Kirwan Executive Director Darrick Hamilton Featured on PBS NewsHour
Kirwan Executive Director Darrick Hamilton was featured on PBS NewsHour earlier this month , where he outlined how "baby bonds" could help close the staggering racial wealth gap.

"Whites in the U.S. have much greater household and individual wealth than blacks and other minorities. In fact, the typical black household has about 10 cents for every dollar of wealth in a typical white household. Some economists and politicians believe this racial wealth disparity will continue to widen unless it's addressed. As Paul Solman reports, one idea for closing it begins at birth." - PBS NewsHour

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Implicit Bias | Training Updates & More!
Introducing Two New Implicit Bias Trainings!
The Kirwan Institute is continuing its work in Implicit Bias with two new training series!

Kirwan’s ‘Beyond Bias’ Training focuses on Implicit Bias in the workplace. It aims to help organizations interested in diversity and inclusion expand their focus to include equity and justice in their strategic planning.

The second training will be an extension of the Workforce for the Modern Woman report released earlier this year.
Kirwan Offers Training in Upper Arlington and Lorain County
Kirwan Research and Training Specialist Preshus Thompson conducted recent trainings at Upper Arlington High School and Lorain County Community College. Upper Arlington has used Kirwan for trainings several times before. Most recently, staff at Upper Arlington went through the I.N.C.A.S.E. of Bias Emergence Framework which moves from education about awareness of implicit bias to a focus on individual and institutional level strategies for creating a bias conscious work-culture.

Staff at Lorain County Community College participated in a second in-person training of the I.N.C.A.S.E. of Bias Emergence Framework specifically designed for those working in higher education.

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Inclusive Medicine Series
In April, Lena Tenney, MPA, MEd., was a featured speaker at the Third Annual Inclusive Medicine Series hosted by the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine's Office of Diversity and Inclusion and The University of Nevada, Reno College of Liberal Arts.

This year's series focused on being an active bystander, and also included a video interview with Lena on best practices for addressing and mitigating bias.
Kirwan presents Tacoma Equity Index at
2019 Washington State GIS Conference
Senior Research Associate Glennon Sweeney and GIS Specialist Michael Outrich, along with Alison Beason of the City of Tacoma, presented the Tacoma Equity Index at the 2019 Washington State GIS Conference in Tacoma, Washington last month.

They discussed how the tool can be used to further improve and address social equity disparities in the City of Tacoma. So far, the tool has been used by city departments to improve lighting infrastructure investment and hiring within the department of public works.

Additionally, Glennon and Michael conducted an Equity Tour of Tacoma with Tacoma City officials and staff, highlighting the historical impacts of disinvestment in communities of color and how that disinvestment manifests itself in today's equity landscape across the city.
Discussing Technology and Policing on All Sides
Earlier this month, Kirwan Institute Senior Research Associate Kelly Capatosto was featured on WOSU Public Media's All Sides with Ann Fisher where she discussed the role body-cameras play in law enforcement.

You can watch the interview or listen to the podcast version by clicking here .
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