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$200 only phone or skype.  (60 minutes) This is NOT an initial reading but only a look at location and timing for moving. Opportunity for email questions after the reading. You must provide places you are interested in.
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Celestial Events
June 2020
  June 5, 2020. Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse. 7:12 pm.   15° Sagittarius 34'.  Sidereal.  21° Scorpio 31'.
  June 21, 2020 . Solar (New Moon) Eclipse.  6:41 am. 0° Cancer 21'. Sidereal. 6° Gemini 18'. Mrigashira

Planetary Stations
  June 18, 2020. Mercury stations retrograde. 4:58 am. 14°Cancer 45'. Sidereal. 20° Gemini 43'. Punarvasu.
  June 23, 2020. Neptune stations retrograde. 4:32 am. 20° Pisces 57' .  Sidereal. 26°Aquarius 55'. Purvabhadrapada
  June 25, 2020. Venus stations direct. 6:48 am. 05°Gemini 20' Sidereal. 11° Taurus 17'. Rohini.

Tropical Ingresses

  June 20 2020 . Sun enters Cancer.  9:43 pm.
  June 28 2020. Mars enters Aries. 1:45 am. 
Sidereal Ingresses  
  June 14, 2020. Sun enters Gemini. 3:57 pm. 
  June 18, 2020. Mars enters Pisces. 11:03 am. 
  June 30, 2020. Retrograde Jupiter re-enters Sagittarius. 7:15 pm.

The times above are all noted in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and the Krishnamurti Ayanamsha is used for sidereal calculations.  

Copies of Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy and Signed Copies of Vedic Astrology for Sale

You can purchase a copy of The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy, by Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving,  priced at $24.95 plus postage so we are offering it for $21.95 inclusive media mail postage. The book, which was first released in 1997 was re-released in 2012 with added notes, and revisions and additions, including a new foreword and epilogue and larger print. The book was taken from Jim's notes, and was compiled, edited, and added to by Kenneth Irving after Jim's death in 1995. It is now published by Words and Things, a publishing venture by Kenneth Irving and myself. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.  If you wish to receive copies outside of the U.S. there will be additional mailing charges so it may be a good idea to see how you can purchase the book from Amazon or other booksellers where you live. 

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You can also purchase a signed copy of my classic text Vedic Astrology: A guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish. Book is priced at $24.95 plus postage so we are offering it for $21.95 inclusive media mail postage. The book was written in 1998 and is still going strong.  Allow 7-10 days for delivery.  If you wish to receive copies outside of the U.S. there will be additional mailing charges so it may be a good idea to see how you can purchase the book from Amazon or other booksellers where you live. 

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Fundamentals of Jyotisa (Indian astrology)  Class 3.  

Attend Live or Get  Recordings after

Sunday June 14, 2020. 10:00 AM-4:00 PM EDT with an hour for lunch.

Fee: $80. 

This workshop will serve as the third in the Beginning Level I Jyotish (Indian astrology) series. You can take this workshop as a standalone, or continue to thoroughly learn Jyotisa and even some Sanskrit. Also you will be qualified to take ACVA Certification Level I, if you choose. 

The class will consist of a one-day weekend workshop every 4-6 weeks.. Each workshop will be the equivalent of three 1 1/2 hour classes. In between workshops there will also be a review webinar.  This may change in summer to weekly or bi-weekly 2 hour classes. 

There will be opportunities to read supplemental material, do assignments, and review what we learned, but that is up to you. A book list will be provided once you register. The workshop will take place as a webinar, so that you can attend wherever you are. And if you cannot be present, or you can only do part of the workshop, you will receive an audio-visual presentation, audio MP3, and extensive handouts. Hopefully in the future we will be able to return to doing the workshop simultaneously in-person in New York City and as a webinar.  This class is appropriate for those who are starting at the beginning, or for those who have studied with me, or have learned in the past, and want to refresh your knowledge. We will start with the basics of the chart, so that you have all the tools you need to begin to tackle chart interpretation. 
  • Review of aspects (drsti) and friendships
  • Introduction to Yogas (planetary combinations)
  • Keys to chart interpretation
  • Planetary strength and weakness
  • Introduction to Ascendant signs, and the houses for each ascendant
  • Functional planetary strength for each ascendant. 
  • More review and sample charts.
It is important to register as early as possible.  

