I was a stranger and you invited me in..." 
Matthew 25:35 NIV
NATH Summer Raffle
Get your tickets at the following locations all summer long:

Brat Sales - Eagle River, Rhinelander, Minocqua, Antigo
Kentuck Day's - Crandon - July 27
Oneida County Fair - August 1-4
Ridikulous Day - Rhinelander - August 7
Krazy Days - Minocqua - August 13
Paul Bunyan Days - Eagle River - August 14
Farmer's Market - August 17
DRI Block Party and Chalk Fest - Rhinelander - September 7
Beef-A-Rama - Minocqua - September 28
Cranberry Fest - Eagle River - October 5-6
NATH Board Members
Frederick Place
Director Corner
by Tammy Modic
Leave a Legacy of Compassion

“Planned Giving,” by definition is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. These include gifts of equity, life insurance, real estate, personal property, or cash. Because of generous, forward-thinking friends of NATH – Frederick Place like you, those experiencing homelessness have a strong and vocal advocate well into the future. Your personal legacy will help us to provide safe housing and basic needs within an atmosphere of encouragement, respect, dignity, and hope, while nurturing and promoting self-sufficiency and independence.

Life Insurance

When the original purpose for a life insurance policy no longer applies – such as education of children now grown or providing financial security for a spouse – your policy can become a powerful and simple way to support our work. There are three ways to give life insurance to NATH – Frederick Place:

·         Name us as a beneficiary of the policy. This gift is as simple as updating your beneficiary designation form with the policy holder. You can designate us as the primary beneficiary for a percentage or specific amount. You can also make us the contingent beneficiary so that we will receive the balance of your policy only if the primary beneficiary doesn’t survive you.

·         Make an outright gift of an existing policy. You can name us as owner and beneficiary of an existing policy. You may qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize on your taxes. If you continue to pay premiums on the policy, each payment may be tax deductible as a charitable gift when you itemize.

·         Make an outright gift of a new policy. You can take out a new policy and irrevocably name NATH – Frederick Place as the owner and the beneficiary of the insurance contract. This method may be particularly attractive for the younger donor. Whether you make one single premium payment for the policy or pay annual premiums, each payment may be tax deductible as a charitable gift when you itemize on your taxes.

Gift in your Will

You want to leave money to NATH – Frederick Place in your will. You also want the flexibility to change your will if life circumstances change. You can do both.
In as little as one sentence, you can complete your gift. This type of donation to NATH – Frederick Place in your will or living trust helps ensure that we continue our mission for years to come.

Sample #1 Percentage Bequest
“I give, devise and bequeath the NATH – Frederick Place (tax identification number 27-0991363), a charitable corporation organized under Wisconsin law in 2009, now maintaining its headquarters at 204 W Frederick St, Rhinelander, WI 54501, ___% of the rest and residue of my estate.”

Sample #2 Bequest for a Specific Amount
“I give, devise and bequeath the NATH – Frederick Place (tax identification number 27-0991363), a charitable corporation organized under Wisconsin law in 2009, now maintaining its headquarters at 204 W Frederick St, Rhinelander, WI 54501, the sum of $_____.”

Gifts of Real Estate

Benefits of donating real estate.
·         You may receive an income tax deduction equal to the appraised fair market value of the property, with no capital gains tax due on the transfer to us.
·         You remove a large taxable asset from your estate.
·         You can take advantage of a variety of gift formats available for a donation of real estate, each offering unique planning benefits.

Charitable IRA Rollover

The IRA Charitable Rollover allows individuals over age 70 ½ to directly transfer up to $100,000 per year from an IRA account to one or more charities. This transfer counts toward the minimum required distribution rule for IRA accounts, and such distributions may be free of both income and estate taxes.

These are just a few ways that you can plan to give to NATH – Frederick Place. Make sure to consult your financial planner before making planned giving. We look forward to partnering with you to continue to help those experiencing homelessness.
Upcoming Events
Board of Directors Corner
Rick Covin
Board Director

How long have you lived in the Northwoods?   
I have lived in the Northwoods since 2005

How long with NATH – Frederick Place? 
I have been involved with NATH since 2015 and have been a board member for the past year and a half.

What made you decide to get involved with NATH – Frederick Place? 
I became involved with Frederick Place because it is a necessary and wonderful addition to the community and there is a sore need for helping those who are without shelter in our area.
What committees are you involved with? 
Facilities & finance committees

What is your favorite memory while you have been involved with NATH – Frederick
I really have had a lot of fun putting in the new mailbox at Frederick Place.
Terry Bowman
Board Director

How long have you lived in the Northwoods?
Most of my life…

How long with NATH – Frederick Place?
 Approx. 5 years

What made you decide to get involved with NATH – Frederick Place?
It makes me very proud that our community offers a place for people to get back on their feet. Sometimes life is a struggle and you just need a boost to get back on track. Frederick Place offers that to a lot of people who just need a hand up, not necessarily a hand out. I love that Frederick house helps get people employed and finds housing for them. Teaching skills that will always be with them.

