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June 2019 Update
Always Family
Victoria and I entered the Family Promise family in December of 2018. The day I met with Allisa, I would have never thought I would ever consider them family.

     I suffered a nervous breakdown and lost everything. I ended up in another shelter, never experiencing homelessness before, my experience was horrifying. When I found Family Promise, I was reluctant to have an open mind, but I am glad I did. This became a safe haven for Victoria and me to rebuild our hearts and souls and faith in humanity. Along the way, we met amazing people who truly cared for us and wanted the best for us. Some we will never forget, we always had a safe place to go.

     As a mother, I felt like I failed, but with Family Promise’s help, I was able to give my daughter hope, strength, and a safe place to sleep with no worries. During our stay, I was able to get on the right medication for my mental health, go back to work full time and save to start our life again.

     In April of 2019, Victoria and I got the keys to our new home. As happy as we were, some sadness was with us as we were leaving Family Promise, the place we grew to love. Only being gone a couple of months, we have found out that we are still a part of this family. And today, I’m proud to say I had this experience, I regained faith in so much and couldn’t be happier. Allisa and Family Promise made our lives better.
Effects of Homelessness on Children
  • Almost 5% of students experienced homelessness at some point during 2016-2017 school year.
  • For every 17.7 students, 1 student has experienced homelessness.
  • Young people who experience homelessness engage in a wide variety of health risk behaviors at significantly higher rates than their housed peers.

Youth experiencing homelessness were:
  • 5.23 times more likely to miss school due to safety concerns
  • 5.03 times more likely to be victims of sexual dating violence
  • 5.88 times more likely to be victims of physical dating violence
  • 4.63 times more likely to misuse prescription pain medication
  • 3.21 times more likely to make a suicide plan
  • 7.19 times more likely to attempt suicide
Current Needs
The Day Center and our families are currently in need of:
  • Bottled water
  • Laundry supplies (detergent and fabric softener)
  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • General cleaning supplies
  • Antibacterial pump hand soap
  • Kleenex
Summer closet clean out!
As you are going through your clothes to start the summer...
Please remember to drop off your slightly used clothing at the Project Give Bin in front of our Day Center at 720 Shamrock Blvd.
Project Give gives back to it's nonprofit partners and we greatly appreciate them and you. Our most recent check from Project Give was over $1,200. Thank you!
58 families served: 104 children and 168 people total

Access Point - 15 families: 28 children and 41 people total
Emergency Shelter - 23 families: 36 children and 65 people total
Bridge Housing - 14 families: 21 children and 37 people total
Open Door - 6 families: 19 children and 25 people total
Dates to Remember
Volunteer Training: 7-9 -2019 at the Day Center, 4-5:30 PM - This training is for anyone who wants to volunteer with their congregation doing meals, hosting and overnights. All volunteers must go through training.  Please RSVP to Allisa at to ensure adequate space is available.   We currently are in need of more Office Angels for Day Center coverage. If you are interested, please email Allisa to set up for training.

Coordinator Meeting:  7-9-2019 at Christ United Methodist Church, 5:30-6:30 PM - This meeting is for Coordinators at the Host and Support Churches.
From the Director
When you factor in the high cost of housing, many families living on the economic edge are spending 75% to 90% of their income on housing and childcare. That leaves little for the rest of life's necessities. Many of these families have to chose daily between feeding their family and paying their rent. One crisis happens and this family is starving and homeless. That is why Family Promise is here and why so many people across the country support the Family Promise Programs.

Thank you for all you do and bless you all!
Jennifer Fagenbaum, Executive Director
941-497-9881 ext. 106
Special Thanks for funding support in 2019 for our programs to:
Christ United Methodist Church
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Epiphany Cathedral CCW
Evalyn Sadlier Jones Foundation
First Baptist Church
First Christian Church
Grace United Methodist Men's Club
Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Club
Kates Foundation
Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary
Plantation Community Foundation
Project Give
Quinn Charitable Foundation
St. David's Episcopal Church
Sarasota County
Trinity United Methodist Church
United Way of South Sarasota County
Venice Community Orchestra
Venice Golf & Country Club
Venice/Nokomis Rotary Club
Venice Presbyterian Church
Women's Fellowship VUCC
Women's Sertoma Club of Venice
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