June 2019
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June 25
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Location: KTN Training Center 
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Webinar: Workplace Safety & Your Drug Testing Policy
June 11
Cost: $19.99
An estimated 40 percent of workplace fatalities are caused by employee substance abuse. Moreover, substance abusers experience significantly more accidents, injuries and absenteeism. In this webinar, learn how your company's drug and alcohol policy can improve safety and save lives.

Road Work Zone Safety
June 27
Cost: $19.99
This seminar covers all the information you need to keep your workers safe when they are working on, or near public roads. Topics we will discuss include:  Compliance requirements,

sign placement, high visibility clothing, moving traffic safely and basic work zone setup. 

Marijuana & the Workplace, Is it Really a Big Deal?
July 9
Cost: $19.99
With legalization becoming popular and cannabis use becoming more prevalent, is it worth testing for this substance at work?  What should you do about your drug policy?  This seminar will cover updates in the laws and how to address these in your company drug policy, while protecting your workers and your business.
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 June is National Safety Month

The National Safety Council has named June National Safety Month. Each week of the month, NSC will be focusing on a specific safety topic, as will we at TSS. Check our website and social media weekly for information, blogs and posts related to these topics.

Weekly topics for 2019
  • Hazard Recognition (Week of June 3)
  • Slips, Trips and Falls (Week of June 10)
  • Fatigue (Week of June 17)
  • Alcohol, Marijuana and Opioid Impairment (Week of June 24) 
Background Checks for Safety's Sake

Small businesses are always looking for cost savings. They make difficult decisions every day with attention to the bottom line. One area no business should skimp on, however, is doing pre-employment background checks. Make sure you get the right person for the job - someone who is qualified, reliable and honest. Hiring the wrong person can end up being a costly mistake. The good news is, there are more options than ever in the kind of background check package that is available to you.
DNA Paternity Testing: Know your options

DNA paternity testing has several benefits and is a quick and easy process. Where it once was more invasive -requiring blood work - it is now a simple swipe inside the mouth with a cotton swab.
There are several reasons individuals may want or need a paternity test. These include confirming paternity for personal reasons or peace of mind, legally establishing parenthood, providing evidence in custody matters, or supporting immigration claims.

Because of the advances in the science, there are numerous testing options in the marketplace these days. But no matter your reason for having a paternity test, being able to feel confident about the quality and accuracy of your test is critical - so is knowing that your privacy is protected.

TSS, works with DNA Diagnostic Center, the world's most accredited DNA lab, to ensure that the highest standards in DNA testing are met. We offer three testing options:
  • a trio paternity test (mother, child, alleged father)
  • a motherless test (child and alleged father)
  • a siblingship and grandparent test
The collection itself is a quick, simple and painless process. Each adult donor provides a picture ID. A photo of the child is taken on site. The donor is advised not to drink, eat or put anything in their mouth for at least 10 minutes before the collection. TSS staff conducts the test on each donor individually by way of three simple cheek swabs. All swabs are properly packaged, sealed and sent for analysis. Results are normally available in about a week.
If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a paternity test. Please call any of our offices or email us at info@tss-safety.com.      
FMCSA Clearinghouse: 
The driver's role and responsibilities 

Last month, we introduced the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. This month, we will focus on drivers' roles and responsibilities in this new system.

Anyone who holds a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or learner's permit and is covered under Parts 382 or 383 of the federal code, will be required to participate in the Clearinghouse.

Starting in October 2019, drivers will be able to set up their user accounts for the Clearinghouse so that employers and agencies are able to access their record when the Clearinghouse opens in January 2020.

Both current and prospective employers will be federally mandated to run checks for drug and alcohol violations via the Clearinghouse. Drivers will need to log into the system and provide electronic consent to those requesting information.

It is important that drivers provide consent in a timely manner so that drug and alcohol history information is available to the employer. Without driver consent, employers cannot allow the driver to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) or risk hefty fines.

Note: For the next three years, employers will be required to do both electronic AND manual record queries. Why? Because it will take three years to get all current events to populate the database. A violation that occurs in 2019 will not appear in the database, requiring a manual check with a driver's former employers. It is anticipated that the database will be current in 2023 and manual checks will no longer be necessary.
How is driver history collected in the Clearinghouse?
The Employer, Medical Review Officer, Third Party Administrator and the Substance Abuse Professional are all responsible for entering information into the database. This includes positive drug or alcohol test results and test refusals as well as completion of the required return-to-duty process.
Drivers' Access
Drivers will be able to access their driving record any time at no cost. Drivers should be aware that employers will do a pre-employment query (which they will provide consent for) and an annual query, which can be a limited query with general or blanket consent. Should that query show a violation, a full inquiry will be necessary.

Every time data is entered about the driver, FMSCA will send an electronic notification to the driver. This gives the driver the opportunity to remain knowledgeable about the information that is posted. To receive these notifications, driver information must be current and accurate.

Drivers will be able to go through a petition process to have any inaccuracies removed from the Clearinghouse.
To ensure that drivers do not face hiring delays or problems being able to operate a CMV, it is critical to stay on top of developments and deadlines for the FMCSA Clearinghouse.

Important dates:

  • October 2019 - Registration opens
  • January 6, 2020 - Entry begins (electronic & manual Queries required)
  • January 6, 2023 - 3 years of data collected (electronic queries only)
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