were updated in 2015. Take a look at the biggest changes anticipated for dental offices.
CDA Recognizes Leaders in Dentistry and Dental Student

At the 2018 CDA Annual Session, the association recognized Dr. Justin Pearson and Dr. Sheena Schoch as exceptional leaders in the dental community and presented CU dental Student Austin Tyler with a CDA Foundation Scholarship. 

Here's why they were chosen.
Dental Board Adopts New Silver Diamine Fluoride Rules

On June 14, the Colorado Dental Board adopted new rules governing the application of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) by dental hygienists. Under these rules, which take effect Aug. 14, dental hygienists will be able to apply SDF when working in collaboration with a licensed dentist. Learn more. 
2018 Bitte Geben Biergarten:
$7,500 Raised to Fund Dental Student Scholarships

The second annual Bitte Geben Biergarten raised $7,500 through the sale of CDA Foundation beer steins and donations from generous CDA members. The proceeds will go directly toward funding scholarships for CU dental students.

Find out what else the CDA Foundation supports.
Notice: CODPAC Board Meeting to Be Held in August 

The  Colorado Dental Political Action Committee (CODPAC)  will hold its 2018 meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 8 at 6:30 p.m. at CDA headquarters. Interested CODPAC contributors are welcome to attend. Get the details. 
Refinance With SoFi

Have student loans? If you're still paying the one-size-fits-all student rate, you might be overpaying. You could save money and simplify your payments by consolidating and refinancing your federal and private loans with CDA-endorsed SoFi. 

Save With Wells Fargo

Take your practice to the next level with financing and support from CDA-endorsed Wells Fargo. From opening your first practice to expanding or transitioning, Wells Fargo Practice Finance can help you pave the way for your long-term success. 

Opioid Prescribing: Here's What's New

A new state law limits the number of opioid pills that can be prescribed by all healthcare providers. Though there is likely to be some enforcement flexibility to start, you should make changes in your prescribing practices now, as these new requirements already have taken effect. Are you in compliance?
State Rebids Medicaid Dental and CHP+ Vendor Contracts

The Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing (HCPF) is beginning the process of rebidding vendor contracts for the Medicaid dental contract and the CHP+ dental contract. By mid-2019, HCPF plans to use one administrative service organization as the vendor for both Medicaid dental and CHP+ dental. Here's how you can submit feedback.
Newest Members of the CDA

Dr. Joshua Allen
Dr. Sanju Basi
Dr. Andrei Baskakau
Dr. Mallory Baum
Dr. Alireza Bonakdar
Dr. John Bowman
Dr. Milena Brezo
Dr. Laura Brown
Dr. Becky Bye
Dr. Jonathan Cano
Dr. Joshua Carr
Dr. Giancarlo Cecchini
Dr. Raghavendra Challa
Dr. James Christiansen
Dr. Chad Christiansen
Dr. Madeline Connick
Dr. Monika Czekalska
Dr. Jeffrey De Guzman
Dr. Simone Vieira de Luna
Dr. Elizabeth Dinh
Dr. Dustin Ebner
Dr. Emily Engler
Dr. Kimberley Engols
Dr. Audrey Fisher
Dr. Stephanie Flaksman
Dr. Christopher Freimuth
Dr. Adam Gart
Dr. Steven George
Dr. Carolina Gonzales
Dr. Eden Habte
Dr. William Harber
Dr. Christopher Henry
Dr. Amanda Herbst
Dr. Allison Hinsberger
Dr. Michael Holbert
Dr. Meghan Holub
Dr. Chong Hong
Dr. Kaziwa Ibrahim
Dr. Ahsan Iqbal
Dr. Matthew Iritani
Dr. Nathan Johnson
Dr. Megan Kack
Dr. Youssef Kartabil
Dr. Nicholas Kaslin
Dr. Sadaf Khalid
Dr. Abdul Khalili
Dr. Carl Kirsch
Dr. Ashish Kunnekel
Dr. Sookyon Lee
Dr. Lauren Llorente
Dr. Ian Lowell
Dr. Benjamin Matthews
Dr. Alexandre Maymone
Dr. Erica McDavid
Dr. Elizabeth McInerney
Dr. Dylan McKnight
Dr. Alexander McNeeley
Dr. Victoria Mierkey
Dr. Shwan Mohammed
Dr. Monica Montoya
Dr. Krista Moore
Dr. Brent Mowery
Dr. Matthew Murphy
Dr. Lucas Nguyen
Dr. Vinh Nguyen
Dr. Jessica Parry
Dr. Mittal Patel
Dr. Roshan Patel
Dr. Taylor Peterson
Dr. Shalyn Philip
Dr. Trenton Platt
Dr. Devon Pucel
Dr. Hayley Quartuccio
Dr. Alejandro Quesada
Dr. Kristina Reck
Dr. Derya Redelius
Dr. Caesie Reynolds
Dr. Shaun Rizzo
Dr. Abby Rudnick
Dr. Michael Rusch
Dr. Lindsey Sanders
Dr. Nolan Sanders
Dr. Brooke Seesengood
Dr. Catherine Senecal
Dr. Angelica Seto
Dr. Parker Seubert
Dr. Garrett Seymore
Dr. Jason Shockley
Dr. Derrick Silva
Dr. Daniel Skaggs
Dr. Caroline Stern
Dr. Dragana Strizak
Dr. Rana Sweis
Dr. Nicole Ters
Dr. Ishanga Ugbizi
Dr. Rimma Vabishchevich
Dr. Zachary Van Hilsen
Dr. Supneet Wadhwa
Dr. Daniel Yeager
Dr. Hammad Zaheer

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