Beat To Beat
June 2019
Policing Ourselves
David Hinners

Ethics in law enforcement has always been a big topic of discussion on both sides of the pro and anti-law enforcement groups. I do believe that most officers joined their departments to make a difference in their community and to protect the public. Getting to catch the bad guy is just a great perk. But a small, and I say a very small, percentage get into law enforcement for the wrong reason or forget why they did.

In today's society, with everyone trying to get that big YouTube video to go viral, we are seeing more and more videos of Law Enforcement officers doing the wrong thing or just acting disrespectful to the public they serve. I don't believe that law enforcement has been getting worse in these areas, in fact, I think the complete opposite. But the days of someone coming to the aid of an officer in need of help has slowly changed into: "Can I get that great video?"  
The bad actions by a few officers are few and far between, but they resonate in the public more and more each year. I really believe that the vast majority of the general public are pro-law enforcement and have the backs of law enforcement today. But that small minority of anti-police groups are very vocal and outspoken.    

This is just more and more a reason for today's Law Enforcement to concentrate on policing themselves and weed out the Officers who either forgot why they are doing the job or got into the profession for the wrong reason. Law enforcement is not a profession for everyone, it takes the right mentality and personality to do the job right. If you cannot control your emotions and stay levelheaded in horrible situations, then maybe this is not the right fit for you. It is not only the department's obligation to guide and supervise actions of its officers, it is also the responsibility of the individual officer to do the same. If we can not police ourselves and make sure we are all doing the right thing, then we will have others, who normally have no knowledge of police work, making all the rules. We are already starting see lawmakers and other groups pushing for stricter guidelines and laws on law enforcement and the use of force. These changes could lead to making the job tougher and make officers hesitate in a situation that demands a split-second decision.

As professional law enforcement we are supposed to recognize and stop the bad things that people do in society. We also should be doing the exact same thing in our own profession. How can the public trust law enforcement if we are enforcing the laws and expecting the general public to act accordingly, but we are not holding ourselves and each other to the same or higher standards.
Watch yours and your partner's back and Stay Safe,

David Hinners
Executive Hinners
US Deputy Sheriff's Association
Survival  Training
USDSA Hosted by Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office for Training

On April 30th 2019, Trainers from the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association were hosted by the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office in Kansas for our Instinctive Hand-to-Hand Combat Course. The course was attended by deputies from Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office and officers from St. Mary's Police Department.

This free class is a on a hands-on approach to real world combative, emphasizing officer survival and proper use of force. It teaches training drills to lay a foundation for future in house training.This course focuses on footwork, striking, take downs, control holds, and ground fighting.

A participant of the training said "This was the best training I have received my entire time in LEO. Thank you guys. I am excited to train more and improve off these skills".

Safety Tip of the Month: Firearm Safety

Firearms always have lethal potential. Whenever a firearm is being handled, it is important to keep safety as the highest priority.
  • Treat every firearm as if it is loaded - each and every time it is handled
  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction - never in the direction of something that you are not willing to destroy
  • Keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you make the
    conscious decision to shoot
  • Always be aware of what is in front of and what is behind your target
Equipment  Donations
USDSA's equipment donation program provides safety equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.  Below, are a few thank you letters we have received this past month.  To see the complete listing of the many departments we have supported through this program, CLICK HERE.
Castleberry ISD Police Department, Texas

I am writing to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation to the Castleberry ISD Police Department. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission in providing the community we serve with quality policing.

Given our budgeting constraints, the Castleberry ISD Police Department looked for assistance and reached out to you. You promptly answered our calling, and without hesitation, donated a much needed ballistic shield.

Your donation immediately played a key role in our success in a recent call for service. The ballistic shield assisted in providing the officer added security, and assisted in diffusing a very hostile situation. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your sincere donation. We at Castleberry ISD Police Department are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again.

Chief Antonio (Tony) Provencio
Castleberry ISD Police Department

Conneaut Lake Regional Police Department, Pennsylvania

On behalf of the Conneaut Lake Regional Police Department, I would like to thank the USDSA for their generous equipment donation to our department.

Our department was in dire need of flashlights for our officer's safety and a PBT as we were down to just 1. Thank you to Mike Willis for the immediate response and great communication to get the equipment ordered and delivered a very timely manner.

Our department is a 24/7/365 department, with 1 officer per shift. With officers uniform allowance being very minimal, these flashlights not only are an officer safety tool, but that allows the officers to purchase other much needed things. Being short handed on shift and not always having back up or backup close, a flashlight is an officer's best friend.

With being provided another PBT, this allows us to be able to keep from constantly having to move the one we have between our cars taking a chance on damaging it and then us being without one. Our jurisdiction has several establishments that serve alcohol and it's not uncommon to use a PBT at least once or twice a night in the summer time.

The 5 flashlights will be passed out to the officers in need and the PBT will be immediately placed into a patrol vehicle to be used as soon as needed.

Again, thank you USDSA and a special thanks to Mike Willis for making this happen, we are very grateful that you were able to help us.

Patrolman Ryan Hefferman
Florida Gulf Coast University Police Department, Florida

As a small university police department, we are extremely grateful for the generous donation of 20 Trauma Packs that your organization donated to our department. In these uncertain times at an institution of higher education, we have unfortunately have become a target for those less desirable to gain media attention and take the innocent lives of those wanting to better their lives. These packs will help should a situation ever arise. We are incredibly thankful for community partners and organizations that help smaller underfunded departments. Our department will be issuing them to our road patrol officers after we have trained and become familiar with the packs and their contents.

We sincerely appreciate your generous donations,
Chief Steven Moore
Florida Gulf Coast University Police Department

Jarrell Police Department, Texas

The Jarrell Police Department would like to thank the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association for your generosity on providing two new ballistic vests for our officers. Additionally, your grant provided budgetary relief for our small law enforcement agency to provide the most up to date PPE for our officers. Mike Willis, your assistance with the grant process was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Marc Owens
Police Chief
End  Of  Watch
When a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, the loss is a tragedy for the family and the community they serve. The USDSA honors all law enforcement officers who  make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of our communities. We urge everyone to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made. 

USDSA provides a cash donation to the primary beneficiary or memorial fund of any law enforcement officer in the United States, who perishes in the line of duty.  If you would like to contribute to this memorial fund, you may donate here.

Remembering those we lost, our thoughts and prayers are with their families and communities.
Detective Benjamin J Campbell
Maine State Police, Maine
 Deputy Sheriff II Spencer Allen Englett
Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, Georgia
Sergeant Steven L Licon
California Highway Patrol, California
Deputy Justin Richard DeRosier
Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office, Washington
Officer Kyle Olinger
Montgomery County Police Department, Maryland
Conservation Officer Eugene Wynn Jr
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Enforcement Division, Minnesota

Click here to visit our website for more End Of Watch Tributes
Other  News
Deadline approaching for USDSA's Post Secondary  Education  Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the USDSA is pleased to offer 
a post-secondary education scholarship program for dependent 
children of current, full-time commissioned law enforcement officers.

Click here for more information and to apply.
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