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June 2020
LUS US Newsletter
The Online Newsletter of PALCUS
In this issue......  

  • FYI Webinar: How to Organize a Voter Registration Event
  • FYI Webinar: How to Organize a Candidates' Night Debate
  • PALCUS National Scholarship Applications STILL OPEN!
  • #SupportPortugueseBusiness Campaign
  • #PortugueseHeroes Campaign
  • #SupportOurElders Campaign
  • Portuguese Activity Book
  • PALCUS Make Portuguese Count™ Campaign UPDATE 
  • PALCUS Director Laurinda Clemente nominated to the Conselho Consultivo for the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in Washington D.C.
  • PALCUS Member Spotlight: Maria Lawton nominated for an Emmy Award
  • PALCUS Member Spotlight: Senator Michael Rodrigues recipient of the 2020 Above and Beyond for Children Award
  • PALCUS Member Spotlight: Zachery Ramos recipient of 2020 Faces of Change Award
Embassy Row
  • Embassy of Portugal in Washington DC: 
  • Embaixada dos EUA em Portugal: 
Gateway Featured Business
  •  Balboa Travel
Community News:
  • A fitting tribute
  • Maestro Português, Filipe Cunha, luta por um lugar na final de Concurso Mundial
  • National TV appearance gives Sacramento baker a launchpad for Portuguese dishes
  • Exposição comemorativa dos 75 anos de Álamo Oliveira, intitulada "O Meu Coração é Assim"
FYI Webinar: How to Organize a Voter Registration Event 

Friday, July 10, 2020 at 12 PM - 1 PM

Join us as our guest, Jim McGlinchey from the Portuguese American Citizenship Project, provides an overview of how anyone in our community can organize a voter registration event. Voting is more important now than ever before, and we need to make sure that our Portuguese voices are heard!

FYI Webinar: How to Organize a Candidates' Night Debate

Friday, July 17, 2020 at 12 PM - 1 PM

Join us to find out how anyone in the community can set up a candidates' night event.

PALCUS National Scholarship Applications STILL  OPEN!

PALCUS is pleased to announce that the 2020 application cycle for the PALCUS National Scholarships is now open.

The program was established by the Rosa Family in 2012 and is maintained by donations by Marc F. Rosa with matching funds from Merrill Lynch and other donors.  This year the Alexandre António DaCosta Simões Memorial Scholarship was also added.

To be eligible, students must be a  current college undergraduate (at least freshman) or graduate student in an approved program of study. For more about eligibility and procedures, please visit: 

#SupportPortugueseBusiness Campaign

Restaurants selling takeout or gift certificates?
Online stores selling merchandise or gift certificates?
Artists selling prints or artwork online?
Musicians holding livestream concerts?
Any Portuguese business that is open and selling a product or service during this time of lockdown, please email your details to us at and we will share with our nationwide community! We have to help each other get through this, and we WILL get through this!  #SupportPortugueseBusiness

#PortugueseHeroes Campaign

PALCUS recognizes all Portuguese Americans working on the front lines, in many different essential service roles. We can't do this without you! Thank you! Obrigado! You are our #PortugueseHeroes !
If you know a #PortugueseHero send us a private message or email


We have partnered with several Portuguese-American organizations who are already doing amazing work to help our elders, and we want to support these efforts. Below are several ways you can help, including:
  • Sending cards and messages of support
  • Sponsoring a meal (or meals) for the elderly
  • Donating a device to enable video chats
  • Delivering activity sheets to the elderly
Join us and help support these organizations who are supporting our elders !! 


Portuguese Activity Book

PALCUS has designed an activity book for children and seniors. It's packed with word searches, coloring and other activities all centered around Portugal! This is the perfect way to have kids and seniors alike keep busy while celebrating their Portuguese Pride!
It's available for purchase on Amazon and shipping is free when you purchase 2 or more books! 

Portuguese Activity Book
Portuguese Activity Book

Make Portuguese Count™ 
in the 2020 U.S. Census

U.S. Census has started and continues 
in spite of the  COVID-19 Virus precautions.
Self-response is easy with NO contact!
90,900,000 Households have responded so far!
Have you completed yours yet?

