Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Heal Us All Lord!
As we were coming out of 2019 everyone was talking about 2020 vision, and how we would see more clearly.  Now being in 2020, we are seeing that the Lord has been preparing His church for new ways to minister, new wineskins for new wine to be poured into (Matthew 9:17).

Everything we are seeing and experiencing points us to the need for a united Church around the world to love and serve this hurting world like never before.  Healing and restoration will only come when we see every person around the world as God sees them, worthy of life, and having equal value because of the blood of Jesus.  Our prayer has been "Father, let our hearts break for what breaks your heart.  Let our minds think your thoughts.  Let us see everyone as you see them.  Let us be your hands and feet to this world in new, creative ways!"
A Global Movement
In this strange time of a worldwide pandemic, the Lord has been giving us at Praying Pelican Missions time to invest globally in different ways.  We have been spending a considerable amount of time raising funds to feed communities.  You can check out our Covid-19 Global Response and see how God is continuing to use PPM to support the local church as the church continues to reach the community.

In 2019 God began to expand our vision to see how we can persevere in expanding the Kingdom, now with new vision, but in making our vision new again.  I'm so excited about a new project we are working on to enable the global church to go on mission.  We believe that as we expand our tent-pegs, we will see more missionaries mobilized to go more than ever before, representing not just the North American church, but the Global Church!  

We ask that you would make this a point of prayer as we spend considerable time working to establish this work!
May Family Photos
Time with Jamie Green!
Quarantine puzzle gift from Reagan to Laura for her birthday!
Family exercise time!
Malachi's recycled Mother's Day gift for Laura.
Quarantine Friday van rides
Laura helped put on "Pop-Up Graduations" for her Life Group girls.
Our first beach trip since quarantine
We had a great visit with Cindy & Jamie Green, our long-time Delaware friends!
The girls making delicious cookies!
For the sake of the Gospel,
Nathan, Laura, Darrell , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah