June 2020

Like many events this spring, the University's sixth annual Salus Awards Gala (SAG), originally planned for April 17, was derailed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event is traditionally a gala affair for the entire University community, with tuxedos and gowns and high spirits to pair with a full buffet dinner. I n an effort to give recognition to the achievements and success of this year's recipients, watch the video to learn more about faculty and staff making serious strides at Salus.

Inaugural Post-baccalaureate Class Makes its Mark
One of the first things students in the first cohort of the Post-baccalaureate in Health Sciences program at Salus University did last fall was fill out a survey about what professions they planned to pursue once they made it through the program.

At the end of that survey, Darryl Horn, PhD, FAAO, the post-bacc program director, included what he called "a weird question" - "If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?"

The answers 12 students gave to that question resurfaced recently, lending a bit of levity to the post-bacc virtual celebration May 13, 2020, which was held to recognize the accomplishments of those students.

 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

The mission of the University's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is to promote respect, equity, dignity, and equal opportunities for all individuals of the Salus community. This information is intended to serve as resources and is split up into sections in which you can donate, petitions you can sign, books, articles, videos, podcasts and resources to assist in your personal education. 

Salus Cares Raffle

Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to this year's winners: 
Virginia Alvarado; Derrick Artis, Dick Bennett, David P. Dozack, OD; Dr. Douglas Glazer & Dr. Stephanie Scheingold, Dr. Jeffrey Kraskin; Dr. Leslie Mintz Scholarship Foundation; Emily Regan; Jeanne & Jenna Sembrat.

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