You can answer the 2020 Census in 3 ways:

1. ONLINE at
2. BY PHONE: TOLL Free from 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. / 7 days a week
844-330-2020 (In English)
844-474-2020 (Em Português)
3. BY MAIL: Using the paper form received in the mail. No stamp needed.

All forms of self-response will be accepted until October 31, 2020.  however if you do not respond soon, a Census Taker will come to your residence to interview you in person.  
Official Census Takers have photo IDs.

 Be sure to write or say "Portuguese" under the Race/Origin Question!

Did you respond to the 2020 Census but did not
write "Portuguese" for your origins?

No worries! You get a "Do Over!"
Follow these directions:

  • Go to:
  • Select: "I do not have a code" option.
  • Complete the ENTIRE form again for EVERYONE in your household.
  • Remember to write "Portuguese" this time under any race(s) you select.
Visit  for more information.
U.S. Census Bureau Includes
Dia de Portugal in "Stats for Stories"

PALCUS Make Portuguese Count™   is proud to announce that we have secured inclusion of the  NATIONAL DAY OF PORTUGAL celebration in the  U.S. Census "Stats for Stories" bulletin.  

As part of our initiative to Make Portuguese Count™ in the 2020 Census, PALCUS has been working with the Center for New Media & Promotion of the U.S. Census Bureau, to ensure that the holiday, Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas is featured for the first time in its online publication "Stats for Stories"

"Stats for Stories" is published online several times per week providing links to timely story lines highlighting the Census Bureau's newsworthy statistics that relate to current events, observances, holidays and anniversaries. Many ethnic groups and their holidays are featured in these stories in addition to special observances such as Multiracial Heritage Week and National Dairy Month.

"As National Census Director of the Make Portuguese Count campaign, I regularly receive the Stats for Stories emails and was struck by how many ethnic groups are featured. It bothered me that Portuguese holidays were never mentioned," said Marie Fraley, PALCUS National Census Director. "Because of our strong working relationship with the Bureau's NY Regional Director, Jeff Behler, we were able to be heard about including an item to recognize Dia de Portugal in time for June 10th!"

"This is a great accomplishment for our community, and a big step towards establishing a national holiday recognizing Portugal Day in the United States," said Angela Costa Simoes, PALCUS Chair of the Board of Directors. "We thank Jeff Behler, NY Regional Census Director and the U.S. Census Bureau for hearing our plea and giving our community the attention we deserve."

Parents and teachers!  #MakePortugueseCount Coloring Activity!

Here's a fun activity to educate kids about the 2020 Census and participate, too.   Just download the graphic, print, color, scan and send to with name, state and grade. We'll post to our Make Portuguese Count Facebook page.

For Youngsters
For Older Kids
Download HERE

Portuguese Translation: Silvia Oliveira, Ph.D., 
Make Portuguese Count™ is made possible by the generous support of:

PALCUS Director Laurinda Clemente nominated to the Conselho Consultivo for the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in Washington D.C..

PALCUS proudly announces that Board Member Laurinda Clemente (Director, VA) has been nominated to the Conselho Consultivo for the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in Washington D.C.. We congratulate Laurinda and wish her well in her new role as a liaison between the Embassy and the community.

Ms. Clemente joins 4 other PALCUS Board members who also serve on the Conselhos Consultivos in their respective consular areas:
Angela Costa Simoes 
Consulado Geral de Portugal em São Francisco
Marie Ray Fraley 
Consulado Consulado-Geral de Portugal em Boston
Katherine Soares 
Consulado Geral de Portugal em Newark

Diniz Borges (also serving as Honorary Consul in Tulare, CA) 
Consulado Geral de Portugal in San Francisco
As part of our mission, PALCUS continually strives to give the national Portuguese-American Community a voice that can be heard by all  government entities and representatives that serve them, and that includes the Embassy and consular network. The service of our Board members on various Conselhos Consultivos around the country is yet another way that we serve our community, providing a valuable link between the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Portuguese-American community across the United States.
PALCUS Member Spotlight: Maria Lawton nominated for an Emmy Award

PALCUS Member Maria Lawton, of "Maria's Portuguese Table" has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Program Host, by the National Academy of Television Arts & Science, Boston New England Chapter.

