June 2019
Partner Spotlight
The Education Shop
" The Education Shop is run by Australian Teachers of Media Inc. (ATOM) – an independent, not-for-profit professional association that has been promoting the study of media and screen literacy for over fifty years. Our goal is to empower students, teachers, parents, and screen media enthusiasts to dig deeper, to analyze and to better understand all the screen products we enjoy. " Read the full interview with The Education Shop.
Meet NAMLE's Organizational Partners!
Want to learn more about NAMLE's Organizational Partners? Be sure to stop by the exhibit hall this coming week during NAMLE's conference on Thursday, June 27th at American University and say hello to all of the conference exhibitors, many of which include NAMLE Organizational Partners.

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CMIL Partners with International Media Summer Academy
The Center for Media and Information Literacy is a partner in the Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy. This summer's theme is " New Trends in Media and Journalism: Media 4.0. " THISAM takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece from July 5-12 and includes students and partners from across the globe. CMIL's director, Sherri Hope Culver, will be teaching a workshop on ethical challenges in news reporting. [ learn more ]
#Digital4Good Conference
At the annual #Digital4Good conference, students, industry, and educators focus on empowering positive tech and media use--digital for good. Guest speakers and school faculty will celebrate student voice and digital leadership through a mix of presentations, panels, videos, and the first-ever #Digital4Good awards. [ learn more ]
The Trust Project: Trust Indicators
The Trust Project's Trust Indicators  are standardized disclosures about a news organization’s ethics and other standards for fairness and accuracy, a journalist’s background, and the work behind a news story. Out of an  initial set of 37 , the Trust Project collaborators decided on a core set of  eight Trust Indicators  to implement first, including Best Practices, Author/Reporter Expertise, Type of Work: What is this?, Citations and References, Methods: How was it built?, Locally Sourced?, Diverse Voices, and Actionable Feedback. Leaders from  100 news organizations  collaborated to create the Indicators. [ learn more ]
News-O-Matic is Coming to Alexa
Starting this summer, children using Amazon FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa will have a new way to learn what's going on in news as trusted content from News-O-Matic will give young users a carefully curated daily news briefing. This new partnership between News-O-Matic and Amazon will provide the first-ever news briefing designed for kids on the Alexa platform. [ read more ]
New Research:  The Creativity of Imitation in Remake Videos
In this new research report, authors Renee Hobbs and Yonty Friesem explore the potential educational value of the remake video phenomenon (the creation of videos that explicitly imitate or copy an original work) by conducting a content analysis of 93 videos that were inspired by “Love Language,” a sentimental narrative video that features the themes of budding romance and disability awareness. [ read more ]
Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest Launches New Partnership
The Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest at Villanova University has received a grant from The Lenfest Institute for Journalism to partner with The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Lenfest Center for Cultural Partnerships at Drexel University to infuse more historical scholarship into local journalism, thereby strengthening historical and media literacy among Philadelphia Inquirer readers. [ read more ]
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