A thank you from our Artistic Director
What a thrilling season here at North Carolina Arts in Action. This year over 1,200 students were introduced to the transformative power of the arts. I am extremely grateful to our phenomenal teaching artists and musicians who inspired our students to reach for the stars and achieve excellence.
It never ceases to amaze me how this teaching pedagogy can motivate even the most resistant child. Our inclusive approach breaks down so many barriers and has so many positive effects on the students, their peers, and teachers. The support of our 12 partner schools and wonderful parent community has played such a pivotal role in our program expansion over the past few years.

Growing up in Austin, TX I had the privilege of participa ting in a program with the same mission and modeled after our m other ship associate, the National Da nce Institute. It was in this program where I was first introduced to this unique pedagogy that instilled in me a sense of self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment that I had  never experienced before. I had no idea that my experience would lead me here to NC Arts in Action.
Our work is now more important than  ever. Children need to be exposed to new ways of learning and I am a firm believer that learning through the art s can have such a profound impact on the development of a compassionate and successful individual in our demanding 21st century. So to those who have made a difference in my life and our continued supporters I say, thank yo

 - Alton D. Tisino, Artistic Director , NC Arts in Action

  Alton for Centerline Digital interview 2017 photo by J. Tarrazi-Scully
Roleville Elementary 2018 
All photos by J. Tarrazi-Scully

School year end appeal - Help us meet our goal

Thanks to the contributions from foundations and individuals we have raised $17,850 towards our year end goal of $30,000.  We seek to raise an additional $12,150 before our fiscal year end on June 30th.

Please consider a donation by check or credit card online before June 30. Your contribution helps us sustain nine under-served schools in Wake County and three in Orange, Durham and Chatham counties. Our strength as an organization and our ability to responsibly shape young minds, depends on well-trained instructors, a healthy staff, and impassioned supporters like you. 

Thanks in advance for your support!  

Please give today by check or online giving here.  
Join us on July 13 at 8:15 for Shaan- Live Concert Supports-NC Arts in Action!

Join on Fri- July 13 and support.
Join on Fri- July 13 and support.
Thank you Arvind Mahajan and Live Spectrum Entertainment for helping bring North Carolina Arts in Action to our community and for sharing our story through this video created by our wonderful friends at Centerline Digital. Thanks to our donors, sponsors, foundations and school partners, our program is an ascending force doing good for children in North Carolina. 
On behalf of the children we serve, please consider a donation to NC Arts in Action. Help keep our children dancing in 12 schools across four counties!

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