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June 2019 Newsletter
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Missouri Department of Insurance Scholarship
Public Entity

Property & Casualty Coverages and Professional Liability Coverages for City & County Governments, Towns, Villages, Boroughs, Townships, Police & Sheriff Departments, Public & Fire Emergency Response Services, Water & Sewer Districts, and Many more…

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Fire Losses
Geez, it's getting HOT!!!

Do you have problems placing risks with fire losses (including Total Fire Losses )???  Let CIU help! Whether it is on a Primary, Tenant Occupied, Seasonal or Vacant Dwelling, send us a FULLY COMPLETED HO application with the information on the risk with as much detail about the loss as available, and we will try to help. This is a submit class, but many times we are able to offer a quote. Let CIU help you EXTINGUISH your dilemma for a market to handle these HOT , hard to place risks! Send your submission to .  


General Contractors, Artisan/Trade Contractors, including Snow Removal Contractors, Roofers, Architects & Engineers, Environmental Contractors, Residential & Commercial New Construction & Remodeling, incl Tract Home Builders. MP’s as low as $525 on some artisan contractors. Coverage available include: CGL, Contractors Professional, Pollution, Inland Marine, Excess-Umbrella, etc. These are just some of the things we see and write a LOT of.
Missouri Department of Insurance Scholarship

We would like to recognize Charlie Willis, a Missouri State University student who is an intern at CIU. Charlie was awarded a scholarship from the Missouri Department of Insurance for education expenses for the 2019/2020 school year. This $2000 scholarship was given by the Missouri Insurance Education Foundation, and is one of 5 that are awarded to qualified Missouri college students who are majoring in insurance or a related field of study. Congratulations, Charlie!