"Ascension Process"

Dear Earth Angels ,

A little late in coming this month—I have been consumed with putting my home back in order after having it tented for termites. (A real South Florida thing .) My apologies to everyone. With that said, I was asked to give a talk about the Ascension Process. I made the assumption that that would be an interesting Lifestyle piece for this June newsletter. As part of the human family in 3D, we are participating in, choosing—to ascend—and the following steps allow us to walk with ease in the new 5D world we are co-creating. 

There is a history—which involves the “wobble of the Earth” and it’s relationship to our galaxy. An approximate 26,000 year cycle which places us with energies we have never experienced while on earth, but predicted by the ancients. Now, that we’re here and we made it, we are slowly—based on our intention to do so—moving to a more heart-felt existence and a place of higher vibration. Let our journey’s electromagnetics talk to our multidimensional DNA soar to new found heights and awareness. Transformation and renovation are the new energies of the ascension status—as are compassion, love and kindness, and we are ready!

So, what are the steps to our newly born ascension status we are seeking? I consulted the wisdom of the Kryon work and give you the following 8 steps based on a parable called: “Wo and the Suitcase”. But, why should we even care? 1.) We signed up for this—as the bridge builders for peace on earth and to shine the light in the darkest places. 2.) When we do, we carry the love of God wherever we go. It’s powerful because it creates a sense of balance and peaceful countenance within us. 3.) It’s the key to lasting longer and living a sweeter life without the frustration sans drama.

When you decide to take the ascension status, you are asking for the raising of the vibration within your cells—through pure intent—and the awareness of your cellular structure begins to build. It’s our new “life code.” (The contract we came in with, the knowledge of who we are, and our magnetic imprint all located in our non-chemical part of our DNA.)

The Steps:

Preparedness: We as Humans are complete the way we are. We have this knowledge and are able to carry this peace and trust even with the unknown which lies on the road ahead. We, as Lightworkers and old souls have the ability to deal with it, are virtues of the new. This is the message from home—the love and the family that surrounds and reassures us that we are ready now!

Spiritual Reference: Humanity is the one who is changing, and the books are obsolete—because our relationship has to God has changed. We are a complete piece of divinity, and we have all the messages and teachings inside. If we need information, our entourage and our Higher Self will get them instantly.

Direction: Our Map for the future must be blank. The path is not a mystery, and the map is not necessary. We are the new shaman ourselves with the perfect internal map. Only a shaman can guide us—and we have been anointed and ordained with our pure intent to move into our perfect spiritual self. We are our own advisor. We are our own map!

Fear: We must move past our fears—this is not an attribute of the ascending human. 

Agenda: Gifts to each other need not be physical any longer for there is often an agenda attached. Instead, the ascended human understands that the highest gifts they carry into any situation are honesty, integrity and holding our spiritual light. There are no higher gifts than those from one to another. The enlightened human gives the highest gift of all, which is unconditional love. We can do this, because we are blessed divinity—a spark of God and that has an immense light in it. We need no other gifts.

Security: Blessed is the Human on the path of ascension, for he knows that he is “NEVER ALONE.” The human who vibrates in a high manner has the security of an army—a legion of angels called family. The family is better than any technology (i.e. phone) we could own. There is never a dead spot, never needs a number, never needs the battery to be recharged and is awake 24/7—even when the human is not!

Health-Vitamins: Although we depend on our vitamins and herbs for health, one day we will realize we don’t need them—as we move from our chemical base nutrition to one that is more energy based. When we walk the walk and realize our potential as an ascended human, we will understand that our DNA is being changed. Our immune system is being altered and bolstered up with the energy from the stars. Messages and instruction sets will be delivered to our cells from the crystalline structure of the earth and we will not need them for our well-being. 

Drama: An important part of our ascension process is to address our shadow side. Things we don’t want to discuss or talk about. And, so, we must all ask ourselves, who is it that you won’t speak to in your life? Who is it, that you will not forgive in this lifetime? Who is it whom you have drama with, who cannot gain your love again? Who has betrayed you? Who is blacklisted in your mind? 

Our loving human soul has the power to forgive. We have the power and strength to get beyond the drama in the darkest corners of our mind. It is our light that can shine upon situation. That is the miracle of the new human evolved consciousness that is ours for asking. This is the power we can have when we give pure intention to be an ascended human on earth.

 All these things are about us. It is not something we do—it is something we live! We have entered the ability to change our very existence—the very essence of who we are. To live longer lives, have more peace and joy in our life and the power to change the very earth under our feet. In the process we never stop learning. And, part of the process is knowing that we are loved without measure. We begin to feel our cosmic family—and believe they are indeed here for us! 

