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First sail of the season, courtesy of Bob Trapani, Jr.
June 2019
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After months of the annual getting ready we are back on the bay again. We started with a college reunion afternoon sail captured above. Not much breeze but lots of conversations after fifty years. One could say that the hot air from so many recollections was enough to keep the vessel moving, that and the new John Deere down below.

The lobsters are as excellent as ever, the crew is working and playing hard with only the determination that sailors know, and the shipmates are as always engaging, interesting, and good company.

courtesy of Sean Sheppard

Crew's News

Matthew got new pie cutters and Sarah put them to work

courtesy of Tracy Madigan-Sheppard

Waiting for a breeze

courtesy of Tracy Madigan-Sheppard

Putting up new telltales requires climbing skills

courtesy of Sean Sheppard

2019 sea trials for Cappy, our North Haven dinghy #27.
Cappy is one hundred years old  this year
Tuning up for the July 4th crew race

Cruise News ..

Windjammer Days cruise to Boothbay Harbor.
Puffins, porpoises, parade, fireworks
Twenty six of us aged 21 to 93!
(these are not all the smart phones aboard)

courtesy of Tracy Madigan-Sheppard

Wear your sunglasses!

courtesy of Tracy Madigan-Sheppard

Gray day on the Bay

Postcards from Away  

We are not going to try training Maine cormorants

courtesy of Sean Sheppard

Lots of sailing left for 2019 between now and October 10th
  John and the crew

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