Register ends at midnight June 12. 
Please email me if you need more clarification. 

undefined  $80

Fundamentals of Jyotisa (Indian astrology) Webinar

Get Recordings 

Part 1. April 18, 2020. 
5 hours.

Part 2. May 17, 2020. 5 hours.

Fee: $80 for each class 

Part 1. 

  • History and Development of Jyotisa
  • Concept of Karma and how it applies to Jyotisa
  • Overview of Nakshatras (Moon Mansions), and Tithis (Lunar Days)
  • Indian sidereal zodiac; ayanamsha, 
  • Drawing the chart (North v. South Indian)
  • Introduction to planets and Lunar Nodes
  • undefined $80

  • Part 2.
    • Brief intro to current planetary weather (ie. May retrogrades)
    • Brief outline of different branches of astrology. 
    • More in-depth look at planets and signs 
    • In-depth look at houses (bhavas) 
    • Candra (Moon Lagna) and Bhavat Bhavam (from house to house)
    • Aspects (drsti)
    • Combustion
    • Friendships, Neutrality and Enmity between planets 
    • Sample charts to illustrate above
    undefined   $80

    Hi all

    Welcome to everyone who has supported my work and to everyone who is receiving information from me for the first time. I hope you continue to be safe and healthy. If you missed the May newsletter in which I spoke of the three planets---Saturn, Venus, Jupiter--- that began their retrograde journeys in May in that order you can read it HERE. I apologize to those of you who cannot read this well because it is not conformed to smart phones. I am in the process of reformatting and hopefully by the next newsletter will be adjusted.

    Because there is so much activity this month I have divided the newsletter into Part One and Part Two. This Part One discusses Venus retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse of June 5. In the next issue I will discuss Mercury retrograde, which begins on June 18 and the next two eclipses on June 21 and July 5. Please scroll down to read about Venus retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse. Just below is information about the webinar on Sunday June 7. If you cannot attend live you will get recordings and handouts. Please scroll down for information about Fundamentals of Jyotisa, Part 3, which takes place on Sunday June 14. 

    1. The first event is this Sunday June 7 from 11 am - 12:30 pm EDT with comments and questions at the end. Webinar on the Second Half of 2020. This will be a quick review and a review of the astrology ahead, some of which I may have missed last December. I will talk about the next five eclipses, Venus and Mars retrograde, Jupiter-Pluto, and finally the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. And how we connect the dots of all these back to that Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This will be conducted in Western and Indian astrology. This will not be political nor am I going to speak about personal charts or necessarily make finite predictions, especially about when the pandemic will end, and when the economy will recover, since that will continue well into 2021 in my opinion. Registration ends midnight Saturday June 6 to attend live. After that you will receive the same audio and audio-visual recordings and handouts as every attendee.. 

    undefined  $30 (For those who did not attend my webinar on the year ahead, or are not current students)

    If you wish to book a reading, you can make payment to the left and I will reach out to you with available dates and times.  My next availability begins Wednesday June 17 for phone or video chat. At the moment I am not making appointments for in-person readings.  

    For those of you who I have not heard from in a while, please do not hesitate to drop me an email just to let me know how you are doing. You do not have to book a reading to let me know how you are faring. 