Although, there are eight steps listed above, in truth there is only one. And, that dear readers exists at that point in time where you give intent to move past where you are now—and go to the next level—allowing permission to change your vibration. That is the “ascension beginning.” It is an individual one and the step of intention starts the process and you can fly and soar to wherever height you decide is best for you! Because in the end, everything is really perfect and Love!

 "Inspired Wellness
from Within"
~Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP
What Does this mean? Decoding 101: Depression
Decoding messages from us to us is something that is coming to light and seeing its way into the mainstream--slowly. There is a connection between our physical health challenges and our mind and spirit. We cannot ignore those other parts of ourselves. We are emotional spiritual multidimensional humans. And, these physical dis-eases indicate we are "out of balance," something is "off kilter." Dis-ease alerts us that there are deep unresolved emotional blocks holding emotional angst at some level. Are we the brave ones to step up to heal our lineage? What was the emotional trauma we experienced as a child? What was so terrible, we have simply blocked it out? The conscious mind likes to ignore and repress that shadow that lurks within. However, our smart body, our innate, and intuition part of the subconscious and cellular memory remembers everything. In 2019, we will explore, just briefly the most common imbalances lying below the surface--a gift waiting to be seen and healed--for good! 💜💜💜

Depression (In Short)

" A depression takes the form of self-depreciation and guilt that eat me up inside. Both elements must be present for there to be a depression . As soon as I resolve on of them, whether it is the self-depreciation or the guilt, I have come out of the depression . If I am depressive , I feel miserable, less than nothing. I may even feel guilty of who I am. I constantly live in the past and I find it difficult to come out of it. The present doesn’t exist and the future scares me. It is impossible for me to live in the ‘here and now.’ I prefer to live constantly I the past, always looking rearward. The current news leaves me indifferent. (apathetic) I feel like doing nothing. To avoid being frustrated, especially sexually, I cut myself off from all my desires. I don’t feel like taking myself in charge. It is important for me to make a change now in my way of seeing things because it is not like before. ( MARTEL)

Thought for the Day: Inspirational Wisdom
"Nothing ever goes away until
it has taught us what we need to know."
~Pema Chödrön
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
~ 24~
Calm Within

Inner Peace

The image on this card speaks to the ongoing process of returning to our calm within. Your life is likely filled with many wondrous things: family, friends, lovers, job, study . . . Each serves to stimulate and bring greater joy and growth. Each is important in defining who you are at this point in your life. Each consumes a piece of your time and energy. Occasionally, you experience periods when all the many things that compose daily life accumulate and become more than you can handle. This creates frustration and anxiety and disrupts the flow of positive creative energy. Do you find yourself overstimulated by people and responsibilities?
Try this simple exercise. View this card, or close your eyes. Sit and breathe rhythmically, allowing your breath to flow in and out in a relaxed manner. Ask that the cares leave your mind just long enough so you may find the calm mind within that nurtures who you truly are. Ask your inner guidance to offer wisdom as to what is important, and release what you can. When you are relaxed and centered, when you truly feel peace, gently reenter your day with this calm perspective.
Sacred geometry is the key that unlocks all of the world's art, science and architecture. Called the Language of Light, its images and shapes are embedded in DNA, mandalas, pyramids, crystals, atoms and hieroglyphs. Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. These cards and text were created by Francene Hart.
Lemurian Codes for Healing
" We are with you to explore the greatest awakening of your Age, the truth of who you are as Divine Creators. Breathe in and invite the expanded consciousness of the One Source to resonate through all the cells of your Being. You hold in your hands a story of humanity's spiritual unfolding in the grace and timing of the Divine plan." The Pleiadian Star Mothers.
These cards are the work from Dr. Amber Wolf--aka "Mele'ha" The artist is Aurelien Pumayana.

"You express your Divine Will
through sound, formed of words or tones.
These arise as the harmony between your
Humanity and your Divinity,
flowing powerfully out into the world
to create your destiny.

Your authentic resonance,
as sound current, is expressed as
"I am the One Truth."
_______________________________ ______________

Recipe of the Month: Green Curry

A First for me--I have enjoyed this dish but never attempted to make it for myself at home.

Bon Appetite!

Green Curry

A friend showed up at my door--she had a date--and lives in Jacksonville--about five hours away. The date went well and she decided to stay for a few extra days.

In the meantime, she introduced me to an easy home made green curry. Cutting the veggies took the longest time--and green Curry was something that would have not occurred to me to make at home. But, if you're in the mood to try something a bit different, I think this will "fit the bill."

