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Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC)
June Meeting Follow-up
We met June 17th 7pm-9pm / 3534 SE Main Street, Portland
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We had a packed house last Monday night at the June Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) meeting. Thank you to all our attendees! If youf you were not able to make it, and plan to attend upcoming sessions, please watch these two short videos: (1)  Segregated by Design  and (2)  “Zoning Matters: How Land-Use Policies Shape Our Lives” . They summarize the history of zoning and housing policies and practices that intentionally segregated people by race and income over the last century which has had devastating and lasting effects on African Americans in particular. For handouts shared last night (1) Definitions (2) Resources sheet (3) Project Updates (4) Flyer of this series to share with friends, please go to our LUTC page or to the Single-Family Zones event page.  

Allen Lazo from the Fair Housing Council of Oregon did a fabulous job of summarizing how the evolution of single-family zoning unfolded from the 1920’s to now, and how it’s contributed (along with a number of other policies and practices) to the stark wealth inequality we see today. He also shared some current policy proposals across the state and locally that are proposing changes to what we have grown to understand as “normal” land use patterns but are in fact rooted in racist practices. The group was very focused on the issue of displacement and how to prevent that moving forward with any policy proposal. For that reason, at the next session in July, we will dive into this topic a bit more. Discuss best practices, ask what other communities are doing, and explore what the data and experts say. Stay tuned for the July Agenda and we look forward to seeing you all to continue this important conversation! 
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