UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine Newsletter

June 2019/July 2019 - Issue #82

Dr. Maria Raven will serve as Chief of Emergency Medicine at UCSF Medical Center, effective June 1. She will also serve as a Vice Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine, joining our other Chiefs / Vice Chairs at ZSFG, Mission Bay, and Fresno. Dr. Raven is currently an Associate Professor in our Department of Emergency Medicine and the Director of our Research Fellowship. In addition to her clinical duties, she is a highly accomplished health services researcher focused on vulnerable populations with high social needs. In this role, she has developed, implemented, and evaluated multiple large scale interventions both in New York City and San Francisco to improve care for frequent users of emergency departments and other acute health and social services.


Dr. Renee Hsia, Professor of Emergency Medicine, has been elected to membership in the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the first Emergency Medicine specialist in the nation to be elected as an ASCI member.The ASCI is dedicated to the advancement of research that extends the understanding and improves the treatment of human diseases, and members are committed to mentoring future generations of physician-scientists. Membership is by election only, and the ASCI considers the nominations of several hundred physician-scientists submitted from among its members each year. Only researchers who are 50 years of age or younger are eligible for nomination to the Society. Therefore, membership in the ASCI is a recognition of a researcher's significant contributions, at a relatively young age, to the understanding of human disease.

Dr. Cortlyn Brown, EM Resident, received The  2019 Outstanding Resident Research Award from the Clinical and Translational Science Training Program at UCSF  and was honored at the UCSF Salute to Excellence Staff & Faculty Appreciation event on May 13.

Dr. Dina WallinAssistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, was chosen by the Pediatric residents to receive the 2018-19 Faculty Teaching Award. Receiving an award from the residents themselves is one of the most prestigious and important achievements that a faculty member can get. We are so proud of Dina who absolutely deserves this and is a wonderful model for all of us as we try and improve our teaching expertise.


Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Kwan (pictured) Dr. Guy Shochat, and  Dr. Craig Smollin (pictured) for their successful promotions!  Liz was promoted to Associate Professor (HS Clinical), Guy was promoted to Professor (HS Clinical), and  Craig was promoted to Professor with a change in series to Clinical-X.

Congratulations to Dr. Steven Bin and Dr. James Hardy for their successful promotions!  Steven was promoted to Professor (HS Clinical) and Jim was promoted to Associate Professor (HS Clinical), effective July 1.

Congratulations to Dr. Margaret Lin who has been accepted into the Teaching Scholars Program for 2019-2020.

Dr. Rosny Daniel recently completed all of the requirements for the Health Professions Education Pathway. The Health Professions Education Pathway is a rigorous academic program that trains individuals from all health professions fields to demonstrate excellence in teaching, develop curriculum, translate theory and novel strategies to the learning environment, and expand knowledge in the field of health professions education. Through his participation in the Pathway, he has contributed to this academic specialty through the completion of his legacy product entitled "Creating a Workshop on Evaluating Curriculum for Bias and Equity."

Dr. Debbie Madhock was invited to sit on the American Stroke Association Advisory Committee of the American Heart Association beginning in July.

Dr. Steven Straube has been hired as a contract attending physician and will be expanding his work as a Volunteer Clinical Faculty member starting in July, based in the ED at ZSFGHe completed the global health clinical scholar tract and worked closely with Dr. Andrea Tenner on development of online educational adjuncts for the World Health Organization Basic Emergency Care Course. Since graduation, he has been working clinically in the emergency departments at both Parnassus and ZSFG as well as at St. Mary's Medical Center while pursuing his MBA at the Anderson Business School at UCLA.

SAEM 2019: May 14-17, Las Vegas
Dr. Remy BizimunguDr. Sergio Alvarez, and Dr. Rob Rodriguez presented "Thoracic Spine Fracture in the Blunt Trauma Pan-Scan Era."

DrPH Caroline Cawley  presented " Quantitative Analysis of the Highest Users of Medical and Behavioral Health Services in San Francisco."  Co-authors: Dr.  Maria Raven, Dr.  Hemal Kanzaria.