The Remote Awards Ceremony will take place on June13th.

Congratulations Maria!!

PALCUS Member Spotlight: 
Senator Michael Rodrigues recipient of 2020 Above and Beyond for Children Award

The CAC Virtual Spring Spectacular takes place on Thursday June 25th from 7PM-8PM . There will be entertainment, live and silent auction, a survivor speaker, raffles, and much more.
Click here to register for the event: 

Congratulations Senator Michael Rodrigues!!

PALCUS Member Spotlight:  Zachery Ramos recipient of 2020 Faces of Change Award

PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center recently recognized Zachery Ramos for his contributions to addressing and preventing bullying at the 6th Annual Unity Awards.
Zachery received the 2020 Faces of Change Award, which recognizes individuals or groups making a difference in Minnesota, where PACER's NBPC headquarters is located, and in California, where PACER also maintains an office.
Zachery received this award for the amazing work he has done through founding the Central Valley Traveling Library. He created the traveling library to spread the love for literacy and kindness around the Valley.
He has given out over 10,000 books since creating it his senior year of high school back in 2017. Along with the traveling library, Zachery also mentors youth in his community, educating them on the importance of volunteering and the importance of everyone doing their part to help make the world a better place.
"We are honored to have the opportunity to recognize inspiring students, educators, and community members," said Julie Hertzog, NBPC Director.
"The Unity Awards celebrate Zachery Ramos and other honorees for their outstanding contributions in addressing and preventing bullying in their communities. Zachery has shown great leadership in creating a kinder, more inclusive, and more accepting world." 

Congratulations Zachery!!



É com muito particular satisfação que se informa que foi decidido retomar o atendimento presencial, por marcação, em toda a rede consular de Portugal, nos Estados Unidos da América, a partir do próximo dia 8 de junho.
Continuam, no entanto, a impor-se medidas de prevenção e mitigação da Covid-19, em consonância com as decisões adotadas pelas autoridades norte-americanas federais, estaduais e locais.

Assim, o atendimento ao público obedecerá às seguintes regras:
- apenas serão atendidos utentes com agendamento prévio (sem walk-ins), exceto onde tal se não afigure tecnicamente possível;
- todos os utentes e acompanhantes deverão usar máscara;
- os utentes deverão seguir escrupulosamente as indicações do pessoal dos postos consulares, nomeadamente as relativas ao cumprimento das regras de distanciamento social.

A prioridade no atendimento será concedida às marcações que foram canceladas, em virtude da pandemia.
A retoma do atendimento ao público abrange os Consulados-Gerais de Nova Iorque, Boston, São Francisco e Newark, o Consulado de New Bedford, o Vice-Consulado de Providence, a Secção Consular da Embaixada em Washington e, ainda, o Consulado Honorário de Connecticut.

No caso da Flórida, foi decidido reforçar a presença junto da comunidade, no conjunto do Estado, através de um regime de presenças consulares, regulares e alternadas, entre Palm Coast e Miami. O novo regime entrará em vigor logo que tenha sido possível assegurar a transferência do equipamento e acervo do Estado, presentemente nas instalações do antigo Consulado Honorário de Palm Coast. As presenças consulares em Miami manter-se-ão, mesmo após a reativação do Consulado Honorário de Palm Coast.

O Embaixador de Portugal e os titulares dos Postos Consulares aproveitam esta oportunidade para agradecer a compreensão, civismo e sentido de responsabilidade que caraterizaram a atitude dos utentes, e da comunidade portuguesa e luso-americana, em geral, lamentando, mais uma vez, os contratempos que a suspensão temporária do atendimento a que nos vimos obrigados inevitavelmente causou.

Message on the Occasion of Portugal's National Day


On behalf of the U.S. government and the American people, I extend my congratulations to the people of Portugal and  Portuguese communities everywhere, as you celebrate the Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities.  Even as this year's celebrations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans stand in solidarity with Portugal.

