JUNE - 2020
Our goal is to rescue stray dogs of any breed off the streets of Detroit that are injured, sick or that are in imminent danger and need immediate medical attention.

4 th of July Fireworks
I am the owner of four wonderful dogs, one of which suffers from severe anxiety. My sweet boy Tank is usually a nervous wreck when it comes to loud noises going boom in the night. Throughout the 8 years that he has been a part of our family we have learned a few tips about how to keep him calm and safe during the 4 th of July festivities and especially during the fireworks.
The 4 th of July festivities may be an enjoyable celebration for some humans but for our beloved pets the fireworks can be a nightmare. Pets don’t understand what all the booming and commotion is about and for some dogs this can actually be terrifying. In our experience, we know that more dogs get lost during the 4 th of July holiday than any other holiday. In general our call volume for lost dogs normally doubles and sometimes even triples on this highly celebrated holiday.
We urge everyone to prepare before the holiday so that your pets can have a safe and comfortable place to spend the 4 th . Some great preparation tips is to make sure that all your pets have on a collar with tags and are microchipped with current and up-to-date information so that if they do escape they have a better chance of making it home. Also, checking all of your fences and gates is important as letting your dogs out in early evening prior to the fireworks is also helpful. Please don’t allow your pets to go out of the house unattended during this time. 
It’s important for dogs that have pre-existing anxiety issues to see a veterinarian prior to this holiday. There are anti-anxiety medications available that may be able to help your anxious pet. 
During the 4 th of July festivities please keep your pets safe indoors. It can be helpful to turn up the TV or a radio to drown out the sound of the fireworks. If you do have to take your pet outside for a potty break please keep them on a leash so that they are under your control. It only takes a second for a firework to go off, startle your dog and cause them to jump a fence or to escape.
A few moments of preparation can prevent days or even years of unnecessary heartache. We love our pets so be proactive in protecting their well being. Remember their life depends on you.
Have a safe 4 th of July.
  Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director, Detroit Pit Crew
Here are a few of our June rescues
roaming streets looking for food
succumbed due to Leptospirosis
found laying by a building extremely dehydrated
fighting against Parvo disease
found emaciated and running from a bigger cat
needed medical care to remove very large mass
fell out of a tree extremely dehydrated with 105 temperature
running streets with an aggressive form of mouth cancer
found roaming on 8 Mile very skinny and overheated
Sprout dumped in empty lot...look at him now!
Sprout was rescued in April by some kindhearted Detroit Police Officers, which spotted him laying in an empty field all by himself and called us to help. We immediately rushed him to veterinarian hospital where doctors said he had a severe case of mange with a significant secondary skin infection.
Now after several months of treatment Sprout is doing amazing. Special thank you to Sprouts foster, Justin, for taking such good care of him during his healing process. Within weeks his beautiful blue hair started coming in. He was adopted by Dr. Elizabeth Carr, MSU Professor & Veterinarian.
Planning Ahead for a Fun Fourth

Who is excited for the Fourth of July weekend?! I know it is time for barbeques and fireworks. Fireworks for me meant a 70 lb. lab shaking and piled on top of me despite being a laid back pup usually. Our fur kids are not especially fond of the booms and bright lights. Some fur friends may respond in an unexpected manner such as hiding, barking, panting, pacing or even bolting. Even if past events have gone smoothly they can learn to develop these anxiety-related behaviors. In order to make everyone’s festivities go as pleasant as possible let’s plan ahead.

If your furkid already has anxiety issues please reach out to your primary care vet as there are many options to help ease some of their fears. Other tips may include finding a safe oasis in the house with plenty of yummy treats and fun toys. There are pheromones such as Adaptil which may help. White noise is also a great option for blocking out some of the booms. Please plan that chat as soon as possible with your vet as there are many options to make the holiday season more fun for you and your fur kid.

Kayla Stomack, DVM
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