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June 2019
June 8th
Frederick, MD
No Place Like Home
June 15th
Alexander, NC
No Place Like Home
June 23rd
Fairfax, VA
Things I Wish I'd Known
Jacksonville, FL
Things I Wish I'd Known
June 28-30
Alexander, NC
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There is always something new to learn to improve the lives of our parrots in captivity, from parakeets to macaws.  We hope you'll join us often!
A series of three parrot training pictures from STEP UP workshops
One space has come available in our June 28-30 Skills To Empower People to Understand Parrots workshop! Join us for this three day intensive course, covering parrot care, nutrition, enrichment, and training.

The workshop is at our adoption center near Asheville, NC and the cost is $299. Lunch is included. Hotel, transportation, and other meals are not. Can't make it in June? Not to worry! We have space available in our Nov. 9-11 workshop, as well.

Almost every bird will need more than one home. Sometimes it is because people have not taken time to understand how to live successfully with a parrot; but most often it is simply because our lives change. It's no one's fault, it's just what needs to happen. So it is really important that we promote adoption as a positive way to find a bird companion. To l earn more about our process go to 

This month we are highlighting some of our smaller adoptable birds, who are still big on personality!
Apollo and Marshall are two cockatiels looking for a home together
Apollo and Marshall  are two cockatiels who are the best of friends and are looking for a home together. Apollo (left) is 19+ years old and Marshall (right) is about 8 years old. They are a little shy at first with new people, but will amuse you with their antics. They love whistling back and forth with one another and with you! Apollo even says a few words. Some words and phrases we can make out, and some we cannot. We've heard him say, "What a pretty bird!" We couldn't agree more. (North Carolina)
Buddy an adoptable green cheek conure
Buddy  is a green cheek conure of unknown age, though he was with his last family for three years. He loves Nutriberries, and dives into the fresh fruit in the mash! He is trying some new foods. He seems very food motivated, so may be a great learner for those interested in training tricks and other behaviors. He loves the rope boing in his cage, and will chat back and forth with you. He's only been with Phoenix Landing for a few weeks, and he is seeming more and more social. He is a cute little guy! (North Carolina)
Junebug the Quaker parakeet
Junebug  is a 15 year old Quaker parakeet looking for his next Phoenix Landing home. He is chatty and social, and loves when you talk with him. He says a few words, including "good morning!" He is a fabulous flyer, and will even come when called... sometimes. He'd love to be able to fly in his new home, too, and this exercise and a healthy diet helped to get his weight down to a healthy one. Like many Quaker parakeets, he can be protective of his cage, but a lot of fun to hang with outside of it. (Virginia)
Adoptable splay legged parakeets
Princess Buttercup, Tiny Tim, and Banana Split  a re a trio of splay-legged parakeets who have been waiting for a home of their own for over a year. They came to us through a North Carolina shelter relatively young, but were already too old to fix their splay legs. When caught early enough, splay-legs can often be corrected. Thanks to their amazing foster home, they are in a flight cage with all horizontal bars, and many platform perches, since they cannot perch the same way as other parakeets. They are great eaters, play with toys, and chatter with each other just like other parakeets. They have adapted beautifully! Do you have space in your home and heart for this dynamic, very special trio? (North Carolina)
Vacation planning and companion parrots
Vacation picture of New Bern NC
When planning a much-anticipated vacation, we also consider our feathered friends, don't we? In our latest Phoenix Landing blog post, Michelle Underhill shares tips for vacation planning for those of us with companion parrots. It discusses making that all important decision concerning whether to board them, get a pet sitter, or bring them with you on vacation! 

Take the flock outside (safely) for fresh air and sunshine!
Cageoller is a cage stroller
A cageoller is a cage stroller
The warmer weather has arrived, and it's wonderful to see people taking walks and enjoying some fresh air. The flock benefits from fresh air and sunshine, too! Sunlight can help them synthesize vitamin D, so it is important to their physical health.

There are many ways to take birds outside safely. Taking birds for a walk in a cageoller (cage stroller) or in a special parrot backpack are great ways for you to get exercise and for them to get fresh air, sunlight, and enrichment. They will have different things to see, hear, and smell along the walk.

For more information, including how to build your own cageoller, take a look at this blog post from the Phoenix Landing blog's archive at
Super Bird Creations Contest
Super Bird Photo Contest

Make your bird a star, win toys for your bird AND for a bird nonprofit of your choosing! Of course, we hope you will select Phoenix Landing as your nonprofit of choice, but will be delighted if you win regardless

Contest details, including how to enter, are on the Super Bird Creations Facebook pageEnter through 6/15/2019. Voting begins 6/19/2019. 
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