June 26th, 2019
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-A TM
Welcome to our Respen-A newsletter, a way for us to share tips on how to maximize the benefits of the Respen-A , to feature upcoming events, and to introduce you to some of the people whose lives have been changed due to this Homeopathic Treatment! Please read on, and share...
Feature Article:

How to Cure Lyme Disease, etc.,
While Recovering Your Child From Autism

Elaine recognizes that parents who use Respen-A for their children are often dealing with multiple issues, eg; Autism, Lyme Disease, parasites, mold, etc. While MAO-A fixes much of what is wrong in the body, and in fact is the biggest detoxifier of the liver, many parents feel the need to add alternative therapies, most that inhibit MAO-A, which then negates the Respen-A .

My boys and I have recently treated successfully for clearing Lyme Disease, toxins, metals, and much more from our bodies, using the protocol of Dr. Nader Soliman of Rockville, MD. He (literally a genius) has developed complex homeopathy that is so successful that people travel from all over the world to treat with him, or train with him (including Western medicine MDs so they can help their own families get well).

Dr. Soliman tests on the spot, with 100% accuracy and instant results, using the VAS system- no need to send out for expensive blood work or wait weeks for results. VAS stands for Vascular Autonomic Signal. It's a form of energy testing where the practitioner feels for changes in the pulse. It was developed Dr. Nogier in France nearly a century ago.

Dr. Soliman's therapies (sprays or pellets) do NOT negate Respen-A . In fact, while virtually nothing in the United States compares to his complex homeopathy, Dr. Soliman was so impressed with Respen-A and its ability to protect the body extremely well from symptoms (layman's terms), that he has asked to use it in his practice. Congratulations Elaine!

Because this protocol does not interfere with the success of Respen-A , parents who want more and choose to use it will be able to successfully recover their children from Lyme, etc., quickly and cost effectively, while a the same time recovering their children from autism with the use of Respen-A .

I had Lyme disease for 48 years, and had given it to my babies in utero. I had spent $75,000 trying to clear it from my body, with no results. Treating locally in Montana with a practitioner who trained under Dr. Soliman, Lyme was gone in 8 months for me, 4 months for each of my boys. My personal cost was less than $1500. Boys were $900 and $1550 respectively. Incidentally, my son who has been on Respen-A for 10 years had NO metals to clear, while my youngest son and I did. This proves the validity of MAO-A, via Respen-A , of clearing metals from the body.

Following is a testimony from a lady in New Jersey that I recommended Dr. Soliman to. She took her 5 year old son (autism, Lyme, parasites, etc.) to see him:

From me: When the innate immune system returns to proper function, symptoms (immunopathy, or IP) may increase, but without this return to function, there cannot be cure.

Staci's experience with Dr. Soliman for her 5 year old son (mostly unedited):

Ok, so we’ve seen Dr. Soliman twice. First time he said Jack (my son) had many viruses affecting his brain, and Lyme, and that his immune system was a mess. Said we had to treat /strengthen immune system before we could even consider addressing Lyme. All sounded pretty darn accurate to me. So, $1500 later we were on our way.

The healing crisis (regressions) were horrible and sudden. Oddly, academically, he was immediately improved. In less than a week he was writing letters on lines. I didn’t even know until I got a letter in the mail “Dear Mommy, Thank You for packing my lunch. Love, Jack”. Oh, not a single tear there (I was bawling!). It’s a project they do in kindergarten to learn about mail. I was floored. And, yes, they help him sound out the letters and spell, but he was choosing what he wanted to say, and writing on his own (not tracing). Less than a week prior, it was extremely difficult to give him a blank sheet of paper and ask him to write one single letter anywhere on the page!

His efforts in school progressed. To my knowledge, he is now caught up to his peers in math. Still can’t read worth a lick, but teacher says he knows more sight words than I think he knows. She says he is very social. I believe that is also since protocol.

About a month in the health crisis started to subside. At 8 weeks I could breathe feeling like he was a pretty normal kid. The regressions were pretty much gone (that was freaking rough) and progression had begun. He was easy to talk to (so far as being able to tell that he certainly understood), and I noticed he was becoming lighter- kind of like the child I remembered. Smiling more. Starting to joke a little. Having small conversations. Sometimes telling me about events in his day. Thought processing was speeding up, which was far less frustration for both of us.

Well, then at 8 weeks, it was time to re-evaluate. I knew protocol would likely be changed, and it was. Previous protocol (15 items 3x/day) was decreased to 10 items 2x/day, with new protocol of the rest (other 5) plus 4 new at 3x/day. Hope that made sense.

We are now starting to work on the viruses and Lyme. Naturally that comes with some regression, but not nearly to the extent of the first time. He is mostly back to some nonsensical talk, wearing the same pajamas every single night, wanting the same clothes, things of that sort. Slower speech- just not so light and bright (if that makes sense) more back into his own world.

The funny thing about the regressive stages is that, with him, some things were like stages/phases prior to treatment. I was able to almost pinpoint the regression/unwinding of things, which actually made me feel a little better. You know, like o.k., we might actually come out on the other side of this. Like, difficulty getting out the door o.k.- that was in the beginning of pre-k4. Absolute meltdown over simple stuff- that was at about age 4.5, and lasted about 2 months...whew. Obsessed with same pajamas every night- that’s when he turned 3, then 5 (he'll be 6 in August).

