June 2020
Late To Blossom
Tree damage around the Front Range is very noticeable this spring with dead blossoms and even trees with no leaves. There were three bad weather events that were the root cause.
1.October cold snap

The first weather event was the October 9-10 cold snap. Denver’s 70-degree drop was the biggest 2-day temperature swing on record in Denver during October. We’re finding damage to pines across the Front Range. The damage tends to be from last year's needles and not fatal to most trees.
2.Mid-winter drought

A short period of drought hit the Front Range over the winter months. Only three storms brought measurable precipitation to the area through December and January. 
That was just .44 inches of precipitation for two months, with the one long dry spell of 29 days with nothing at all. Remember, Autumn Tree provides winter watering for your thirsty trees.
3.April freeze

The final blow to the trees was the freeze in mid-April effecting blossoms, like apples, plums, cherries, apricots, and even the famous Palisade Peaches. We expect to see very little fruit on most trees, and some trees may not get any fruit at all this year. 
4.Where are the leaves?

You may be wondering why a lot of the trees on the Front Range were slow to leaf out this spring. They were likely stunned by the April cold snap, but we think they will be OK. If you have concerns about your trees looking ill or just not quite right then give Autumn Tree a call.
Autumn Tree is able to help prop up your trees root system and improve vigor with soil injections. We offer a plant healthcare program that will push your tree to put on leaf faster. Each tree is unique and may require a specialized program. Call or email to set up a time to get a personalized estimate.
Water, Water, Water!
One of the best ways to keep the bugs away is to water your lawn. Lawn mites hate water! Water also washes previously-applied insecticides into the soil and grass roots, as it pushes grubs to feed closer to the surface of the turf. Dry turf encourages bugs to dig down deeper to find water — that’s where the serious damage occurs. If it’s not raining, water the lawn in the early morning so that it won’t dry up before reaching the roots.
Hot Wings Maple

Not only does this tree sound like a tasty treat but it looks spectacular. This smaller accent tree features blazing red hot seeds in late summer and fiery fall colors. It’s tolerant of drought and alkaline conditions, which makes this low maintenance tree ideal for Colorado residence. The Hot Wings Maple is a deciduous tree with an upright spreading habit of growth. It will grow to be about 25 feet tall with a spread of 15 feet. It has a nice low canopy with a typical clearance of 4 feet. The Hot Wings Maple loves full to partial sun where its dry. Consider planting as an accent tree or for screening. Prune regularly to promote health, provide air circulation, maintain a desirable shape, and to remove dead or damaged branches. Pruning is best done in late-winter to early spring for most trees and late-spring for spring blooming trees.
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all the Dads, Grand-dads, Step-dads, Foster-dads, Dads-to-be, Dads in heaven, dads to fur-babies and to the father figures in your life! The world appreciates you.