Dr. Esther Chen led a discussion on the topic, "Medical Education Journal Club: A Discussion on the Latest and Greatest (CDEM Sponsored)."

Dr. Esther Chen and Dr. Hemal Kanzaria led a Didactic Session on "Patient Engagement: How to Use Shared Decision Making During Busy Shifts."

Dr. Ester Chen presented "Patient Engagement: How to Use Shared Decision Making During Busy Shifts."

Dr. Jahan FahimiDr. Maria Raven, and  Dr. Hemal Kanzaria led Advanced Workshop on "Beyond the Emergency Department: Physician Advocacy Boot Camp."

Curtis Geier  presented " 'Medications in Hand' to Improve Clinician and Patient Comfort with ED Discharge."  Co-authors:  Joyce Go,  Stephanie Komura, Dr.  Hemal Kanzaria.

Dr. Aaron Kornblith presented "The Utility of the Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma Enhanced Physical Examination in Children."

Dr. Debbie Madhok presented "Direct Ambulance to Imaging Based Mission Protocol Improves Thrombolysis Metrics for Acute Stroke Patients."

Dr. Debbie Madhok presented "Clearing Up the Confusion: Emergency Department Management of Glasgow Coma Score 15 Brain Bleed." Co-authors: Dr.  Pierre Borczuk, Dr. Kiersten Gurley, Dr. Peter Pruitt, Dr. Tracy Madsen.

Dr. Debbie Madhok presented "Emergency Department Managed, Direct Ambulance to Imaging Based Mission Protocol Improves Thrombolysis Metrics for Prehospital Suspected Acute Stroke Patients." Co-authors: Dr.  Kevin J. Keenan, Sara B. Cole RN, BSN; Christine Martin MS, CNS, ACNP-BC, Dr. J. Claude Hemphill 3rd.

Dr. Debbie Madhok presented "Impact of a Streamlined Stroke Protocol on Treatment Time Disparities by Race, Sex, and Language." Co-authors:  Paul H. Mangasarian, Kafi R. Hemphill, Anthony S. Kim, Ani M. Chilingirian, Amanda L. Reilly, Juhi U. Varshney, J. Claude Hemphill.

Paul MangasarianZSFG ED Scribe and Dr.  Debbie Madhok presented "Impact of a Streamlined Stroke Protocol on Treatment Time Disparities by Race, Sex, and Language."

Dr. Lily Muldoon presented " Collecting Unused Medical Supplies in Emergency Departments for Responsible Redistribution."  Co-authors: DrPH  Sarah Sabbagh,  Winnie Chan,  Dr. Robert Rodriguez, Dr.  Hemal Kanzaria.

Isabel Ostrer presented "Evaluating Frequent Emergency Department Users Missed by Single Facility Data."  Co-authors: Dr.  Maria Raven, Dr.  Hemal Kanzaria.

Dr. Peter Sokolove  participated in a panel presentation. The presented topic was "Tips for Faculty Success From Department Chair: Case Studies."

Dr. Nicholas Stark led a demonstration "Allergic Reaction in Hallway 3: An Atypical Presentation of Erythema Multiforme."

Dr. Louis Yu, and Dr. Rob Rodriguez led the Plenary session "Aortic injury in the era of the pan-scan."


The UCSF team took 3rd place in SAEM MedWAR!
Team members: Dr. Kevin Padrez, Dr. Lily Muldoon, and Dr. Tomas Diaz

Dr. Cortlyn Brown gave an oral presentation on her research on ED discharge instructions at the The Resident Research Training Program of Clinical and Translational Science Training at UCSF.

Dr. Chris Colwell gave Grand Rounds on Trauma Updates 2019 at Mount Sinai in New York on April 18th; and a presentation on Trauma Management and EMS at A Gathering of Eagles on March 1st in Dallas.