    Also remember that you can get notices from me through social media. Sign up through   Twitter,   Facebook and   Instagram.  And if your friends wish to subscribe to this newsletter they can go to  my Website and sign up. You can also get up to date information about workshops, appearances, etc., 

    And please remember that by staying subscribed to this newsletter, in addition to monthly newsletters about planetary weather, you will also get separate newsletters about horoscope sales, classes, webinars, etc., so if you are not interested in learning astrology, but do want to read the news each month, please do not unsubscribe, just delete the advertisements when they arrive. 

    All good wishes 

    Venus Retrograde
    Venus Stationed Retrograde. May 13, 2020 6:44 am GMT. 
    Tropical 21° Gemini 50' Sidereal. 27° Taurus 48'. mṛgasira
    Sun-Venus Inferior Conjunction. June 3, 2020. 5:43 pm GMT        
    Tropical. 13° Gemini 35. Sidereal 19° Taurus 33' rohiṇi
    Venus Stations Direct. June 25, 2020. 6:48 am GMT. 
    Tropical.  05°Gemini 20'. Sidereal. 11° Taurus 17' rohiṇi
    Sun-Venus Superior Conjunction. March 26 2021. 6:57a                       
    Tropical 05° Aries 50. Sidereal 11° Pisces 47' uttaraphadrapada
    Planets retrograde when they "appear" to move backwards though they do not, but do move closest to earth in their orbit and slow its speed. Halfway through the Venus Retrograde is the Sun-Venus conjunction when Venus is closest to earth. For the last few months, Venus could be seen as the bright evening star, rising and setting after the Sun. As it moves closer it was more and more visible, until it moves towards its conjunction (or combustion as the ancients called it) and disappears from view, as if the Sun swallows it up, and prevents the beauty and love that Venus represents from reaching the earth. This enactment was played out in ancient times through the Goddesses of love, fertility, and war, namely Sumerian Inanna and Babylonian Ishtar. But it does play out on different occasions and this is one of those times, perhaps because this Venus retrograde is also accompanied by Saturn and Jupiter retrograde, and will include Mercury retrograde on June 18th and accompanied by two of the three eclipses this summer. Scroll down for information on the eclipses and for more information on Saturn and Jupiter retrograde click HERE for the May News & Views). 

    As Venus disappeared from view, George Floyd, died and aroused protests throughout the U.S. which was a call to end racism and police brutality against brown and black people. His death was not a new thing, but because it occurred at a time when the Pandemic has kept us inside for so many months, and when these types of transits occurred the result has been that the world has reacted. Many events like this occur, just like earthquakes occur year round all over the world, but they come to the world's attention when they occur on major astrological events like eclipses, and retrograde stations.

    Venus is hidden by the Sun from around the 25th through about June 10th when it has its heliacal rising as the Morning Star, which means for the next nine months love and harmony will be harder to reach but it is possible but we just have to try harder. Then the superior conjunction takes place on March 26 2021 when it emerges in the evening sky again as an evening star.

    That means that on June 3rd it was closest to the earth and in a complete conjunction (combustion) on the same degree. By combustion the ancients saw that Venus would not be able to shine, and then the morning star as it rises looking like a bolt of white lightning, indicates a new period where Venus becomes the warrior aspect of the Goddess, and makes us see things not necessarily through mediation and love, but by taking bold steps. It is no wonder that the funeral of George Floyd will take place on Tuesday June 9th, close to the day of the heliacal rising, which can be seen in different parts of the world anywhere between the 8th and the 12th.

