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June 2020
Faith Formation/Youth Ministry Update
This monthly e-newsletter serves catechetical and youth ministry leaders in the Diocese of Green Bay by furnishing them with updates, events and other resources helpful to them in their ministry of fostering households and communities of discipleship.

Discover Jesus. Follow Jesus. Worship Jesus. Share Jesus with others.
June; Father's Day:
The Year of St. Joseph Continues
March 19, 2020 to March 19, 2021
  • Why St. Joseph?
  • Why this year?
  • How do we honor St. Joseph locally?
  • What's the origin of this particular image of St. Joseph?
  • Resources in English & Spanish, including prayer cards.
  • Bishop Ricken's declaration and feast day homily.

All available at this link:
Good St. Joseph, Pray for Us!
Notices, Updates, Events
Generally useful information.
First Communion 2020
Guidelines from the Office of Divine Worship
During this time of transition toward larger groups being able to congregate and toward having the full restoration of the public celebration of the Mass, we would ask that unless there is some grave reason (e.g. the imminent death of the student) that First Communion should only occur in the context of the celebration of the Mass.
While the Sunday Mass (including the vigil Mass on Saturday evenings) would be ideal, First Communion can occur under grave circumstance at this time during a daily Mass; however, there can only be ten people total in attendance during Phase I.

The Office of Divine Worship is working this week with Bishop, the Presbyteral Council, and the Regional Vicars to pave the way for a Phase II plan for the public celebration of Mass which will likely allow for 25% of the overall capacity of your church so it would be prudent to wait for this Phase to begin First Communion celebrations. 

Per diocesan guidelines during this COVID-19 pandemic, Communion to first communicants should be given only under one species (the consecrated host) and not from the cup. While receiving under both species is a fuller sign, the fullness of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Resurrected Lord is received when one only receives the consecrated host.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact Shaun Johnson, the director of the diocesan office of Divine Worship at  sjohnson@gbdioc.org .
The Sacrament of Confirmation 2020
For those parishes scheduled to celebrate Confirmation this spring, please remember to share this link with the Confirmandi families:

to see Bishop's message, a message from Fr. Mark Mleziva and an opportunity for Confirmandi to share their faith stories and make prayer requests. Over 400 responses so far! Bishop looks forward to reading these stories of the Spirit in our lives.
Current Status of Summer Events
Pretty Much, Things are Cancelled
(but don't lose heart; better days are ahead)
First Communion : See article above.

Confirmation: (See May Update , subsequent Clarification, and article above).
Steubenville Trips: All trips have been cancelled; leaders and participants notified.

Love Begins Here: Cancelled.

Sophia Institute at the Shrine this month: Cancelled, however see article below for two, free webinars by Sophia Institute.

Camp Tekakwitha: All summer sessions cancelled.Check Camp website for updates.

KREWE Summer Summit: The 2020 Summer Summit will be canceled but please plan on attending the Fall retreat as the "opener." November 6-8, 2020 at Camp Tekakwitha. Please contact Callie if you were planning on implementing KREWE this summer/next school year. She will meet with individual parish groups as needed during this time.

March for Life 2021: Plans for the 2021 March for Life Pilgrimage to Washington, DC have temporarily been put on hold. Many thanks to the schools and parishes who responded to our revised March for Life Pilgrimage plan.  Our team will reassess this pilgrimage trip in the Fall of 2020 and will reach out to parishes and schools again at that time should a revised pilgrimage opportunity be possible. We will continue to pray for all life, most especially those suffering from the effects of Covid19. Any questions, please email etremblay@gbdioc.org.

Foundational Catechetical Certification (FCC): Face-to-face courses suspended; online courses still available (see below).
From Sophia Institute
The workshops by the Sophia Institute scheduled for later this month at the Shrine have been cancelled.
However, two free, online webinars will be offered this month. Use the links below to read about and register for these learning opportunities. Feel free to share this information with your catechists, too!
"This Is My Body, This Is My Blood"
Tuesday, June 9th; 2pm-4pm CST

In this workshop we will explore the beauty of the reality of Christ's presence in the Eucharist and how we can effectively communicate it to our students.
"Then God Rested: Understanding Rest & Leisure"
Wednesday, June 17; 2-4pm CST

Spend some time reflecting on what it means to truly rest and engage in leisure as we begin a summer after what has more than likely been one of the most stressful academic years any of us have ever experienced. 
Weekly Office Hour on Summer Hiatus

Have you missed a previous Weekly Office Hour? Previously recorded Office Hours are stored in a shared Google folder. Feel free to download and view any office hours you may have missed! Link: CLICK HERE
Parish Life Line
Monday's, Wednesday's 9:30-10:30
Prayer, resources, conversation with your peers in parish leadership.

Future topics include:
  • Hospitality
  • Domestic Church
  • Unity
  • Accompaniment

Contact disciplesontheway@gbdioc.org to get the video link to Parish Life Line.
Bishop Ricken's Message to the Class of 2020

Please share this link with your graduates (be it from grade school, high school and/or college.

This video may be downloaded and subtitles in English and Spanish are available.
Please Pass These Important Connections Along to Your Seniors Who Are Headed to
UW-Green Bay or UW-Oshkosh:
Upcoming dates you should know about.

Dates to Keep in Mind:

June 7: Trinity Sunday
June 9: Sophia Institute Webinar (see article above)
June 14: Corpus Christi; Phase II of Re-engagement scheduled to begin
June 17: Sophia Institute Webinar (see article above)
June 21: Father's Day

**FCC and Ongoing Formation schedules are available through www.gbdioc.org/fcc Please contact hosting parish/school to register for a class or get more information about location, parking, etc.
Catechetical Certification
Discover Jesus: One course per year for steady growth!
Online courses follow the same lesson plan as classroom sessions and may be used to take the entire course or specific sessions as make-ups. Participants are responsible for submitting completion form.
Studies, media, and materials to help you do what you do.
Our at-home resource page is HERE:
it gets updated as new information becomes available.

Ascension offers this Prayer to Combat the Corona Virus .

The Sophia Institute offers resources for helping families learn and live out our Faith year-round, summer, too! Follws the same format as its A Family of Faith series. Download at no cost.

The USCCB presents a new book, " Catholic Teaching on the Environment: Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Laudato Si" a brief yet comprehensive overview of Church teaching including a short survey of the writings of recent popes, scripture references and prayers. Very suitable for parents, HS and college students.

Ascension offers "Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom " a study program (DVD's, workbook, et al) with Jeff Cavins (part of the Great Adventure Also available for online presentation. The story of Acts of the Apostles is our same story of spreading the Good News.

FORMED is a Netflix-like Video On Demand and digital content service that features audio, video, ebooks and feature-length films from some of the world’s most credible Catholic sources, such as the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press. www.formed.org.series). Free,7-day trial of FORMED is available.

The Catechists' Journey (hosted by Loyola Press) has lots of interesting articles, blog posts, etc. This one is titled, " Catechetical Activity During the Summer ".

Daily Catholic Wisdom , co-sponsored by Ignatius Press and St. Jos Communications, is a free e-mail snippet of Catholic thought every morning from literary giants, beloved saints, and relevant voices from today.

Ignatius Press offers a stay-at-home virtual tour of the Holy Land and Salvation History with Steve Ray in its video series, " The Footprints of God: The Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine." See the trailer.

See what people are saying about Bishop Barron's new film series, " The Sacraments ", just released in May.

Amazing Catechists is a website with articles on a variety of relevant topics: book reviews; catechism; music; special needs; technology; theology. It's intended to share tips, ideas, suggestions and insights from a large pool of columnists.

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