Asian Pear BBQ season.

Summer is around the corner and so is Father's Day.  Celebrate both with some of our delicious Asian Pear Spread.

Rich, savory and yet lightly sweet & tangy - our 100% natural, cooked puree of Asian Pear makes for one unique BBQ sauce.  Slather it over ribs, poultry or pork loin and grill away!   Shop online  for a jar to enjoy. 

Need a recipe to plan your grillin' time dinner w ith Dad?

ribs with pear spread
Speaking of Pears... 
"I am obsessed with the Asian Pear Spread.  I make Greek yogurt each week and toss a dollop into my serving each morning.  I will also go for a spoonful all on its own if I am craving something sweet."   - Nancy, Pennsylvania

   Our orchard, late Spring.

tree training

Enjoy a glorious view of our Subarashii
pear trees, post-bloom, paired with some of our recently planted seedling trees. 
Young fruit trees need special care beyond sun and rain. 

Thus, we need to train their tiny, new branches to spread outward to catch as much sunshine as possible.  Sunshine promotes growth.  Their branches are so small - we need to insert toothpicks to gently push the branches outwards.  

To read more about our pears and orchard,  visit us online.

Green thumb.

Have fruit trees in your backyard? Here's a tip we'd like to share. 

Clip or mow weeds and grasses away from their trunks.

Giving the base of the tree breathing room will be healthier for it - less chance for mildew or molds to build up. Plus, underground, your roots won't have to compete for nutrients.


Have a question about farming tree fruit?  Email us .

green thumb
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