    I know many of you are asking why I do not mention cazimi, which occurs when the Sun and Venus are within 17 minutes of arc, and occurs on the day of the exact Sun Venus conjunction. This is supposed to give Venus strength rather than looking at it like combustion. But because most of my classical teaching is through Indian astrology I have yet to seen it mention though I could be completely wrong. Instead I will leave that to the other astrologers to ponder cazimi. I will instead look at the period from the 25th through the 10th to be a time of Venus being hidden by the Sun, and then for the Morning Star to emerge until the next superior conjunction on March 26, 2021.
    Venus has an eight year cycle, so in 2012 we had what was called the unique Transit of Venus (as on June 8, 2004), when it conjoined the Sun in longitude, latitude, and declination in a complete line up much like a total solar eclipse. This conjunction occurred on June 5, 2012 at Tropical 15 Gemini 44, Sidereal 21 Taurus 48. (Ironically like this year, there was a partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4, 2012 at tropical 14 Sagittarius 38, 20 Scorpio 17). Every eight years the Sun and Venus form the same type of conjunction at the same degree, and every four years a different type of conjunction occurs around the same degree so that on June 6, 2016 the Sun Venus was a superior conjunction which means it did not retrograde during that conjunction but it was at the same degrees. It was on the far side of the Sun, whereas the inferior conjunction is on the side of the Sun closest to the eart.
    Ronald Reagan died on June 5, 2004 just before the Sun Venus conjunction on June 8, 2004 when Venus was combust the Sun, and the state funeral was held on June 11, 2004 close to the heliacal rising. No, I am NOT comparing George Floyd with Ronald Reagan, but I am saying that the world will stop and listen, in 2004 as it honored an American hero, and in 2020 when it honors someone who has become a symbol of racism,  and brutality, which we all must overcome.

    So what does Venus retrograde have in store for you. It is most important to see where the Venus stations and the conjunction appears in your chart and affects planets, point, or angles in your chart. Because Venus is in tropical Gemini from April 3 to August 7, 2020, and in sidereal Taurus from March 28-July 31, you must look at the house this occupies in your chart. Venus will tell you that there is something that you must improve your relationship with that area of the chart. It does not have to be a person, but an area of life. With the whole sign house system it is easy to find this out, but the test of Venus is to listen to your heart and your instincts and finally do what needs to be done. Once the morning star arises, you will be able to take the lead in making this happen rather than just waiting for others. And perhaps that is what is going on in the world now. We will realize that we cannot wait for leaders to understand our needs, but we must tell them and show them what needs to be done in the world. This is not just to do with the George Floyd death since there are many things going on in the world that has to do with finances, health and work. But it does mean that finally we all have to make our voices heard. That does not mean violently, but it means we all have to be more proactive, whether in the world, at home, at work, or wherever we need to make our voice heard. We must still heed the mood of Venus, but the morning star is a more assertive manifestation of taking action so that our relationships prosper.

    If you go back to see what you may have been doing in the past years of June around the dates of the Sun-Venus conjunction you may be able to see what was important at that time, since it occurred in the same area of your chart. 

    The following is what I wrote in the May issue, which was sent out on May 16:

    Whatever these signs represent in your chart is where you will feel the emphasis. Even though Venus represents love and beauty, it also represents war and forcefulness especially when it rises as a morning star after conjunction. Often around the date of the heliacal rising, something nefarious occurs in the world that has an effect on the following nine months until the Sun and Venus conjoin again and Venus rises as an evening star. So do watch that period between June 8 - 12. This is not the time to start a new love affair, or invest your money into a new project, but during the retrograde period between May 13- June 25 it is a good time to improve communication with those you love, and to review the way you have spent money lately. 

    Remember that if you have any planets, points, or angles between tropical 5 Gemini 20 -  21 Gemini 50, or sidereal 11° Taurus 17- 27 Taurus 48, you will get the planetary hit three times on that planet, point, or angle. If you have something on one of those stationary degrees, it will be there twice with the station being very potent. 
    Read below for information about the Lunar Eclipse.

    Appulse or Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. June 5, 2020. 7:12 PM GMT         
    Tropical. 15° Sagittarius 34'. Sidereal. 21° Scorpio 31'. Jyestha

    This eclipse is the first of three, June 5, July 21 and July 5, but I will only address this one in this issue, and cover the next two in the next issue. There is just too much to write about along with Venus in this one issue. lAs usual eclipse season is one of intensity where things come out of the woodwork. I have been saying for years that secrets are revealed but because this season incorporates three eclipses and it is at a time when there are so many retrogrades we are beginning a period of intensity but one that may end up after the last one, with more awareness of what we have to do in both our own lives and in the world. Anything that happens around the eclipse makes it larger than life, and because of the fact that it occurs at the same time as the Sun-Venus conjunction and the heliacal rising of Venus, these events of the last week have been magnified as a rallying call. (See what I wrote above under Venus.)