During initial protocol, when the regression was really bad, I called the office for advice. Once I found out that I could give him anything supportive without disruption of protocol, that helped. We recently had a couple of meltdowns, and I was able to just add a little serotonin support until it subsided- great help. Jack had such amazing results in the first 8 weeks that I am expecting he will return to at least that state once Lyme treatment is finished.

Overall, I’m super happy and can’t thank you enough for the recommendation. Problem is, it’s expensive and I’m dying to start myself and my daughter. Intended to start myself in June, but I think my daughter may need to go first. She’s pretty NT- but who can be a little better?

Also, we do tablets/pellets instead of sprays because it was Jack's preference. We got two in spray to try, and he hated those (thankful we used up the sprays). I will say that I’ve discovered that the pellets last much, much longer than the sprays. Ours are $40 or $50 ea (whether spray or pellet) depending on what the product is. So even though our follow up visits (after initial) are only $80, with product the last visit was still about $450. And Dr. Soliman requires a biannual $400 visit after initial start up. Not sure what that is, but eventually I’ll find out, LOL.

My daughter (once I get my husband on board that she can benefit) should be a less costly start up as I don’t expect that she’ll need $700 in product, LOL. I likely will, given my MS /Lyme.

Super thanks!

I asked if Staci (1) would recommend Dr. Nader Soliman, and (2) if she felt the cost was prohibitive. Her responses:

1. Absolutely!
2. Does it really matter what it costs if it works?

Elaine and I hope this information helps many people, especially those who struggle with multiple issues. Dr. Soliman's website can be reached by clicking the link below. Offices of practitioners trained by him are located in NY, CO, MT, VA, FL, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Roseville, Australia. Please email us at info@respen-a.com for details, or call Dr. Soliman's office directly.

(Submitted by Kerri McCormick)

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Webinars Offered

Monday, August 26th, 2019 topic: What Are My Child's Symptoms Telling Me?

To help parents achieve maximum results with Respen-A , Elaine is hosting webinars on the last Monday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Invitations will be emailed on Wednesday mornings, with reminders to non-openers sent the following Sunday. Space is limited to the first 50 participants.

Because we have people worldwide and in many different time zones who are using Respen-A , webinars will be recorded and made accessible at the www.respen-a.com website.

New topics will be covered each month, with 30 minutes following topic available for questions/answers. We look forward to your joining us!
Meet Tybalt!

I want to share some information on how my son, Tybalt, is doing with the Respen-A . We are seeing goods gains. After the first three days of use, he began asking for the disc because it made his body feel better. He is also communicating and reading better, and has started doing self help skills like brushing his teeth and shaving by himself because he says he doesn't need my help with them now.

This is a list of what I have seen in Tybalt since starting Respen-A :

  • Verbal increase
  • Better reading
  • Body odor from sweat- this is new
  • Less intense verbal stimming
  • Started brushing his own teeth and shaving, and doesn’t want help with this any more. It’s as if puberty suddenly started with the Respen-A! "I don’t need your help any more", he says, even though he is not doing it perfectly since he only wants to brush the lower teeth
  • Less hunger in the afternoon
  • Less OCD
  • More energy in the morning, less in the afternoon. I started giving 5 HTP because he was stimming more in the afternoon. This seems to have helped, but he has been lying down a few times in the afternoon since then. (NOTE from Team Respen-A: 5-HTP produces serotonin, which produces melatonin...so he is sleepy)
  • When I wake him up in the morning I find that his sleeping is more relaxed. By that I mean his muscle tone is relaxed and he is sleeping deeply. He seems to have more energy because he gets up quickly after I wake him up (normally that could take half an hour and now it’s a question of minutes). He will then begin verbal stimming, as he always does, but about half an hour after putting on the Respen-A disc this becomes much less.
  • He is asking more personal questions. For example, the other day I told him I had finished reading two books. "What were the books about"? he asked with interest, and then listened while I explained the theme of the books.
  •  He has now asked me to make a privacy sign for his door so his son rise team can’t disturb him- that surely sounds like puberty! We made a sign with private in red and on the other side welcome in green. He now can turn the sign so we know if we are welcome or not!
Gaby Van den Berg.The Netherlands

  1. Is the seal on your microwave leaking radiation? Want to know how to determine if your microwave needs to be replaced? Simple: place your cell phone in the microwave. Call that cellphone from a different number. If the cell phone in the microwave rings, you need a new microwave! Otherwise, radiation is leaking into your home and can destroy the Respen-A if it is placed too close to the microwave.
  2. Elaine will begin shipping the calcium cream WITH a larger container. Use the larger jar to reconstitute and store your calcium cream within- just transfer the contents of the smaller jar into the larger one for ease of stirring. This should prevent loss of necessary liquid caused by reconstituting in the smaller jar. FYI, the smaller jar ships better- the larger one cracks when at colder temperatures.
  3. IF you are applying the cream to your child, WEAR NITRILE/RUBBER GLOVES so your child receives full benefit of calcium!
Feedback Corner

Hi, Just want to let you know that my daughter been really nice to be around! I was terrified to take her off the marijuana but now that we have she is improving! I'm very grateful!!
CJ, New York
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Question of the Month...From US to You!

Are you using gloves to apply the calcium cream to your child? IF you are applying the cream to your child, WEAR NITRILE/RUBBER GLOVES so that your child receives full benefit of calcium, otherwise you will see signs of calcium deficiency and the Respen-A will not be as viable!
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