June 2020
  Hingham Congregational Church, UCC
366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

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Christian Education
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Message from the Senior Pastor
Seize the Day

For more than a week now, we've seen protests across the United States and the world, venting frustration about police brutality and expressing a passionate desire for racial justice and positive change. We have seen both peaceful marches and violent clashes. We've seen a lack of leadership and we've seen inspiring gestures of support from people in power. 
We've also felt a sense of powerlessness. We've been here before. Something awful happens and people gather to express their outrage and hope, Proposals are made and some are implemented. And then... It happens all over again.
What might make things different this time? How might we seize the day and push for real, meaningful, lasting change? How can we say and show with all of our hearts that Black lives matter?!
I believe that police brutality has continued all these years because we - you, me, and all of us across the nation - have tolerated it. That has to end now. But how?
The protest marches will fade at some point, but then the next phase must begin. Let's grasp this moment and get to work - in our church, in our community, in nearby cities. Let's scour the internet for organizations we can support with money, letter writing, phone calling, organizing, etc. And the next time we sense a difficult conversation about race beginning to happen with a family member or friend, let's take a deep breath and wade into it. Most of us are reluctant to enter into conflict with people we care about, but this is the time when respectful conflict can be truly productive. Jesus did it all the time. 
This moment is full of possibility. Let's not let it pass!


Christian Education                                            June 2020
Dear family and friends,
As June has come at us from nowhere and we all continue to lament this strange transitional situation and collective loss of normalcy, we might still find the Holy Spirit moving in the summer breeze. This time physically apart has been odd and confusing. We have each done our best and we are hoping for slow restoration.
At the same time, we find ourselves in turmoil with regard to racial tension. We might feel confused in many regards though we understand our faith to be that which uplifts those who are vulnerable. We remember Jesus with the woman at the well, the story of the good Samaritan and so many other pieces of scripture. So, as we are called to care for neighbor and do justice in the age of 'stay at home,' what are we to do? I believe that for each of us the answer will be different. As I consider what feels right for myself in this age of 'stay at home' advocacy, I want to point you to Southern New England Conference resources with regard to racial justice: https://www.sneucc.org/newsdetail/responding-to-the-scourge-of-racism-14010768
Pete and I continue to pray for all of you. We hope you feel this love and care as you work to cope as we all are. Please continue to know we are here for you and do reach out should you need specific prayers or support.
As you read through the church calendar, you might notice that in the month of June I have added an online virtual opportunity to connect: in June there will be a few Saturdays on which I will read some Shel Silverstein to young children on Saturday mornings. This will be a time to step away from cartoons if families or children want! This will be geared to younger children, but any age may join. If you are an adult like me then you just love Shel Silverstein!
Speaking of exclamation marks, June is still Pride month (even in virtual land). Reach out to   
LGBTQ people you know and let them know you care about them should you feel moved. Contribute to an organization if you are able or do a little research. There is a lot that can be done from one's living room or home.
As the Board of Christian Education and I work with the "Back to the Building" Task Force, please know that we will be taking the utmost care in thinking of ways to keep all ages of children and youth as low risk as humanly possible.
The month of June will bring some sort of virtual panel discussion led by myself and other religious leaders on Boston's South Shore. The details of this service will be thought out this week and we will update you as soon as we are able. The theme of that gathering will be hope and we encourage people to join as they so desire.
If you, yourself or your family is in financial need, please let us know.
The prayers Pete and I have been offering on Monday, Wednesday and Friday have continued to be well received and we do encourage you to consider attending a meeting.
I hope you will let me know if you'd like to connect via phone, facetime or zoom. I am happy to set up meetings during this trying time. I will be taking vacation time between June 19th-June 26th.
Sending peace,
Rev. Sara
A message from our Moderator:  

I keep hearing the term "uncertain times," but after last weeks' Annual Meeting, I was reassured, times at HCC remain certain. The nominating team was thrilled to have so many people, experienced and new members, to step up as leaders in the church. We pulled off the first virtual Annual Meeting, albeit not without a few glitches, but everyone joined together and made it work. And I am not surprised. This has always been my experience at HCC. There is a certainty about the members of the church, why we are there, and how we care for one another.
The pandemic and murder of George Floyd make it hard to feel certain about anything right now. I find peace in the certainty that we will keep conversations alive regarding how we proceed as a congregation. I am certain that there are people who are willing to ask the hard questions, and people willing to listen. It is certain we will emerge wiser, with a greater sense of compassion, and more resigned to learn what we can do to contribute to the advancement of humanity. Love will overcome uncertainty; in this I am certain.
This is a picture of the candle I held at the vigil in Hingham on Tuesday. It was amazing because it burned through the whole vigil and my almost one-mile walk home. It did not falter from the breeze or passing rain spatter! 

