June 2019 Newsletter
Email: tcfrva@hotmail.com W Website: www.compassionatefriendsrva.org Phone: (804) 458-9000 W
2 Drew Yanishak
4 Sarah Ann Rice
6 Jonathan Matthew Caban
9 Isabelle Evangeline Young
14 Christopher (Lil Chris) Johnson
15 Rachel Garka
16 Julia Wilby
17 Robert A. Ranson III
18 Caleb Yancey
19 Zachary V. Williams
21 Baby Boy Rodriquez
27 Oliver M. Placide
28 Deandra (Dee) Finney
4 Jackie Upford
5 Eliana Meeks
7 Alex Moore
9 Isabelle Evangeline Young
11 John Robert Hutchins
14 Rich Mayer
15 Eric Riley Young
15 Malcolm Araski Lindsey
18 Kai Noah Galleo
18 Melissa Haislip
19 Alex Kessery
21 Baby Boy Rodriquez
23 Johnathan Read
26 Shannon Denise Mitchell
26 William Shane Cantrell
27 Oliver M. Placide
Never expected, always appreciated.
There are no fees or dues to belong to The Compassionate Friends. As parents, grandparents, and siblings find help within the group, they sometimes make a “Love Gift” to our chapter. It is a way to honor special people in their lives or remember children and others who have passed on. Love gifts allow us to offer resources such as this newsletter, books, and brochures to assist grieving families. They also allow us to provide information to professionals and others who impact the lives and feelings of the bereaved. Love gifts are just that, gifts. They are not required of anyone, but they are very helpful and very much appreciated. We are grateful for all of the generous gifts that have been provided that allow us to continue to support our mission .

The Compassionate Friends is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and your donations are fully tax deductible. If you would like to make a love gift you can either click here to donate via PayPal or you can complete and print this form and mail it with your donation to: