June 2019
The Professional Development & Resource Center (PD&RC) Pride is a monthly email communication celebrating the work facilitated by BT BOCES PD&RC to advance teaching and learning. This will also be an opportunity to highlight resources available for loan as well as upcoming regional events. We hope you find this communication helpful and welcome your feedback.  
Interdisciplinary Literacy: Skills Within and Across Disciplines
New York State’s Next Generation Learning Standards have a renewed focus on literacy, acknowledging the changing landscape of what it means to be “literate” in today’s world. Part of this focus calls for educators and leaders to implement what NYS refers to as “Advanced Literacies” as a universal instructional end goal. According to Dr. Nonie Lesaux of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, “when schools adopt advanced literacies as a universal instructional end goal, they adopt a common set of instructional practices and guidelines to be implemented in science, math, social studies and English/language arts” (Lesaux and Galloway 4). Lesaux identifies these common practices and guidelines as hallmarks (see figure 1) to be embraced by all content areas at all levels of instruction.

On May 10, 2019 middle school teachers from Whitney Point’s Tioughnioga Riverside Academy spent a half day exploring what these hallmarks of advanced literacies might begin to look like implemented within and across disciplines. ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Special Education and LOTE teachers worked as both grade-level teams and departments to differentiate disciplinary versus content-area skills, identifying literacy that is specific to disciplines as opposed to skills that can be common across content-areas. Common areas of focus quickly began to emerge as participants itemized the ways all content-areas incorporate literacy through reading, communication through writing and speaking, and knowledge about the kind of vocabulary that would benefit learners across disciplines or within a discipline. Teachers ended the day considering next steps, including: planning for common instructional practices across disciplines, identifying common language, and reading in the content-areas.

BT-BOCES will also continue in the 2019-20 school year with regional sessions around this work. Workshops such as Math Literacy, Digital Writing, and Reading & Writing Argumentation in Secondary English and Social Studies will take a deeper dive into the unpacking and practical classroom implementation of interdisciplinary literacy.  
Preschool Roundtables
On May 30 th , our regional behavior specialist, Stacy Smith, facilitated the final Preschool Roundtable session of the school year. This year, the group consisted of Preschool teachers and administrators from 7 districts and 3 community agencies. 

The day's focus was on teachers sharing a successful lesson, resource, or aspect of their classrooms with their colleagues. During this exchange, teachers were able to complete a make-and-take and went home with other goodies from Stacy and the Early Childhood Direction Center. 

The Preschool Roundtable participants have created a collegial setting for learning and support. Past training and discussions have included behavior management, trauma informed classrooms, social emotional learning, classroom structures, and available resources. 

Stacy plans to continue holding Preschool Roundtables in the coming school year.  
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