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June 2020 Newsletter
Spring Opening -  Part 2

Our thanks to all for making last month's online show a whopping success. More than half of the six dozen pieces we put online were purchased by Internet shoppers. While we missed seeing you in person, we're grateful to all who supported us digitally.

If you wondered why we sent two mailings last month, there's a simple answer. Recognizing how important our semi-annual shows are to so many of you, we didn't want the editorial content of a newsletter to get in the way of your shopping. We also recognize that many of our readers look forward to Pippin, The Back Page, and the other bits that make up our monthly mailings, so we felt that it was important not to break our uninterrupted string of 196 monthly mailings that began in February 2004.

Since Part 2 of our Spring Opening is a little smaller than Part 1, we're including the event in this "normal" newsletter. In addition to the new things, we've included a reprise of a travel piece from a decade ago, as well as the usual features. We hope you'll take a few minutes to enjoy it. 

Our Spring Opening
- Part 2 -

As promised, in this newsletter we're offering the second half of the Online Opening that began last month.  W e've added more than three dozen  fresh   pieces in all categories and  refreshed the shop so that we could make another  preview   video for our readers. Pieces still available remain on display, but sold items have been removed.

To see this month's additions or to revisit last month's offerings,
click on the picture.

Our first visit
to England's Peak District

Access road to Windmill,  between
Little Hucklow and Grindlow in Derbyshire

Having missed our Spring trip to England and
still uncertain about the  likelihood   of traveling in the Fall, we were recently looking through photographs of some of our past trips. We have been fortunate to visit many remarkable places, and we've always enjoyed sharing pictures of our travels with our readers. This month we've updated an essay we published in April 2010, almost exactly ten years ago. Just tap or click the signpost.

Pippin's Page


We realized last week that our regular travels to Europe have meant we've never had much more than five consecutive months with Pippin. The cancellation of our Spring travel and our shows "on the road" this year have meant that we've been with him longer than ever in his life. This seems to be quite alright with him, and our regular pictures of him seem to get easier each month. Click his nose to see this month's.

The Back Page
We thought we'd taken a picture of two baby house finches in the nest that their parents built on top of a shallow beam under the roof of a narrow porch, but a few days later we discovered that there were not two, but four babies sharing the tiny nest.

As the chicks continued to grow, their parents were forced out of the nest, consequently spending much of their time on the split rail fence just outside our house. This allowed us to watch their interaction with each other, something we've never witnessed so thoroughly.

One day last week their movements brought to mind the issue of social distancing, and we took some pictures. Click the picture above for some useful advice from Dr. Finchy.
Thanks once again for being a reader. Please continue to do what it takes to protect yourselves and others, and seek the truth .
John and Jan