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Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC)
June Agenda - Everyone Welcome!
June 17th 7pm-9pm / 3534 SE Main Street, Portland
Welcomes, Introductions, Announcements
Fair Housing Council of Oregon presents a history on single-family zones in the US and Oregon. The presentation/training will dive into:

  • Our shared history of exclusionary public policies and private practices that segregated communities
  • The hidden roots of our country's wealth gap
  • How understanding this history can help us address these disparities today
Come add your voice in defining our common values for developing great neighborhoods that include:
  • Affordable housing
  • Accessible amenities
  • Connected friends, family and community
Join us for an opportunity to learn and discuss these important topics and more during an evening of shared learning and experience.
As we work together to create great neighborhoods, help ensure our community development decisions are informed by "Our Common Values, Our Shared History, and Our Way Forward Together."
What's Going on in SE Portland?
Planning efforts have wrapped up, it's time to review the final plans and make sure they are implemented!

Time to weigh in on the Metro 2020 Bond !

The Portland region is working to find solutions that make our transportation system work for everyone. The Metro Council will likely refer a transportation funding measure to the region's voters in 2020.

They want to hear from you about your experience traveling around the region -- and what could make it easier, safer and better. Take survey here by June 30th. 
Time for Summer Fun

Take a break from advocacy this month and spend some time at the various Portland in the streets events, farmers markets, Pride events, Rose festival events, park splash pads, and enjoy all that the launch of summer has to offer!
Legislative Session is Wrapping up!

Tracking important legislation this year? If you don't know the outcome, go onto OLIS to see if it has passed or is still being scheduled for hearings. Oregon is in its final weeks. We'll have a summary of bills the LUTC was tracking next month.
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