This Green Curry dish was delicious and easy. It was Homemade and authentic. This recipes takes about 20 minutes and much better than what I've had in some restaurants. It can be served with white rice or rice noodles! Sweet, sour, salty, and spicy are the four pillars of this Thai c uisine. Delicious!


What you will need:

1-2 tablespoons grape seed or olive oil
1 onion, chopped
1-2 Carrots, chopped
1-2 stalks of Celery, chopped
3-4 Japanese or Thai eggplants, chopped
5-6 mini sweet bell peppers*--various colors, chopped or sliced
1-2 Tablespoons minced garlic

2-4 ounces of MAESRI green curry paste - adjust to your taste--this adds the zing and heat!
1 can MAE PLOY Coconut cream
1/2 cup water
1 lb. chicken, cut into chunks
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

*Green chilies can be used in place of the bell peppers!



  1. Heat up a pot over medium heat and add the oil. Saute the green curry paste until aromatic, add the chicken and stir to combine well with the curry paste. Add the coconut milk and water and bring it to a quick boil.
  2. Add the onion, carrots, celery, water chestnuts and eggplant. Lower the heat to simmer, cover the pot and let simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the curry slightly thickens and the vegetables are soft.
  3. Cook your rice or noodles. Add your chopped cilantro into the curry . Stir to mix well. Turn off the heat and serve immediately with steamed rice or noodles.
  4. Garnish with additional cilantro or fresh basil leaves. Season to taste.


Everything we put into our body synthesizes into something whether it happens to be thoughts and words, our experiences and lifestyle or our food. 

In the course of our busy lives, few of us ever stop to think---what does this actually do for my well-being? How does Love affect our meals--and our nutritiom when it comes from the heart? Homemade is well made--well made is heartfelt intention. The journey begins with you!


Blog - Parting Thoughts . . .

"Message from Butterfly"

Last week, I was enjoying a quiet few minutes in the backyard—sipping freshly brewed coffee—beginning my day—and knowing that it would soon be way too hot to sit outside with the sun’s blistering summer-rays and spiking humidity and soaring temperatures. Plus, I had work to do. As it was, a yellow volunteer milk weed had planted herself along my fence and was in full bloom. These plants are favorites of butterflies— and this
Every Truth passes through three stages before it is accepted.  In the first it is ridiculed, next it is opposed; in the third, it is regarded as self evident.

~Arthur Shopenauer (19th Century Philosopher)

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Biological Decoding Here Today
Conflicts and trauma are sometimes obvious and sometimes not and make their presence known to us as dis-ease and imbalance in our lives; manifesting in our body.  Weight issues or acne are obvious to most, but what are the traumas, loyalties and imbalances locked away in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or behind simple allergies and minor illnesses given labels or the diagnosis's we receive at the doctor's office? Do you want healing or just relief? 

The premise is easy. Disease and sicknesses are "nothing more" than emotional conflict(s) or trauma, --lessons to learn (that may be passed down from our ancestors) running in an "invisible" field of energy unknown or unrealized to us until it emerges as our brain's (the ultimate computer) solution for the disturbance deep within our psyche. More simply, the first law of Biological Decoding states: "Every pain or disease originates from a conflict. The conflict is an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating shock that occurs simultaneously in the PSYCHE, the BRAIN, and part of the BODY that corresponds to the type of conflict. Discovering the conflict aids the brain in sending messages to repair the body".

If we are human, we all have unresolved emotional conflicts. Heal them for yourselves--heal them for your kids and break the pattern. Biological Decoding goes hand-in-hand with our allopathic medicine today which addresses the mechanical aspects of our disease.

How can I help you today?

The Biology of Decoding is an amazing tool to assist in the discovery of the root cause of dis-ease.  This discovery and decoding opens the door to healing, deepens spiritual understanding of who we are and releases limiting beliefs and patterns.

"If the mind doth bend, disease can end."
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, MD

For more information on Biological Decoding call  954-661-1972

Cathy Silver, HC, AADP
" Inspired Wellness from Within"

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 "Riding the Lighting Beam is one of the most authentic books I have ever read. Thank you, Cathy, for giving birth to this helpful guide to this human experience."

"Your powerful gift of storytelling, sets the stage for us to come and spend some time in "your world!" While we're there, we can't help but notice many familiar reflections of ourselves!. The insights that you share carry the energy of an "awakened one!" Your triumphs and failures, are our triumphs and failures! Can't wait for the next addition of your series!"

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