Somerset Lake Newsletter June 2020
 Somerset Lake Community

June 11th - 6:30pm - Virtual Lake Committee Meeting
June 18th - 7:00pm - Board Meeting - zoom conferencing

Welcome New and Returning Board Members
Welcome Tom Felder and Anthony Fisher to the Somerset Lake Board of Directors.
Tom is new to the board this year and Anthony is starting his second term. We wish them well and thank them for volunteering.
Image by Jan Finn
Clubhouse Interior Update
From the Board
Clubhouse renovations are slowly resuming as contractors and suppliers continue to catch up on their COVID backlog. The majority of the work is complete with the exception of the Bar Area due to the delay in cabinets and granite. While the renovations are based on the original design created by the interior committee, changes were made largely to the carpet and furniture selections in an effort to accommodate construction issues. In addition, we are happy to report that it allowed us to come in under budget and expand our original renovation plans to include adding the  entire coffee bar area, fireplace updates and women’s restroom. Demolition of the restroom will start immediately and we hope to have everything complete before the next newsletter. We look forward to the grand opening party!

Images by Rob Belfiore 

Website Update
We are happy to announce that our Community has a new, improved, website. It will include everything you already like about the website, and the details you're looking for will be easier to find. We have more information as it relates to the community, and it will be more current with news and notifications, and things of seasonal interest will have a spot on the homepage. The new website will also be dynamic, that means you will be able to access it seamlessly from your phone or tablet! Please visit us at
Welcome Committee

We look forward to greeting newcomers. As we move forward, I think about what that will look like in the coming months of social distancing. There may be no handshakes but there will be welcoming conversations.
Image by Kim Edborg
Events Committee
We need you!

We have some really great ideas for the Community and need an Events Committee to put them into action when the time is right. If you are interested in Luminaries for 2020, A Community Tree Lighting Event, Holiday Lights Competition, or to help with or initiate any other event during the year, please volunteer. If you are only interested in one event that's great too! We need you!

If you are interested in helping, please email the clubhouse at .

Image by Melissa Berrier
Lake Committee
June 2020 Lake Committee Update

Somerset Lake Boaters

All boats accessing Somerset Lake have to be registered with the clubhouse. There are seven boats stored on the racks by the boat houses that do not have a Somerset Lake boat registration sticker. If you are the owner of one of the boats listed below, please call or email the clubhouse with your information (name, address, phone, email) and they will provide you with Somerset Lake registration labels for your boats. There is a fee of $15/year to store a boat on the outside boat racks. If one of these is your boat, it is imperative that you identify it to the clubhouse.

Left Rack (If standing between the racks looking toward the lake, the rack on the left)
  • Green Pelican Canoe - Top Level Second to the right side
  • Tandem Blue/Gray Speckled Kayak - Bottom level - Left Side
Kayak Rack (If standing between the racks looking at the lake, the rack on the right that is shorter in length)
  • Red Stillwater Canoe Top Level Left Side
  • Green Saranac Old Town Canoe - Bottom Level - Right Side

Left Rack Closest to Road 
  • Red/White Trailblazer 100 Kayak - Middle level - Right side
  • Aluminum Grumman Canoe with blue pinstripes - Bottom Level Middle
  • Red Coleman Explorer 166 Canoe - Bottom Level right side

Other Lake Committee Updates

The Lake Committee held our meeting remotely again in May.
We were joined by Gavin from SOLitude to provide an update on his current observations of Somerset Lake. He reported that we had a small outbreak of curly leaf & pondweed. Gavin treated the lake for these invasive plants last week and the water responded very well to treatment. Gavin hasn’t seen any water meal which was a big problem last year.
Clean-Flo deposited enzymes in the lake on April 28. Their next visit is scheduled for June.  
The dredging engineers are putting together a sampling plan for the sediment and talking to multiple construction groups in order to gather ideas on how best to dredge the north end of the lake.
We have decided to cancel the planting of the live stakes because of COVID 19 issues. We will take this up next spring. Likewise, the Annual Lake Clean-Up has been postponed to the fall.

The next Lake Committee Meeting is scheduled for June 11, 2020 @ 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse. We will provide an update if it will be held remotely.

