June 2020
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Understanding Dollar-Cost Averaging
The term dollar-cost averaging is often tossed around in finance and investment circles, but people who are not in those industries may not be familiar with what it means. It can be an excellent strategy for someone who isn't interested in learning all the ins and outs of investing, to take advantage of volatile market cycles. Read the article at this link to learn more about dollar-cost averaging and what it can do for your employees.
Avoiding Headline Driven Investment Decisions
Don't let sensational headlines or doom and gloom television hosts scare you into making major changes to your investment strategy. A long term outlook is essential when saving for retirement and trying to time the market is not a sound method for building an investment strategy that will help provide you with a more secure retirement. Read the Reacting to News Headlines Guide , to learn how to avoid making emotional investment decisions.
Deferred Comp-Related Articles for Your Employees 

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Message from Ohio Deferred Compensation
Your Employees Can Schedule an Appointment With One of Our Retirement Planning Specialists
Retirement Planning Specialists (RPSs) are Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFCs), who help Ohio DC participants with retirement planning at no charge. Currently, Retirement Planning Specialists are available to meet with participants over the phone or through virtual meeting, using online technology. If you have employees getting close to retirement or have already retired, they can give us a call at 877-644-6457 to schedule a private appointment. For general education, they can also visit Ohio457.org and click on Resources >Videos and Webinars for other live and pre-recorded content.

Information presented by the RPS is for educational and planning purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Neither Nationwide nor its representatives provide tax, legal, or investment advice. Participants should consult a professional advisor for such advice.