Dr. Scott Fruhan, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, was invited to speak at the RedX Embassy public lectures series, supported by the National Science Foundation, in San Francisco on May 14th. His talk was titled, "Do No Harm: An ER Doctor's View On the Price of Medical Care."
Dr. Cortlyn Brown's paper in JAMA on discharge instructions has been featured on US News and World Report, Business Standard, Yahoo, MedicineNet, Medical Health News, HealthDay , Drugs.com, CanIndiaNews, MDIndia and 25 other news sources.
UCSF DEM and UCal Berkeley MRC participants
EMS Fellow Sammy Hodroge teaching Wilderness EMS to the UCal Berkeley MRC members
UCSF-Fresno and UCSF SF faculty

Dr. Eric Silverman and Dr. John Brown  joined the UCSF Fresno DEM Faculty to participate in the Park Medic Multi Casualty Incident Exercise at Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park on May 23, 2019. They were joined by EMS Fellow Sammy Hodroge who taught a session on Wilderness EMS to the University of California Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps members who volunteered to participate in the exercise, along with EMS Agency intern/first year medical student Jackie Garvin . Despite rain, snow and temperatures in the mid 30's, the turnout for the exercise was the largest ever and over 30 EMS personnel from the National Park Service, American Ambulance, and associate EMS responders for the park participated. The Park Medic Program has been supported by the UCSF Fresno DEM for many years and has resulted in a standardized approach to EMS in the National Park System and National Registry of EMT accreditation of responders. It was founded and is led by Dr. Geoff Stroh of the Fresno faculty.

EMS Fellow Sammy Hodroge being loaded onto an ambulance as a simulated victim during the drill
Drill scenario of an avalanche with victims trapped in a cave
EMS Fellow Sammy Hodroge, EMS Faculty Eric Silverman, and EMS Agency intern Jackie Garvin enjoying some hiking in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park following the exercise.

Lamarr Echols and  Tiffany Cobb teaching 7th grade students
at Life Academy  in Oakland about concussion evaluations and reflexes.

Tomas Diaz and Evelyn Porter volunteering at the Health Careers Conference for young people in Oakland teaching them about the field of emergency medicine.

Dawnee Wong joins our DEM Education team staring June 3, serving as our Education Programs Sr. Analyst.  Dawnee has over twenty years of professional experience in the healthcare setting. After spending over 15 years working in private medical practices, she joined UCSF in 2014 as the House Staff Coordinator in the Department of Medicine. As the House Staff Coordinator, Dawnee worked closely with the chief residents to maintain effective operational and education workflows. She also served as the first point of contact for medical students, residents and fellows rotating on the Medicine inpatient services.  Dawnee received the Jaclyne Witte Boyden Award in 2018 for outstanding contributions in support of medical education at UCSF. She has also been a member of the ZSFG Trainee Administrator Steering Committee since 2017, a committee formed to promote best practices and information sharing among those responsible for coordination and administration of clinical trainees.  Outside of work, Dawnee enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also enjoys trying new food with family and friends and taking great food pictures.

Congratulations to our DEM STAR SPOT Award Recipients:

Caroline Cawley,  Ronnie Chuorn,  Sandra Lieu, 
Janice Limsic,  Elaine Mayer, and  Ruzzet Policarpio

These fantastic individuals were recognized and nominated by our faculty and fellow DEM staff members for their outstanding work and dedication toward advancing emergency medicine.
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Dr. Jeffrey Tabas Director of Faculty Development, presented a poster  at the UCSF Health Improvement Symposium on May 30th, titled " Impact of an Institutional MOC4 Program at UCSF."  Authors: Jeffrey Tabas, Joey Bernal, Karen Anstey, Sarah Doernberg, Weston Fisher, Shannon Fogh, Jin Ge, Esther Kim, Catherine Lau, Linda Liu, Claudia Mooney, Tymothi Peters, Glenn Rosenbluth, Stacey Samuels, Rahul Seth, Sri Lekha Tummalapalli, Robert Baron.
June 8: Faculty vs Resident Annual Basketball Game, 4 - 6PM, Gateway High School

June 9UCSF-SFGH Emergency Medicine Alumni Reunion, 6 - 10PM, Women's Building (3543 18th St #8, San Francisco, CA 94110). Buy your tickets here

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