As long-standing friends, partners, and Transatlantic Allies, the United States and Portugal share a commitment to democracy and the rule of law, respect for human dignity, and defense of free and fair trade.  I was honored to visit Portugal last year, where I expressed our appreciation for Portugal's unwavering support for the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people and your contributions to regional security missions around the world, including in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, and the Western Balkans.  The Azores occupy a special place in our relationship, both in the heritage of many Portuguese-Americans and in the vital defense cooperation that takes place every day at Lajes Field.

As we face these challenging times together, we admire your Government's careful handling of the pandemic, and the commitment to individual and communal responsibility shown by the Portuguese people.  We are proud to count the Portuguese among our Transatlantic Allies, facing global challenges side by side.  I am confident that our nations' common security, prosperity, and friendship will only continue to grow.
Balboa Travel

Balboa Travel ranks in the top 1 percent of all travel agencies nationwide. Founded in San Diego in 1969, brother and sister Jose (Joe) da Rosa and Mary Alice Gonsalves, whose parents immigrated from Portugal, took over the small agency in 1971 and built it into a nationally recognized company held in high regard by customers and its peers in the travel industry.

Balboa Travel is located at 5414 Oberlin Dr, Ste 300
San Diego, CA 92121 with two other locations in San Francisco and Austin.

To learn more about Balboa Travel,  visit their website or Facebook .
To look for more Portuguese businesses and organizations throughout the US (or add your own), please visit the Gateway  online.
A Fitting Tribute!

On Tuesday, June 9,  the Portuguese Parliament voted unanimously to induct Aristides de Sousa Mendes into the National Pantheon. This is an honor befitting the 80th anniversary of Sousa Mendes' rescue action in June of 1940. It is  a posthumous victory for Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who died penniless and forgotten in 1954 after having been persecuted and ruined by his government. Today Portugal can hold its head high, as can we all.

Maestro Português, Filipe Cunha, luta por um lugar na final de Concurso Mundial

- votação decorre on-line em

Foi com a 'Sinfonia n.º 1 de Beethoven que o maestro Filipe Cunha, que dirige a Orquestra Filarmónica de Braga, se apurou no Concurso World Music Competition, tendo sido seleccionado entre milhares de candidatos de todo o mundo e por um júri formado por distintas personalidades da música clássica, maestros e solistas oriundos de vários países com tradição diversa na música, como Rússia, Alemanha, França e Espanha. Para prosseguir no concurso, o maestro precisa agora do apoio do público e a votação decorre on-line até ao próximo dia 30.

National TV appearance gives Sacramento baker a launchpad for Portuguese dishes

When Jeremiah Bakes found out about "The Great American Baking Show," he thought, "Let's do it. Let's apply. Let's have some fun."

Duarte Bills would ultimately make it to the final four before a bad meringue day sent him home in the sixth episode. But the show gave him some traction for the one thing he wanted do: share his love of Portuguese baking with the world.

He's carved out a niche as a food personality, an ambassador of Portuguese cuisine. It's a multimedia endeavor, and Duarte Bills does speaking engagements, leads pastry tours to Portugal and will soon be offering online baking classes.

Exposição comemorativa dos 75 anos de Álamo Oliveira, intitulada "O Meu Coração é Assim".

A Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional Luís da Silva Ribeiro, em Angra do Heroísmo, ilha Terceira, terá patente, entre o dia 10 de julho e 5 de novembro de 2020, uma exposição comemorativa dos 75 anos de Álamo Oliveira, intitulada "O Meu Coração é Assim".
Apesar de os documentos e fotografias figurarem fisicamente na Biblioteca, a mostra terá a sua atividade centrada, sobretudo, através de plataformas online, sendo que grande parte do programa previsto será transmitido através da página no Facebook em

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Jobs for Portuguese Speakers
Jobs for Portuguese Speakers

If you want to put your Portuguese language skills to use in your next job, there are many opportunities out there! Visit the  Jobs for Portuguese Speakers Facebook page to see some job openings.

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