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June 2020
Documentelligence™ Facial Recognition Cameras
Businesses continue to open up in Western New York
Copier Fax Business Technologies Launches Thermal Temperature Monitoring System

Copier Fax Business Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the Documentelligence™ Thermal Temperature Monitoring System.

The single-screen temperature & facial recognition display can prevent intruders and people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering your offices, schools, hospitals & public facilities. It combines a powerful thermal camera and industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera in one stand-alone system that is  100% hands-free .

Have your staff and visitors check in to your facility using the Documentelligence™ Thermal Facial Recognition System and make sure everyone meets compliance.

Several municipalities, including schools, town courts, nursing home facilities are already in the process of setting up these devices on their campuses, as they navigate through the operational changes because of COVID-19. 

Additionally, Copier Fax can offer multi-camera Thermal Temperature Monitoring Systems for businesses that may have larger gatherings of people. This may include food processing factories, sporting events, auditoriums, theaters and more. 

Attached are a few photos of the product. The person in the picture is Copier Fax Owner, EVP/CIO, David Scibetta. 

The camera lights up (and even sounds an alarm if the feature is turned on) when someone is not wearing a mask or has an elevated temperature. 

Green light means the person is clear to enter. 

Product Overview

Product Demo
Stay Connected
The way we live and work has changed drastically since the start of 2020. Businesses must now find a way to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers, while still operating “business as usual.”

The innovative products in the Documentelligence™ Workplace of the Future suite can help you do just that.

Here are just a few products from Workplace of the Future™, that will bring you Tomorrow’s Office Today!
Stay Connected is designed to help your entire company to work from home if needs be. 

Your program could be as simple as getting a multifunctional desktop printer in your home, or we could have your entire company connected through a secure network. We can also help you access all of your office files remotely, scan paper files to digitize them, and even help you send faxes right through your smartphone.
Here you will find solutions that will dramatically help with social distancing within your office. Having your employees feel safe while having the peace of mind knowing that you are taking the proper measures to ensure their safety could be key to your success for your transition back into the office.

From a digital receptionist to thermal cameras to check your visitors’ temperatures, we are here to be your partner in implementing the safety measures moving forward.
StayWell StayConnected Featured Products
Thermal Cameras
Thermal cameras let people see what their eyes can’t: invisible heat radiation emitted from potentially ill personnel.

These stand-off thermal imaging capabilities provide significant advantages over hand-held thermometers because there’s a safe distance between the operators and subjects and they require less manpower.
Telepresence Robot

The Documentelligence™ Telepresence Robot is a self-driving, two-wheeled videoconferencing robot that revolutionizes the way you work or learn remotely.

It enables telecommuters, doctors, remote workers, and students to feel more connected to their colleagues and patients by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person. Driving your own robot means you are free to roam around the office, visit patients, attend meetings, monitor work sites, or go to class from anywhere in the world.
The Receptionist

It is now crucial for workplaces to limit unnecessary person-to-person contact and potential transmission incidents. Many are looking to alter the way they check-in, track, and collect information in order to protect visitors and employees from potential exposure.

The Receptionist is the most versatile, effective, and easy-to-use Visitor Management System available. Whether you have a few employees or a large staff, this logging system can manage your visitor flow, track visitors, print badges, and more.

ALICE Receptionist addresses social distancing related visitor policies at different points in the visitor management process.

Taking The Receptionist to the next level, ALICE greets and interacts with visitors when they enter your lobby, plus she encompasses the visitor management system as well. 

ALICE uses a touch screen and live video technology to directly connect visitors with your employees, greeting them and notifying staff when a visitor enters your office space. ALICE ensures you’re providing a consistent customer service experience for guests and improved security for your office while saving you money.

The Teem app does so much more than conference room digital signage — it can change the way your staff uses your office space.

Teem is a meeting management system that helps connect people to the right meetings, the correct room, and resources while keeping meetings on track. Beyond this, Teem generates analytical data and provides recommendations for improving your company’s meeting behavior. This can be used for any type of room – including conference rooms, study areas, mother rooms, desks spaces, and more.
Healthy Tips for the Office
While many people will be working from home throughout the next few weeks, there are also still plenty of operations that will continue in-office. It's important to keep your surroundings as clean as possible - but we also think it is important to avoid damaging your equipment.

The above graphic will show you ways to safely disinfect and clean your machine.

Here are some additional tips to stay healthy at the office:

1 - Use a stylus pen instead of your fingers on shared devices.

2 - Sanitize your work stations. The keyboard, mouse and phone are the prime areas that collect bacteria. All surfaces should be wiped.

3 - Stay in your work space.

4 - Do not use your coworkers' supplies - including pens, notepads, phones, or work space.

5 - If you are showing any signs or symptoms of illness - stay home!

6 - Wash your hands.