    This eclipse is penumbral because during the Full Moon the outer part of Earth's shadow, the penumbra, covers the Moon. I always think of the span of eclipses as beginning and ending with the Node crossing the eclipse point and because Ketu (South Node) comes to the same degree of the eclipse on March 3, 2021, things that begin now will continue to be things you will work on, and if you do not pay attention to what the eclipse is doing in your chart then things will be revisited next March. But it is a long process, not like a total eclipse where the Nodes come to the eclipse point either before or after very quickly. As always look at any planets, points, or angles in your chart that are at the same degree as the eclipse degrees, using a one or two degree orb.

    Eclipses wake up secrets, and wake up ideas that may be dormant, so you may get an influx of energy, but you have to be patient, since this is the time, to rearrange and transform your ideas and other things in your life. Take these next few months to figure things out since eclipses bring things to the surface. And they are not always bad. They can bring you promotions, contacts, and offers and this one will take time to develop.
    To understand the eclipse further it is always important to look at the chart of the eclipse for the precise moment. While the ascendant will differ depending on which location you draw the eclipse for (often the capital of a country) the planets are all at the same degree. Even though Venus is conjunct the Sun, at 12 degrees, it is Mars that will be in an exact square to the Full Moon or Sun-Moon opposition during the eclipse. Mars will be at Tropical 15 Pisces 52, Sidereal 21 Aquarius 49 at the time of the eclipse but will be exactly square the Sun on the 6th. It will be in orb from June 4 through June 8 and if you have a planet, point, or angle within a degree or two of the t-square, you may be especially assertive, aggressive, impulsive and/or hostile. Anger will be especially palpable in the world especially from the 4th through the 8th, and also due to the heliacal rising of Venus, as we saw above, from the 8th through the 12th. Once Mars moves to conjoin Neptune on June 13 at Tropical. 20 Pisces 56. Sidereal 26 Aquarius 53, there might be a bit more confusion about things that are going on in the world or your own life. Don't fight it. With two more eclipses to come, and Mercury retrograde from June 18-July 12, well, the best you can do is breathe deep and hold everything you love close. If this period teaches us anything it will be to treasure all the good in the world and in our own lives. 
    There may be excessive heat both figuratively and literally over the next few days so take things slowly when you drive, when you walk, and when you speak to others especially those you live with and work with. If you feel as if there is an argument coming on, just walk away on do not continue to debate a point or feel as if you have to assert your own opinions and views. There will be plenty of time once all the eclipses have passed for you to be able to do that and revisit these issues with a clear mind. This is important since the world around us is going to be impassioned so it is necessary for each of us to stay calm. It is a great time to engage in physical activity, since that will release much of the frustration and anger that especially has been exacerbated with the pandemic and with many of us quarantined.
    In general eclipse season, which occurs over the next month, will be intense, dramatic, and revealing, for better or worse. Go with the energy or else it will occur anyway and you will be unprepared. But remember to meditate, propitiate the Sun and Moon, and reflect on everything that is occurring in your life especially when it comes to the area that the eclipse is hitting in your chart. It may be a planet, point, or angle, or if none of those, it will be going through a house. At the end of what I wrote about Venus, it will show you how to figure out the house of the Moon in tropical Sagittarius/sidereal Scorpio.
    So take a few deep breaths during this eclipse season. It is always good to meditate and reflect on what is going on around you and to find some peace within yourself. When you gain strength to stay calm amidst the storm ahead then you will be able to provide strength to yourself and others.

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