I mage by Kim Edborg

Architectural Committee
Walking around the neighborhood, it is evident that quarantine may have slowed but certainly hasn’t stopped home projects…new roofs, exterior painting, landscaping. If any of these activities have given you the renovation itch, check out the contents of the sample closet.
Because the closet has been temporarily relocated to the massage room on the Fitness level, you’ll need to make an appointment with club managers to look over the options. Please refer to the displays of updated sample boards and binders outlining approved exterior paints/stains, trim paints, shutter styles/colors, roofing materials, etc. approved for each home series within the community BEFORE beginning a project. BEFORE you sign a contract to have any exterior work done, you first need to get Architectural Committee approval . Any new color requests or changes must also be approved by the Architectural Committee. This approval process may take up to a month. Please complete the Architectural Request Form found under the Document Links tab on the Somerset Lakes website ( ) if you will be performing exterior work such as painting, staining, roofing, tree removal, window replacement, or hard scaping. This form can be downloaded and submitted electronically. Other specific guidelines (solar panel installation, approved roofing materials, shed installation, etc.) are also available under the Document Links tab.

If you have any questions or topics for the committee to address, please contact Cheri Hadley of Brandywine Valley Properties at (302) 293-8093 or .As always, this volunteer Committee, in cooperation with Brandywine Valley Properties, Somerset Lake’s management company, will continue to review applications submitted by the Community for exterior home projects as well as handle requests for exceptions to the Community’s existing architectural policies.

Image by Jann Finn
Pool Update
The Somerset Lake Service Corporation has begun monitoring and discussing what might be allowable, and when, in terms of opening the pool. Currently, maintenance will continue as usual, the pool area has been landscaped, and the pumps are running.  The pool furniture will remain in storage until further guidelines are published. Everyone involved, from your pool committee, to the board members, to management, is hoping that the pool will be able to open in some fashion for the 2020 season. Conversations over utilizing a pool monitor, sign up times, and the like are all in the mix – including having the pool remain closed entirely for the 2020 season (please rest assured that keeping the pool closed would be a last resort if there was simply no feasible way to meet published guidelines). As of the drafting of this correspondence, Pennsylvania has not published community pool reopening guidelines. Conditions are monitored on a daily basis and all decisions will be based on what is in the best interest of the health and safety of the Somerset Lake Service Corporation Members.   
Traffic Safety Committee

In the recent survey of the community, traffic and high speeds were the biggest concern expressed. As a result, the Board would like to create a Traffic Committee to work to implement solutions to our traffic concerns, and to serve as a liaison to the Township and to Penndot. If you are interested, please contact the Clubhouse at , or call Brandywine Valley Properties at 302-475-7660.

Playground Committee

As the final week of school winds down, we are all thinking about what this summer will look like under the current circumstances. The playground committee, along with the Board, will continue to monitor the PA state guidelines. This will be our trigger to place the equipment order and reschedule the build date. We remain hopeful that the playground can be installed very soon.
Meanwhile we are still seeking volunteers! Please indicate your interest by registering in the link below. 

New Signage at Walking Path behind the Pool
We are so lucky to have such a beautiful neighborhood for our entire neighborhood to enjoy.

We ask that when enjoying the path by the pool, you not have chairs or fishing rods along the narrow part of the path. When chairs and rods are set up along the path, the community can not walk by, and can not social distance. By not setting up chairs or fishing rods on this part of the path, the entire community can enjoy this space. Please let those in your household that do not get the newsletter know this information. We tend to have teens setting up their chairs here and residents can not get by. Since we posted the signs, there has been a great improvement. Thank you to everyone using the walking path. Please continue to enjoy the lake.
Our Paddle Boats Are for Sale
Now is a great time to be out on the lake! The clubhouse can no longer rent out paddle votes due to insurance liability. Therefore, our paddle boats are for sale to Somerset Lake residents. Please click here for specific information regarding pricing. If you are interested, please email the clubhouse at by Sunday, June 7th. If we have more than one person interested in a paddle boat, we will use a lottery system. Cash or check only.
Congratulations to all our Graduates
Congratulations to all the graduates at Somerset Lake! From those graduating from K to first grade, to those moving up to the middle school and high school, we want to congratulate you and all your hard work. All those senior high school graduates, you are a treasure, and we all are our so proud of you and all you have accomplished. To all the college graduates, we wish you the brightest future, what a great accomplishment.

Special shout out to our staff, Jessica, Kara, Lauren, and Sam, who are graduating from Kennett High School this year. We know you will have a most excellent future.
Community Corner
More Unknown Artists!
We just love all our local talent. While on a walk in the neighborhood we came across some beautifully painted rocks. What a lovely idea and way to express yourself. We thank all the local artist making Somerset Lake an even more beautiful place to live.
On-going On-site Community Events (Classes and Clubs) have been canceled until further notice.
Call for Photos!
Please send to the clubhouse any community photos you would like considered for the next newsletter with your name. Photos need to be less than 5MB to be considered. Please send them to If you are doing a Victory Garden and want to share your photos, please send them.
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