June 2019 Newsletter
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Beating the Diabetes Odds:

"I just got mad."

Learn about Daryl Gillespie's journey to a healthier, happier life .

In 2000, Daryl Gillespie, a 24 year Navy Veteran, had a routine check-up with is primary care provider.

Much to his dismay, his blood sugar numbers were beyond the normal, healthy range. Due to the fact that Daryl was hovering around 300 pounds, his PCP recommended a dietary program. Daryl agreed but after two years on the dietary program, he had little success. Taking 14 medications a day he said “I had a plate of food for dinner, and a plate of pills.”
Misdiagnosis of Type I Diabetes 38% of the Time

A recent study found misdiagnosis of type 1 common, with half of those misdiagnosed still being treated as though they had type 2 diabetes 13 years later.
Inspired by a sick customer, a diner owner enlists volunteers to feed those who can't make it to her restaurant.

San Diego (CNN) Ruth Henricks has served thousands of customers at her small diner, but she will never forget one man who walked into The Huddle 30 years ago.

"(He) was very thin, looked kind of sick, and he told me he was living with AIDS," she recalled.
The United States was in the midst of an AIDS epidemic in 1989, when the reported number of cases reached 100,000, including nearly 60,000 deaths, according to the CDC .

Scott became a regular at Henricks' diner, and she would ask him about his health. Some days, he was too weak to feed himself. He told Henricks the only time he ate was at her diner.
What Are the Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes?

Read this great article by Nicole Galan and learn more about:

  • Early signs and symptoms 
  • Importance of early diagnosis 
  • Risk factors 
  • Takeaway
Expanding Access to Diabetes Training for Medicare Recipients

With bi-partisan support, there are currently two bills making their way through the US House and Senate seeking to expand access to diabetes education for Medicare patients.
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