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Board of Aldermen

Upcoming Board of Aldermen Meetings:

June 6 ~ 6:00 p.m.
June 20 ~ 6:00 p.m.
July 2 ~ 6:00 p.m.*
July 18 ~ 6:00 p.m.

*Scheduled to Tuesday due to 4th of July holiday

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Recent Board Meeting Highlights:

  • Reconstruction of Dorothy Lane, awarded to Stockman Construction.

  • Rowan Road improvements, awarded to Higgins Asphalt Paving Company.

  • Peanick Park basketball court, pavilion, and field dugout replacement project, awarded to Show Me Concrete Construction, LLC. This is the second phase of the LWCF Grant Project.

Click here to see a complete list of Board actions on our website.
The City is 5 months into our fiscal year with our busiest months ahead of us. Financially, we have expended 22% of our $35.4 million operating budget and collected 27% of budgeted revenues. Sales Tax revenue represents a large portion of the City’s reoccurring revenue source, 41% in the FY2019 operating budget. Fees & Service Charges represent 25% of projected FY2019 revenue. One-time source grants and other one-time reimbursements, mostly tied to capital projects, represent the remainder of incoming revenues in FY2019. Through May 2019, sales tax collections are 1.5% more than FY2018 receipts for the same period. Historically, we collect over 57% of the year’s sales taxes in the last 6 months of the year.

The FY2019 Budget represents the priorities outlined and set forth by the Board of Aldermen and is a financially responsible plan for our resources to provide the superior services to our community while preserving appropriate financial reserves.
New Businesses, New Locations or New Owners of Existing Businesses
Listing from east to west City limits:

*Sweet Ink Tattoo, LLC ~ 3515 OB Parkway, Ste 204

*James Motor Company ~ 4051 OB Parkway

*Lake Billiards ~ 4344 OB Parkway, Ste 2A

*Bottom Dollar Bootyque ~ 4427 OB Parkway, Ste A700
Abby Moulder
Utility Billing Clerk
Bill Koncen
Communications Officer
Tyson Williams
Seasonal Public Works
Tyler Becker
Mike O'Day
Administrative Lieutenant
15 Years of Service
Mike started with the City as a part time Police Officer, working his way through the ranks to Administrative Lieutenant in 2011.

Fun Facts ~

My favorite thing about working for the City: How aggressive the City is and how progressive they want to be.

One thing about me people may not know:
After being a rodeo clown, I was a school bus and charter bus driver.
Mike Welty
Assistant City Administrator
15 Years of Service
Mike started out in the City Treasurer's Office as Utility Billing Clerk. In 2007 he became Staff Accountant and in 2015 was hired in his current position.

Fun Facts ~

My favorite thing about working for the City: The diversity in my job. I get to do different things everyday with Parks, Airport, IT, HR, community development, economic development, city administration and budgeting.

One thing about me people may not know: I placed in the top 50 in state in high school golf. I was 49th!
A Friendly Reminder from the Police Department
Wow, we are already into the month of June and we will soon be seeing firework stands popping up around the area in anticipation of the 4 th of July holiday.

While fireworks are a way we celebrate Independence Day, fireworks are prohibited from being sold or discharged within the city limits of Osage Beach. Our City ordinance allows a permit to be obtained through the City Clerk’s Office to permit the discharge of fireworks upon meeting certain requirements, and approval by the Osage Beach Fire Protection District.

If you have any questions you may contact the Police Department at 573-302-2010 or the Osage Beach Fire Protection District at 573-348-1221.
Wildfires...? At the Lake of the Ozarks?!
Not at the level you see out in the West but we have had plenty of issues with leaves, vegetation, etc. being next to structures and causing fires. Dead leaves, brush, landscape materials and general debris are the primary concerns around the lake. In addition, being at the lake, there are a lot of creative storage areas used that provide fuel for deck/structure fires (plastic, inflatable mattresses, ski tubes, etc.); they burn good and HOT! 
We are also faced with emergency responder access challenges such as houses not being clearly marked with legible address numbers and street names, narrow, winding driveways that should be at least 12 feet wide with vertical clearances of 15 feet. However, due to the terrain at the lake, at times, this is next to impossible. Thus, all efforts to improve emergency responder access are appreciated and can prove very beneficial in critical situations.
With so many families descending upon our City this time of year, cleaning up storm debris and burning leaves around second homes (many in close proximity to neighboring properties), this is a perfect time for us all to implement added safety measures to improve responder access and reduce wildfire occurrences.  
Happenings Around Town
  • BLUFF WATER TOWER - Out of service for painting, estimate completion date in July.
  • OB PKWY STRIPING - East end currently being striped. West of the Grand Glaize bridge scheduled to begin in June.
  • SIDEWALKS - Bids will be going to the board soon for the construction of sidewalks along Dude Ranch Road.
Rowen Road to Become City Street
Rowen Road, located between the Post Office and E. Wayne Thomas Construction, will be receiving a facelift soon. Osage Beach Special Road District is paying for reconstruction of the road and after it will then become a City owned and maintained street.
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Elected Officials:

Alderman Greg Massey ~ Ward I
Alderman Kevin Rucker ~ Ward I
Alderman Tyler Becker ~ Ward II
Alderman Phyllis Marose ~ Ward II
Alderman Richard Ross ~ Ward III
Alderman Tom Walker ~ Ward III

Management Team:

City Administrator ~ Jeana Woods
Asst. City Administrator ~ Mike Welty
Building Official ~ Ron White
City Attorney ~ Edward Rucker
City Clerk ~ Tara Berreth
City Planner ~ Cary Patterson
City Treasurer ~ Karri Bell
Police Chief ~ Todd Davis
Public Works Director ~ Nick Edelman
Airport Manager ~ Ty Dinsdale
Human Resource Generalist ~ Cindy Leigh
IT Manager ~ Kellie Atkins
Parks & Recreation Manager ~ Matt Vandevoort