HCC Virtual Coffee Hour Sundays at 11:00 am
via Zoom: 
Meeting ID: 766 2077 7565     Password: HCC  
Ladies Lounge

Time: Jun 10, 2020 7:30 PM  
Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 932 9627 5276      Password: 112799  

Calling All Graduates!
We would like to celebrate the accomplishments of all of our graduates on Sunday, June 14th. If you or someone in your household has recently graduated from high school, college, grad school, or a certificate program of any kind, please send all relevant info (name, degree, school, future plans, etc.) to Susanne in the church office at churchoffice@hccucc.com Congratulations!

Within the Shelter of GUILD Consignment Center
Consignment Center Completes 2019-2020 Season
As June arrives, the Consignment Center marks the end of yet another season.
Though unprecedented, this year has not been without its rewards.
Four days after beginning the spring season, we found it necessary to temporarily close our doors due to the then emerging pandemic. Fortunately, we had only a week earlier liquidated all our winter merchandise, delivered donations to charities, and cleaned the shop. Consignors and customers were immediately notified of this unforeseen necessity,
and have appreciated our concern for their safety.
This month, any individuals who had consigned during March 10-14 were personally contacted and given opportunity to have their property returned on June 8; these consignors were also provided an option of letting their items remain in the shop and receive a full six-week sales period when we are able to resume in the fall.
Our volunteers have been able to stay connected and updated via group email as they wisely shelter. Some volunteers have been able to use time at home to sew a new supply of REFILL fabric tote bags (all made from on-hand remnants and repurposed materials) to have on hand for the next business year. During the summer weeks, the smaller, leftover pieces of fabrics may be made into masks for use at Pine Street Inn.
We are hoping to begin a new season on September 8, but know that this will depend on updated mandated health and business guidelines as well as the pending HCC policies and practices to be determined. We are more than eager to work together again, refuel our website and media outlets, and nurture our established community network.
Hingham Pride Project Celebrates Pride Month in Hingham!

June is just around the corner, and with that comes Pride Month! The Hingham Pride Project is a local volunteer-led organization that aims to increase LGBTQ+ visibilit y in Hingham and raise funds for organizations that provide community programs and activities for LGBTQ+ youth. Our dream is to see Hingham awash in Pride flags for the month of June and in doing so, show that Hingham is a place of acceptance, inclusion and love.
As an Open and Affirming Church, a group of HCCers march in the Pride parade in Boston each year - a very inspiring event! Since we can't march this year, we invite you to join in the flag project. To learn more about the project, or to request a free flag or window cling to borrow please visit our website: https://www.hinghamprideproject.com/  
Amy Ricketts 

The Historian's Report was not included in the Annual Report as it should have been.  Please see below:                        
                       Report of the Church Historian
Our church was organized in 1847 by a group that decided to separate from the Unitarian First Parish.  Called Evangelical Congregational Church, the members purchased land on Main Street from Fearing Loring. Fifty-three people pledged $273 dollars toward the 1848 expenses of the church. In 1849 the church building was dedicated.  
The history of Hingham Congregational Church is well documented. Annual Reports from 1970 to the present are accessible in hard copy and digital versions. Any question about previous church actions can usually be answered by the Church Historian. Photos of the exterior and interior of the church are also available. Last year historic photos of HCC were provided to the Hingham Historical Society for a project on House of Worship. 
The historic archives are maintained in the church office.  Anyone is welcome to review the collection by contacting the Church Historian.  Below are excerpts from two Annual Reports. Read these word along with the 2020 Annual Report and you'll see that Hingham Congregational Church, at its core, remains true to the service of God, our community and our members.
Julianne Mehegan
Church Historian

Moderator's Report 2000 Annual Meeting
I think God has visited our sanctuary over the past few months to inspect His new home. I've heard Him some Sunday mornings. Haven't you? I hope God was saying "It's good!" And God was with our work campers last summer, and gave strength to the Good Friday walkers this spring. She was in Craigville last summer. On the summit of Mt. Osceola last fall.  During our church meetings, wasn't there guidance from above? When we were told maybe we couldn't afford it, didn't faith intervene? Yes, many participated this past year at Hingham Congregational Church. 
Moderator's Report 2010 Annual Meeting
Due to the above examples of indefatigable energy of our leadership, Boards and Committees, staff and volunteers, I am enthusiastic about our future growth opportunities in our church's course, faith and continued fellowship. Thank you all for making a difference in our church.

