July 3, 2020
What a way to start the Summer!
June was a busy month for Maywood Fine Arts. Summer classes started on June 15th with lots of planning to make sure everyone stays safe. Our Dads sent in videos of them waltzing with their dancers for Fathers Day. Many of our students had the opportunity to have their voices heard both in a video they made and at a peaceful gathering & walk through the streets of Maywood regarding recent events and their response to it.
Getting Summer Started
Our summer classes were already underway when the summer solstice hit. Students were so happy to get back to classes and see their friends and teachers. All classes are socially distanced and students and teachers are required to wear masks. Music lessons are 30 minute one-on-one's with teachers in the evening with zoom classes also available. Summer dance camp runs from 10am to 1pm Monday thru Wednesday. Tumbling classes are 1hr afternoon sessions in the tumbling gym. Karate is currently only on zoom only. Mrs. Baumann made a cute video to show some of the safety measures for students.
Fathers Day Waltz
Some of our dance dads practiced and made videos with their dancers for fathers day. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the dads in our lives. Here is a compilation of all the videos that were sent in. Do you see anyone you know?
March for Black Lives on June 13, 2020
On June 13th, Maywood Fine Arts had a peaceful gathering and walk that gave students from Maywood Fine Arts the ability to express how they feel and how they are affected by many of the injustices happening in their lifetime.
Join a Village of Maywood Clean-up Meet-up!
The Maywood Village Pride-Village-Wide  Initiatives are looking for a few good volunteers to help in clean up and garden planting activities. Visit  www.maywoodparkdistrict.org/vpvw  to learn more. Materials and PPE will be provided at all meetups.
Thank you for supporting Maywood Fine Arts!