American Bald Eagle Foundation
June 2020
The ABEF-at-home Series
This time last year, the first cruise ships of the season were docking in Haines. In 2020, COVID-19 will keep many of our guests from visiting the Foundation. The ABEF-at-home series has become a way for the staff to continue educating and interacting with our supporters while we practice social distancing. Curator of Collections, Katie Dickerson, has been creating and regularly sharing content giving a closer look at specimens in the museum and ambassadors in the raptor center.

The staff has been excited to get involved with making this series. Presenting to a camera instead of a physical audience has required a significant learning curve, but we are all adapting and having fun with it. If you have missed out, the entire collection is now here on our website.
Facility Focus
With no cruise ship guests arriving in Haines this summer, the ABEF has a unique opportunity to focus on facility projects. This year will be spent solidifying important foundational behaviors with ambassadors and preparing the museum and raptor center for next year with new content and more beautiful spaces.

One large-scale project currently in progress is the redesign and installation of interpretation in the museum’s diorama room. The project, which includes updating information, creating new signs, and installing protective panels, was made possible by two grants, one from the Rasmuson Foundation through Museums Alaska and the other from the Alaska State Museum. Both grants were written by Curator of Collections, Katie Dickerson. In the raptor center, staff is hard at work developing an exciting new bird program and improving our show space. Although we are sad not to share our space with many guests this year, the work we do will have us back bigger and better next year.
New Doors
Museum specimens, especially taxidermy wildlife mounts, are sensitive to dust, oils, and other materials which can cause deterioration over time. To slow that process and protect the collection, the ABEF has had three new sets of doors installed in the natural history museum this month. These new doors will more securely section off the museum to better protect the specimens.

Curator of Collections, Katie Dickerson, has been working to create a functional and well-maintained museum collection. With these new doors in the museum entrance, emergency exit, and front of the facility, less outside material can enter the museum. The specimens are now safer from the elements and pests. This project was made possible through a grant written by the executive director, Cheryl McRoberts, from the Rasmuson Foundation and installed by Perseverance Glass Company and Carlos Jimenez.
Species Spotlight: Hermit Thrush
( Catharus guttatus )
The hermit thrush is a small songbird who can be found in much of the North America. They spend most of their time in low to mid-story brush but can be seen in high perches as well, especially during the breeding season. The hermit thrush has a two-toned descending song that is made by simultaneously emitting two different notes at once.

This species feeds primarily on insects foraged on the forest floor. They have developed a special technique called “worming” which involves quickly tapping their feet on the ground to stir up insects and worms in the soil to eat. To learn more about the hermit thrush, visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website in the link provided!
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