Patricia Finder-Stone
January 27, 1929-June 11, 2019
Several representatives of the BACC and the Aging and Disability Resource Center visited Pat at St. Vincent Hospital on June 6. The proclamation below was presented and a BACC directors medallion were shared with her. Five days later, she died at Unity Hospice.

In Appreciation to Patricia Finder-Stone 
upon Completion of Her Service to the Bay Area Community Council 

June 6, 2019

You are retiring from participation in the Bay Area Community Council Board of Directors, a position held since 1994.

• You served as our President in 2002, continuing the legacy of very competent leaders of our organization.

• You are our most esteemed “Community Volunteer,” as you express it. You brought to us, as well as your other organizational interests, your passion for improving major societal challenges: our natural environment, government, families, public health, and social fabric. Indeed, when you could not be with us, we knew you were probably in Madison representing us to our legislators on an important issue.

• You participated actively in all of our studies and programs, helping with the interviews and research, because you were committed to what we were trying to do for the community, and it energized you.

• You financially contributed when we needed it to fund important projects.

• Each meeting, you brought to us the next important learning opportunity we could take advantage of to inform our community on an important issue.

We thank you for helping us think through how we can structure ourselves to select and perform work that is important to our Brown County community.

You're a leader by both what you do, and, most especially, by who you are.

We are blessed to have had this time with you.


Rev. Paul Demuth 
President, Bay Area Community Council

On behalf of your fellow members:

David Wegge
Tom Schumacher
Larry Rose 
Nan Nelson
Natali Bomstad
Lee Bouche
Devon Christianson
Brian Danzinger
Morgan Fuller
William Galvin
Phil Hauck
Tom Hinz
John Katers
Randall Lawton
Michael Lukens
Jamie Lynch
Judy Nagel
Heidi Selberg
Randy Van Straten
Bob Woessner

Patricia's response
Thank you so much for this special celebration and all of your thoughts and prayers. Having you here today means so much to me and I wish I had more time to tell each of you how much of an impact you have had on my life and how much impact we have made together on our wonderful community. This is a truly special place to live and work. It brings me great joy this morning to look back at all we have accomplished to make this a more vibrant, more welcoming and a more loving community. I am truly honored today, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Steve Herro, the Executive Assistant of the BACC, also blogged about Pat's contributions to the community.