What committees are you involved with?
Personnel and By-laws

What is your favorite memory while you have been involved with NATH – Frederick Place?
Lots of wonderful memories. Getting to know Bill Miller was a highlight! Getting to know the incredible group of staff and board members who really make a difference in people’s lives is what makes me want to continue to be involved.  
Tribute Corner

In Memory of

Bill Skubal

In Honor of
Jamie Pollack
Randy Soulier 

Past Events
Bill Miller Memorial Golf Scramble
On June 2, we all gathered together for our annual Bill Miller Memorial Golf Scramble, held at Northwood Golf Club. Thanks to amazing sponsors and golfers we were able to raise over $14,000.
Special Thank you to:
Eagle Sponsors
Birdie Sponsors
Hole in One Sponsors
Ball Sponsors
Hole Sponsors
Air Pro
Allied 100
American Family Insurance - Chad Swanson
Aspirus Clinic
Birchfield Nursery
Borel Auto Body
Bucketheads Bar & Grill
Charter NEX Films
Cole, Bob & Catherine
CoVantage Credit Union
Dina Mia Kitchens
First Weber - Linda Moore
Fraiser’s Pluming & Heating
Gaber Electric
Gerhard’s Kitchen & Bath
Huseby, Eric & Kelly
Johnson, Jim & Margaret
Kadlec Electric, Inc
KeberRose Accountants
Knights of Columbus #2032
Knights of Columbus #1221
Knights of Columbus #7827
LaSalle Street Securities
Laser Pros
Peoples State Bank
Rhinelander Honda
Ripco Credit Union
Senoraske Soil Testing
Soda Guys
Superior Diesel, Inc.
T.J. Dewitt & Company, Inc.
The Car Shop
Tomahawk Appliance & Home
Waldmann Construction
Weis Family
Widule, Sheila
Partner Corner
Students from Sarah Cirilli's health class at James Williams Middle School came by Frederick Place for a tour and to drop off some money they had raised. The money was raised by completing an advocacy project where they sold fruit to the students. The students raised $239.61 
Pictured with Tammy Modic, Executive Director as Annalyse Schoppe, Maddie Mathwig, Finn Tulowitzky and Tyler Morrison.
Faces of NATH
by Susan Statezny
I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go ~Abraham Lincoln

On one of her frequent thrift shop adventures, Francie spotted this framed quote and presented it to us to express her gratitude. Prior to inquiring, Frances was feeling the same way as the sixteenth president of the United States. She had lost her apartment and had been renting a small apartment with a friend. Unfortunately, she was giving her share of the rent to her roommate, and he was not giving it to the landlord. After learning this, the landlord offered to rent her a small room, though he had rules in place that didn’t fit Francie’s lifestyle at the time. After breaking his rules more than once, he asked Francie to look elsewhere for a place to live by April 1. She started calling us on March 5 but didn’t make it here until April 2. She took a tour, scheduled intake appointments and cancelled intake appointments for almost a month. I must chuckle at this because now all she talks about is how much she will miss Frederick Place and the people under its roof.
When Francie arrived, she was dealing with significant back pain. She spent the first few weeks alternating between her heating pad and ice pack with no relief. One night she fell asleep on the loveseat in the lady’s sitting room and discovered her back felt much better in the morning. So she asked if the sitting room could be her bedroom. As she had shown improvement, the OK was given for her to continue sleeping in the sitting room. Within a few days this crazy little spitfire insisted on being assigned at least three chores. The kitchen became her personal Mount Everest, and she spent hours “putzing” (Francie speak for organizing) in it. Almost daily she scrubbed the sink until you could see your image in it. She washed items that had not seen daylight in months and cleaned every drawer and cupboard. Though she still had back pain, she did as much as she could. She would take a break with her ice pack or heating pad and be back at it again. We’ve been receiving a ton of clothing donations and Francie putzes with those as well. She folds them neatly as she sorts them by size, style, season and sex. If you watch her when she doesn’t know it, you can almost see the hamster running on its wheel as she looks around for her next project. After she leaves Francie plans on returning to volunteer, and we will welcome her and her putzing back with open arms.

I mentioned that her landlord had a rule that didn’t fit Francie’s lifestyle. He insisted his home be alcohol and drug free. At the time Francie wasn’t ready to be alcohol free. He generously offered to house her cat Jasper as he was a teetotaler, but Francie had to go. I suspect part of the reason she delayed coming here for so long is because of our zero-tolerance policy. I totally get that. I was the queen of putting off treatment for the very same reason. Francie and I have had several deep chats about alcoholism. Those chats are full of “me too” as our stories and the reasons we drank are eerily similar.  Francie has been sober since her arrival and plans to stay sober. To help achieve this goal Francie has been attending a program offered by the Northwoods COPE (Community, Outreach, Prevention and Education) Coalition. Northwoods COPE’s mission, with the help of the Oneida County public health department, is to serve and support all people affected by mental health and substance abuse through education, intervention and prevention. Francie also attends a mindfulness course offered through Ascension Koller Behavioral Health. Francie raves about both offerings and credits them with helping her find herself and her voice. She more than found her voice, she uses it. When something or someone is bothering her, she confronts the issue head on rather than bottle her emotions and coping with alcohol. I’m not sure she even realizes how much she has changed since she first arrived. A twinkle returned to her eyes, a spring returned to her steps, her face now wears a beautiful smile and her laugh is infectious.