The Hingham Food Pantry...

...has increased their receiving and distributing donation hours.
They have seen a 20% increase in requests for assistance within the last month and expect there will be an even greater demand as we go forward.  They are here for anyone in our community who may need help now or in the future.  
Distribution hours:   Tuesdays, June 2nd, 16th, and 30th
                           Collections are:  Mondays, June 1st, 15th, 29th 2:30 pm to 4 pm
                                                               W ednesdays, June 3rd and 17th from 12:30 to 2 p.m.
Our list of needs at the present time are:
Canned spaghetti,  Canned fruit, Grape or strawberry jelly, Healthy cereals
Peanut butter or cheese cracker sandwiches, Granola bars, White rice, Beans and canned stews 
If some of your congregants are not leaving the house and want to donate,  Instacart.com is a great way to order donations online.  Items can be sent to Brooke Bartletta (note the "t" in Bartletta), 52 Fearing Road, Hingham, MA 02043.
Monetary donations are also always welcome.  Checks may be made out and mailed to:  Hingham Food Pantry, 685 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043 or Venmo @Brooke-Bartletta (note the "t" in Bartletta) with a note of Hingham Food Pantry in the "What's It For" section.  Brooke will provide Hingham Food Pantry with a check.
As always, we are so appreciative of all you do.
Take good care,
Joanne Morrissey


          New urgent donations needed for victims in the Shelter:           

DOVE continues to do amazing work during the COVID crisis and the Director shared a unique request.
DOVE moved their shelter residents out to individual motel rooms so that they could be socially distant for health reasons AND they have more residents than ever due to the increase in domestic violence brought on by the stay-at-home restrictions.  The women and their children don't have the usual access to toys, arts materials and snacks and beverages that they have in the Shelter. Here is a list of items that they are requesting donations from the public:
     Donations can be mailed or shipped to:
          159 Thomas Burgin Pkwy, 3rd fl
          Quincy, MA  02169
Or monetary donations can be made at:    https://dovema.ejoinme.org/donations
Thank you,
Lynne Powell-Pinto
For more information on Dove and what they are going through now, please see:
The Hingham Transfer Station is again accepting DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS in its special bins at the bottom of the stairs. The $$$ from these items supports various town youth activities (including HCC youth programming) so please make the extra bit of effort to separate your DEPOSIT containers from the rest of your plastic and metal ones. (No sports drink or water bottles, please.)  

Attention Seniors of Hingham: 
The Hingham Link is available to help in anyway they can.
Need any kind of assistance:   https://www.hinghamlink.com/needhelp 
People can also e-mail us at  HinghamLink@gmail.com or call us at (781) 908-0590. 
A Note of Gratitude!

Eileen Hutchins, together with her husband Chris and daughter Jane wish to express deep gratitude to the pastors, choir and HCC congregation for keeping our family encircled in your kind, enduring, and supportive care as Chris was hospitalized with the corona virus. We are so very blessed to have you in our lives and will always remember how you helped us in so many ways when it mattered most. Thank you!

              Please keep in 
                                     your prayers...  
  • Helen Scoville, whose father died recently
  • Family and friends of Eleanore Keenan, Margery Price's sister, who died recently
  • Family and friends of Vic Soldat, Nancie Mooney's brother, who died recently
  • Ryan Lamonde, prayers for peace and courage
  • All of those working to better their mental health
  • Pete Allen, recovering from surgery
  • People in abusive households
  • Sarah England's daughter and son-in-law, Audrey and Tom, who lost their home to fire. Prayers for wisdom and stamina. 
  • The family of Hingham resident, Mike Cifrino, who died due to COVID -19
  • Breanne Garland's grandmother, Mary Souther, who is in the hospital.
  • Deb Redmond's mother, Jane. 
  • All brave essential employees
  • Candy Heath's sister and brother-in-law, Marylin and Brad
  • Rod Ells, Pat's husband 
  • Allan Bacon, Carolyn Antoine's brother
  • Peter Edson
  • Tom Hulbert
  • Don Geissow, David's brother
  • Children and youth with atypical routines at this time, especially those with food insecurity 
  • Suzy Burba and Winston Janusz, approved for ordination, pending call
  • Daryl Denelle, seeking ordination
  • All those affected by the corona virus in the world.

