Thank you to all who submitted prayer points about your work. CCIH exists to lift up your work and help you make connections to reach those in need and answer our Christian calling to serve.
June 2019 Prayers
Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble. -Psalm 41:1
Week 1: June 1-7
Prayer request from the Faith Apostolic Missions International Church in Liberia: Pray for peace and calm during a large planned protest June 7 in Liberia. About the Concern

Pray for fruitful collaboration, fellowship and feelings of renewal for attendees at the CCIH Conference June 6-8. May attendees learn and share best practices that strengthen faith-based health provision, helping them reach more people with quality care. 
Week 2: June 8-15
Pray for CCIH’s 30x30 initiative to strengthen 30 faith-based health systems by 2030. May the initiative grow to have optimum impact on health systems, strengthening the health services provided to people across the globe.

Prayers of thanks for CCIH advocates participating in Advocacy Day following the CCIH conference. Praise for their commitment to speak up for others. “Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble.” Psalm 41:1
Week 3: June 16-23
Pray for support staff helping health ministries have the structure, human resources, and equipment they need to provide care. Prayers of thanks for specialists in finance, information technology, equipment service and other support functions. Pray for the Augustine Fellowship program. May it continue to lift up the legacy of Augustine Aiyadurai, who provided faithful service to Christian ministries until his death due to the stress on the Liberian health system during the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

Pray for people in Somalia, as severe drought puts more than two million people at risk of starvation and forces thousands out of villages and into a relief camp outside the capital.
Week 4: June 24-30
Prayers of thanks for the work of religious leaders in Kenya and Zambia working with the Christian Health Association of Kenya and the Churches Health Association of Zambia to share messages about healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies with their communities and governments. Prayers of thanks for increasing recognition by their governments of the important role of the faith community in health. Case Study about the Work in Kenya

Two cases of polio have been reported in the Central African Republic, according to the World Health Organization. Pray for eradication of polio and for health workers delivering vaccines.  More
Contact  Kathy Erb to send your prayer points or for more information about these efforts or to contact the organizations mentioned.
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