It is always an adjustment when someone who has been here their whole allotted 90 days moves on, but Francie’s departure will affect me more than others have. If Francie could have a title it would be the “House Mother," for that is what she is. It is second nature for her to want to take care of everyone who crosses her path. Although she would have had to give birth to me at age 9, I personally see her as a mom figure. She always makes sure I have something to eat, hides dessert so she is sure I get some, and brews fresh coffee before I arrive. She knows when I am upset and cares enough to ask why and offers to listen. Francie also reminds me a lot of my mom. They both care more about others than themselves and are always the first to go without just to be sure everyone else gets the last piece of cheesecake or burger. They both wear their hearts on their sleeve, and when someone they care about hurts, they hurt. I never thought I’d meet someone who puttered in the kitchen more than my mom did when I was a kid, but Francie proved me wrong. They are both voracious doers of puzzles, and if a piece is missing, they never give up their quest to find it. Well, at least not easily. One of my mom’s favorite sayings was, “Giving you the raspberries.” I had not heard those words for 21 years until they came out of Francie’s mouth. When I heard her say the phrase for the first time, I knew Francie crossed my path for a reason. That reason was not so I had someone to discuss what we call “the political soap opera” with, rather I think Francie entered my life to remind me of those little things my mom did that made her so special - instead of focusing on the fact she is no longer physically with me. I needed that.

I created the picture below for Francie to express my gratitude and to let her know the impact she has had on me. Thanks for everything you little sh*t. You have left a marathon of footprints on my heart.                        

Thrivent Making a Difference
Are you a member of Thrivent?

Apply for your Thrivent action Team to assist NATH.

Go to Thrivent.com/action team to get started. Here are some questions you may see when applying. What is the need you and your volunteer team want to tackle? How will your volunteer team spread generosity in your community? When will your project take place? How will you use your $250 seed money to make a bigger impact?

Once you submit your application, it’s typically review within a few days. When you project is approved, you will get to customize a hand packed Thrivent action kit based on what your team needs, including promotional banner, Live Generously T-shirts, step by step guides, invitations, thank you notes and a $250 Community Impact Card to use as seed money to get your project off the ground.

Some of the ways you could help NATH/Frederick Place, would be as a sponsor for Summer Raffle, Anniversary Benefit, Harvest Hoedown, Soup for Shelters, Golf Scramble or by preparing a meal or two for the house residents. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.
Amazon Smile
When you shop online!
Thank you to all who use Amazon Smiles
to Help NATH when you shop

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at  smile.amazon.com , you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as  Amazon.com , with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. You can choose from nearly one million organizations to support.

How do I shop at AmazonSmile?

To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to  smile.amazon.com  from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to  smile.amazon.com  to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.
Wish List
Meal Providers
Each month many partners in the community donate meals to Frederick Place. This month the staff and residents thank the following individuals and groups.  
Ali Shoeder
Anna Detienne
Carly Ratliff
Christina & Samantha Coffen
First Congregational UCC - Rhinelander
Frederick Place Residents
Greg and Mary Dahl
Human Service Center
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Jasmine Baker - Ascension
Camp Dearhorn
Judy Grimm
Montessori School - St Germain
Nativity Parish Social Concerns Group
Pastor John Kuziej
Pioneer Lake Lutheran Confirmation
Rebecca Mahoney
Rhinelander Café and Pub
SDA Church
Sue Reno
St Kunegunda & St Theresa
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Rhinelander
Xylina Graf & family
Meals Needed
Ever ask how you can help? Become a meal provider for the residents of Frederick Place. There are multiple ways that this can happen.

  1. You can make the meal at home, or pick up something from a local eatery and deliver it to Frederick Place.
  2. You can drop off ingredients for a meal and either staff or residents can cook the meal for the evening meal.
  3. You can bring the ingredients and cook the meal at Frederick Place and then stay and eat dinner with them.

We will call you the week prior to let you know how many residents we currently have at the house and if there are any known allergies. You will normally be cooking for approximately 16 residents and 1 staff member. You can make whatever you would like to make, we ask that you also bring a gallon of milk for dinner as well.
We have changed the way we are having people sign up and will begin to utilize Sign Up Genius for this volunteer endeavor as well. You will find the calendar below, marked with symbols that represent days that need meals. Sign Up Genius with the most updated calendar. If you would like to help out, click on the button below and find a date that will work for you and sign up to bring a meal. It is a way to bless many with one simple act of kindness.