June 3
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom  

 7:30 pm
Board of Christian Education via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 922 3095 3346     Password: 876491
June 4
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.) via zoom

 5:30 pm
Parent & Guardian Support group via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 913 4062 8278     Password: 463722 
June 5
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via zoom   
June 6
 9:00 am
Pastor Sara reads Shel Silverstein via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 987 1625 7406     Password: 935946 
June 7
10:00 am
Sunday Worship via Facebook live and YouTube

10:30 pm
Church School for younger children of HCC via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 960 9503 6098     Password: 502868 

11:00 am
HCC Virtual Coffee Hour Sundays Via Zoom: 
Meeting ID: 766 2077 7565     Password: HCC  

11:30 pm
Church School for older children of HCC via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 919 8438 5952     Password: 708978 

  4:00 pm
Middle School youth group via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 913 7742 2780     Password: 295165 
June 8
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom
June 10
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom

  7:15 pm
Board of Outreach

 7:30 pm
Ladies Lounge (fellowship and faith reflection for women) via Zoom:
June 11
 9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.) via Zoom

  5:30 pm
Parent & Guardian Support group via Zoom

  7:00 pm
Bible Trivia via Zoom
June 12
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom
June 13
  9:00 am
Pastor Sara reads Shel Silverstein via Zoom
June 14
10:00 am
Children's Sunday  - Sunday Worship via Facebook live and YouTube 

10:30 am
Church School for younger children of HCC via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 960 9503 6098     Password: 502868

11:30 am
Church School for older children of HCC via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 919 8438 5952     Password: 708978  
June 15
 7:00 pm 
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom
June 17
  7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom
 7:30 pm  
Executive Council via zoom
June 18
 9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.) via zoom

  5:30 pm
Parent & Guardian Support group via Zoom:
June 19
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom 
June 19
to 26
Pastor Sara away for vacation (staycation) with family
June 21
10:00 am
Sunday Worship via Facebook live and Youtube
June 22
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom
June 24
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom

  7:30 pm
Back to the Building Task Force
June 25
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.) via zoom
June 26
 7:00 pm
Evening Prayer with Pastors via Zoom
June 28
  10:00 am
Sunday Worship via Facebook live and Youtube

  10:30 am
Church School for younger children of HCC via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 960 9503 6098     Password: 502868 

  11:30 am
Church School for older children of HCC via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 919 8438 5952     Password: 708978  

  4:00 pm
Middle School youth group via Zoom

Aug 28

Taste of Hingham not via zoom
Please contact the church office if you have any questions or changes to the above 
   Wishing a happy June birthday to our HCC family:
Laura Spaziani
June Pratt
Giulianna Scappini
Lucas Childs
Andrew Hussar
Guillermo Trinchet
Tommy Hale
Tracy Allen

Ryan Clough
Allen Vermilya
Jaxson Thorell
Ethan Butterworth
Beatrix Boer
Tim Nash
Dave Thureson
Rachel Scott
Keith Garland
Hadley Duncan
Jackson Walker
Arlene MacKay
Adeline Hussar
Stephanie Minister
Adele Scoville
Kathi Blair

Gary Gorczyea
Trevor Bates
Holly Johnson
Addison Whitner
Linda Ricciardelli 
Hannah Fortuin
Will Royston Stoeckle
Mark Ludley
Zeke Berube
Oisin Rowan

Wishing a happy June anniversary to:
     June 5     Mark & Kristina Pryor                         June 23    Page & Jonathan Shank - 8 years
     June 11    David & Karen vonLoesecke                 June 25    Laura & Frank Spaziani
     June 13   Steve & Helga Garland - 51 years        June 27    Phil & Debbie Edmundson - 39 years
     June 15   Todd & Lynn Anderson                                         Tom & Meghan Rowan - 16 years
     June 17    Matt & Stacy Havens - 25 years         June 28    Donald Pinto & 
     June 22    Roger & Nancy Hoit - 58 years                            Lynne Powell-Pinto - 35 years
                                                                                 June 29   Tim & Jody Nash
Left off of May's list where some very important events.
* Jeff Swain's Birthday on May 21st

* Ed and Janet Bartholomew 50th anniversary on May 30th!
from 2019 Pride  
Parade in Boston


Harlow's Harvest is coming along!