June 2020
Through webinars  and  interactive online training courses , TSS offers a wide range of options that can help you reach your professional development or safety learning goals. 

These include DOT and OSHA-related safety trainings as well as courses about home safety or those geared to keeping you secure behind the wheel. 


Currently, TSS is also featuring an on-demand webinar  Corona Conversations: Getting Back to Work  focused on helping businesses reopen safely and navigate many of the restrictions in this changing environment.
COST:  $85
2-Year Certification
While COVID-19 shelter-in-place recommendations are in effect, TSS will not be offering standard CPR & First Aid courses. 

Instead, consider taking our  Blended Learning

Blended Learning offers a flexible alternative to our traditional format: 

1. Take the classroom portion of the course online in the comfort of your home (or anywhere, really.) Register here.


2. Then, schedule a hands-on evaluation at your convenience with an experienced TSS instructor either virtually or in person. 


(If you are unable to come to a TSS office for your hands-on evaluation, contact us prior to registering as we have other options that may work for you. )  

Same skills. Same certification. In the safest way. 

Questions? Contact TSS at
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Need a training for your team? Schedule one today! 
Contact Ginny@tss-safety.com to schedule a group class. 
 From the CEO

June is National Safety Month!

This year's focus on safety looks a little different from the past. We are dealing with new risks - to the health of our employees and community, to the wellbeing of our businesses and finances, and to our mental and emotional health - and we have to address them all if we want to get back to work safely.

It's not just about protecting our community from COVID, We ALL want that. However, the collateral damage to our economic base is very real. Every business, in every community has been affected. I don't have a crystal ball or a magic bullet... I so wish I did. I believe we have to start working on opening our economies. We have to get business back in business.

Opening up businesses, requires a multi-prong approach, in my opinion.
  1. As an employer, you must carefully review the policies and procedures for your industry. Have those policies and procedures WRITTEN.
  2. Educate your employees on what those policies and procedures are. They have to know how to keep themselves safe and protect the customers you are hoping to invite into your business.
  3. Consider what your customers need to know about your policies. Folks want to come to see you, but they need to know what you are doing to protect them. Proper advertising and signage are key here. You cannot over-communicate with the public on this.
  4. Know when to take action if someone is not feeling well. Make sure folks understand that it's okay to speak up about not being on top of their game.The last thing we want is stigma associated with being sick.
This is a virus that will continue to go around, just like other viruses. It's awful and scary. The damage that has already occurred is devastating. But, with proper sanitizing and personal responsibility, we can safely return to work and get our communities moving forward. Do your part, have a plan, and let's get growing. #safetyismysuperpower #TSScanhelp

The other piece in this .... there are many who are struggling mentally. These are hard times. Be okay with not being okay. Know that there are many people riding this same wave in the storm. Reach out and talk with your colleagues about how they are coping. I make sure to get outside every day. I work out. I stick to a routine. Get up, shower, dress for work, eat breakfast, all on time, just like I was going to the office. These habits keep me balanced.

If your team is working from home, check in with them individually to ensure that they are doing well. Keep in mind alcohol and marijuana sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic. As folks try to cope with such a fast-changing world, self-medicating is not uncommon. 

As your employees return to work, it's a great time to review your policies and train supervisors on signs and symptoms of substance misuse. We want all workers to be safe from harm in the workplace. Understanding what substance misuse looks like is the first step to identifying and supporting someone who may need help with an addiction issue. Know that for someone in recovery, dealing with this stressful time is dangerous. 

Check in with your co-workers, your employees, your family. Take care of each other. The people you care about may just need to know you have their back. Be that person.

Best regards, 

Renee Schofield

Ask us about our Reopening Plan  

If you are a business preparing to reopen in the "new normal" of the coming weeks and months, we want you to get back to business safely.

TSS has developed templates to assist employers with laying out their 
COVID-19 mitigation and prevention plans.

 Conditions and restrictions will continue to change as the pandemic evolves.  But having a thorough, safety-conscious plan in place will help you be prepared.   
Contact TSS at info@tss-safety.com or 
(877) 225-1431 for details. 
Summer Driving Dangers

The summer months of June, July and August have 29 percent more traffic fatalities than the winter months, and August followed by July are the two deadliest months on the road, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
This year, with COVID-19, indications already show that it may be a particularly hazardous summer for drivers. Even with the pandemic keeping people at home, there has been an alarming jump in crashes on our roadways. 

As you get out and about this summer, consider the hazards of the season and how to avoid them. 

Are you creating a safe workplace?

Develop a customized safety training program with our  Safety Toolbox .

The toolbox contains all-needed training materials for  12  different safety topics of your choosing, one-hour of consultation with a TSS safety specialist each month or the option of having a TSS safety specialist lead one safety meeting per month.

Our package also provides discounted access to TSS's top-rated safety webinars and offers for customized webinars. 

It's everything you need to educate your employees about critical safety policies, procedures and protocols that protect them from injury or death - and your company from the associated costs.

Be prepared: Workforce mental health in the new normal

Research has found that there is a direct link between mental health and workplace productivity and safety. 

As we get back to business during COVID-19, employers need to be aware of the the kind of mental health issues they will likely encounter in the workplace and how to address them. 

Here we share some recent mental health statistics collected in May by the U.S. Census Bureau in an emergency survey of 1 million American Households.

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