A Collection of Resources and Engagements to commemorate the Quad-Centennial
of the first of the African Diaspora
brought to the American Colonies

June 2019

This resource is a joint effort of The United Methodist Council of Bishops, General Commission on Religion and Race and General Board of Church and Society. Representatives of each of these ministries of The UMC have come together to collect ideas to commemorate a tragedy in our shared history. In 1619, a war in Angola transpired to resist the colonizing advances of the Portuguese. That summer, some 350 Angolans were enslaved and put on a ship called the Juan Bautista, headed to Mexico for processing. On the way, two English ships attacked the Juan Bautista and stole 50-60 Angolans, taking them to the new colony of Jamestown, Virginia, where they landed in August 1619. Those Africans were the first to be sold into bondage in what is now The United States of America. This was the beginning of a human slave trade that has affected all of us ever since. We offer the following to help us remember, repent, and commit to a different way of being.

The United Methodist Council of Bishops
The General Commission on Religion and Race
The General Board of Church and Society
Lament and Hope

A Pan-African Devotional Guide commemorating the
2019 Quad-Centennial of the
Forced Transatlantic Voyage of
Enslaved African Peoples to
Jamestown, Virginia (USA)

Rev. Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith, editor, Washington, DC:
Bread for the World, 2018. 

This is an excellent teaching and devotional guide provided by Bread for the World. For copies, go to . You may also click on image to download this guide.
The Angela Project Presents
40 Days of Prayer:
For the Liberation of
American Descendants of Slavery

Cheri L. Mills, Louisville, KY:
Simmons College of Kentucky Press, 2019.

This paperback book was prepared by Simmons College in order to help Christians pray for 40 days about the Quad-Centennial. There will be an event at the end of the 40 days. Order your copy from your favorite book distributor.
A Statement from the World Council of Churches (WCC)

Executive Committee commemorated the quad-centennial
of the forced transatlantic voyage of enslaved
African peoples from Angola to Jamestown, Virginia (USA).
Published by the WCC on May 27, 2019. 
The statement can be found at this URL: www.oikoumene .org/en/resources/documents/executive-committee/bossey-may-2019/the-wcc-executive-committee-statement-commemorating-the-2019-quad-centennial-of-the-forced-transatlantic-voyage-of-enslaved-african-peoples-from-angola-to-jamestown-virginia-usa-1

Arc of Freedom:
Fort Monroe
National Monument

This video shares a brief history of the first arrival of Africans in 1619 to Fort Monroe, Virginia. This video is part of the American Evolution's Virginia to America series focusing on travels all over Virginia highlighting the people, places, and stories that have shaped 400 years of America’s history.

Emanuel tells the untold story of the victims and survivors of the Charleston Church Shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina.

This film explores the painful history of race relations in Charleston, but displays the healing power of forgiveness.Directed by Stephen Curry and Viola Davis, Emanuel plays only on June 17th and 19th.
Reparations Summit Commemorating the
400 th Anniversary
of Slavery

This will be held June 18-19, 2019 at Spacelab in Detroit, Michigan. For more information go to . The cost is $75-100.
The Angela Project
“40 Days of Prayer”

This is a call from Simmons College in Louisville, Kentucky for Christians to pray together from July 12 to August 20, 2019 as a way to commemorate the Quad-Centennial. A book has been written to accompany this journey and is listed above.
The Angela Project
“Commemoration Ceremony” 

This is sponsored by Simmons College in Louisville, Kentucky and will be a service ow worship on August 20, 2019 at noon at the college.

For more information go to: .
Dedication of the
Fort Monroe Visitor
and Education Center

This will be held August 23, 2019 at Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia. For more information go to:
Christian Unity Days,
The National Council
of Churches of Christ
in the USA

This multi-day event will be held October 13-16, 2019 in Norfolk, Virginia and will include field trips, discussions, fellowship and worship. For more information go to: .
International Decade for People of African Descent

The United Nations has launched a decade long initiative recognizing that those of African Descent are a community whose human rights must be promoted and protected.
Learn more about this effort for recognition, justice, and development by the link below: