June 2019
    What's Happening this month:

June 8th - Double Loyalty Points Day

June 14th - Flag Day

June 16th - Father's Day

June 21st - First Day of Summe r

June is the month for Dads & Grads
We have the perfect gifts for both Father's Day and Graduation.

NEBO flashlight products! 

Every Dad can use a flashlight, and those graduating high school and heading to college next year can use one too!  We have a variety of NEBO products in stock to fit every Dad and Grad need. 

A current favorite at Center Drug is the Redline Flex that can run on either batteries, or it can be recharged with an included micro USB cable. It is a handy size that fits into the palm of your hand, has a magnetic bottom, and also has a pocket clip. This is a small but mighty light! The Redline Flex is also the perfect light to have at the dorm, or to put into a backpack for campus safety at night. 

NEBO isn't just for the men in your life, it is also the perfect gift for female grads! Our other popular NEBO lights are the Larry-C, Big Larry and the Inspector. 

During June - Buy one (1) NEBO light, and get 15% off the second (of equal or lesser value). Buy one light for Dad, and save on another for a Grad, Grandpa, or light up your own life with a new light!
Camp Meds

Most often camps will ask that any medications being brought to the camp are carded so that the staff can easily manage those meds.  

If you, or someone you know, is sending a child to camp this summer and they need their medications packaged in this manner - Center Drug would be happy to card their medications. 

Ask any of our Pharmacists about this service. We do charge a fee of $3.00 per card for single med cards and $15.00 for multi-dose cards.
Summer First Aid Tips:

Summer brings busy schedules, and lifestyles that keep us all on the go--especially being outdoors more often. Be prepared for bites, bruises and band-aids this summer. Heed the safety tips below:

1. Be prepared. Always carry a First Aid Kit in your car, boat, backpack, duffel bag or diaper bag.

2. Cleaning wounds is an important first step to managing cuts and scrapes. Have on hand a spray can of wound cleansing wash that you can use to clean out a wound in case you are not near a source of running water, or clean water to do the job. 

3. Stay hydrated and know the signs of heat stroke. The first sign is cramping in the legs. If this occurs, cool off and drink plenty of fluids. Cramping and light sweating that go untreated will lead to heavier sweating, lightheadedness and nausea. Drink plenty of fluids whenever you are out in the heat and try to get into shade whenever possible.  

4. Practice water safety and always have an adult supervising water activities. Make sure children unfamiliar with the water wear a life jacket. Make sure that the supervising adult is actually watching the children (not on the phone, texting or reading), and doing head counts to make sure everyone is accounted for at all times.  

5. If you are stung by a bee, wasp or hornet, use a credit card or a blunt-edged object to try and scrape out the stinger. Ice will help with the pain and swelling, and Benadryl will help with any itching and swelling.  

6. If you are in a wooded area be sure to wear clothing that covers your skin to help prevent getting ticks. Tucking your pants into your socks is also a good safety measure when in the woods. Always check yourself and anyone else you were with for ticks after leaving the area.  

7. Always wear sunscreen and re-apply it often if you are in the water. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage and apply lip balm with an SPF also. If you do get sunburned, Aloe Vera gel/creams can help soothe your damaged skin.  

8. Avoid bug bites by wearing insect repellent when you are going to be outdoors for a period of time. Also wear long pants/sleeves if the bugs are especially bad. Hydrocortisone cream can help with itch relief from bug bites, as too much scratching can lead to infection.  
Summer Pet Safety:

1. Summer brings the loud sounds of fireworks, and not necessarily just on the 4th of July. Keep your pet indoors during times of fireworks, and turn on the TV or music to help drown out the noise of fireworks.  Always keep your pet away from fireworks--lit or unlit. Lit fireworks pose a danger to your pet and can result in burns or trauma to the face and paws. Unused fireworks also pose a danger as they can contain potentially toxic substances. Always check your yard for firework debris before allowing your pet to play outside after any celebrations where fireworks have been involved. Even though you may want to include your pet in your 4th of July celebrations, it is safest for them to stay at home in a secure spot while you are outside enjoying the loud bangs, bright lights and fun.  

2. Don't put insect repellent or sunscreen on your pet that isn't specifically for pet use.
3. Alcoholic drinks can poison pets. Keep alcoholic beverages away from your pet.

4. Have your pet properly identified. Consider fitting your pet with microchip ID, as well as having them wear an ID tag with their name and your phone number on it. It is also a good idea to have a recent picture of your pet in case they get lost.

5. Keep your pet away from Glow Jewelry, as ingesting it can cause harm to your pet.

6. Don't give your pet "Table Food". Onions, avocado, grapes, raisins, chocolate, beer and coffee can be toxic to your pet.

7. Lighter fluid and matches are harmful to pets.

8. Citronella insect control products are harmful to your pet too.  Keep them away from citronella oil, candles and coils.  
Summer Travel

If you are traveling by car or plane this summer, consider getting some Sockwell compression socks to wear to prevent blood clots from forming. 

Sockwell socks provide compression while making you look good with their stylish patterns. 

This June we will be running the Wash One - Wear One special for Sockwell. Buy One pair of socks - get 15% off your second pair. This will allow you to have a pair of socks to wear while you are washing your other pair! Safe Travels!  
Upcoming Double Point Days:
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Saturday, June 8th
Saturday, July 13th

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Gift Gab

It is June, and June is all about Dads and Grads!

Did you know that in addition to all of our wonderful gifts for Gals, we also carry gifts for Guys? We have lots of fun novelty gifts like fun socks, extendable back scratchers and massagers, pocket monkey multi-tools and beer coozies (just to name a few).

We also carry good quality and affordable items like watches and wallets.

Stop in and see the fun and useful gifts for all the men in your life, and stop in soon for the best selection on Father's Day and Graduation cards.

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