June 2019 Newsletter
Centerpieces for Tzedakah
Have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah coming up? Consider renting a JFS Orlando bimah basket or centerpiece for your next special occasion!

These baskets provide a perfect backdrop for any ceremony as they fulfill the mitzvah of feeding the hungry. Unlike traditional floral arrangements that wilt and die soon after the event, bimah baskets are "green", can be re-used, and support individuals and families in need. They contain (empty) boxes and cans of non-perishable food, representing your donation and items offered in the Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry.

For pricing and more details, visit our Centerpieces for Tzedakah webpage .
JFS Orlando Featured in
J Life Magazine
In case you missed it, JFS Orlando's A Brunch for Madeline was featured in a wonderful article on page 16 of the latest J Life Magazine.

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Coffee Connections
June 27, 2019
Are you interested in volunteering or partnering with JFS Orlando to help our local community together?

Join us for our next Coffee Connections on Thursday, June 27th at 8AM. Enjoy a tour of our family support center, coffee, a light breakfast, and some success stories of the people JFS has helped over the years.

Donation Wishlist: Plastic Grocery Bags
Did you know you can donate your extra plastic grocery bags to the JFS Orlando Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry ?

The Pantry uses these bags to package the food and personal hygiene items it provides to the community.

Don't throw them out;
donate them!
Bags can be dropped off at the JFS Orlando reception desk.
Thank you for your donation!
The Power of Giving: Family Stabilization Program (FSP)
Homelessness is a prevalent problem in Central Florida, caused by vari ous factors, including loss of income, low wages or unemployment, lack of affordable housing, and mental illness. It's a real possibility for any individual or family living paycheck to paycheck or barely getting by on minimum wage.
There are only  13 affordable rental units available for every 100 low-income households in Central Florida.

 Earning minimum wage ($8.25 per hour), a single person needs to work  84 hours each week to afford a one-bedroom rental in Florida.
The goal of the JFS Orlando Family Stabilization Program (FSP) is to catch individuals and families before they fall into homelessness and to give them the tools needed to be more self-sufficient. Through a variety of supportive services, at no cost to participants, the program aims to improve a client's money management skills, family functioning/parenting skills, emotional/mental coping abilities, employability/job security, and housing status.
Sarah's Story
Sarah was born and raised in Queens, NY. She moved to South East Florida 25 years ago and, in 2015, was accepted to UCF and moved to Central Florida. She worked full-time while studying and rented a private room in someone’s house in Ocoee. It was hard to juggle everything at once, but Sarah was getting by. That is until, one day, her job had to delay her pay.

All of a sudden Sarah fell behind on her rent. Between paying bills, studying, still working, Sarah didn’t know where to turn. She decided to speak with a school guidance counselor who directed her to UCF’s emergency services center for enrolled students. They referred Sarah to JFS Orlando's Emergency Services program and Family Stabilization Program.

“I was very fortunate that JFS was able to help me right away with the emergency rent assistance, while I was still attending UCF classes. I was in a very tough situation, and was very distressed. I decided to participate in the Family Stabilization Program to find out more about the services offered at JFS, knowing I could come back and request the pantry service or find social services and helpful resources, if I needed them in the future. I am very grateful to JFS in many ways, and appreciate the fact that they offer many services to everyone in the Central Florida area.
If you know anyone that could benefit from the Family Stabilization Program, please contact one of our Case Managers below:
City of Orlando and Seminole County Residents

Clelie Duroseau
407-644-7593 ext. 250 Clelie.Duroseau@JFSorlando.org
Unincorporated Orange County Residents

Jascha Fields
407-644-7593 ext. 236 Jascha.Fields@JFSorlando.org
In 2018, 132 families participated in FSP and benefited from more than 720 sessions with our case managers.
Help us continue to prevent homelessness and get local individuals and families in Central Florida back on their feet by donating to the Family Stabilization Program today!
Volunteer Spotlight:
The Gift of Time
In Memoriam:
Eileen Meyer Schwartz

Dedicated volunteer and friend of JFS Orlando, Eileen Meyer Schwartz passed away on Thursday, May 30, 2019. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Eileen dedicated her life to helping others through her work in the legal field. She was a legal assistant for over 50 years, first in New York and later in Orlando after she moved in the 80’s. In August 2017, she...

Beyond the
Counseling Couch
Four Tips for Getting through June:
A Month of Transition
By Eloise Stiglitz, PhD – JFS Licensed Psychologist

“Strawberry Rhubarb Pie” ... “SummersGiving”... “Drive-In Movie” ...T he odd variety of celebration days this month triggers for me a set of mixed feelings....June feels like a month of nostalgia, and, therefore, a month of transition. As I muse about days long-gone, I am...

Grant Funder's Corner: Thank You!
Thank you to the following grant funders for supporting JFS Orlando in May:
•  Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando
Chaplaincy program

•  Joseph G. Markoly Foundation
Reliable Independent Drivers for the Elderly (RIDE) program
•  Isermann Family Foundation
Counseling, Growth and Development program

•  TD Charitable Foundation
Family Stabilization Program (FSP)
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