June 2020
Hi Everybody,

Things are getting really stirred up now...
R(e)volutionary CHANGE IS never comfortable.
We might resist this change,
hide behind the MASKS
of conformity and obedience,
but we cannot deny it... it's happening! It's marching!
And it brings the TRUTH and INTERNAL PAIN out of the darkness.

"We may try to protect ourselves from feeling pain for the world, but that very effort costs us a great deal. We pay a high price in diminished awareness, understanding and authenticity." - Joanna Macy

A few days ago I watched a documentary that shook me to the core...
While part of me didn't want to see it,
another part of me felt "I must".
I felt it was a call to be really present with emotions
I knew the movie will provoke...

So, I wrapped my rosary around my hand,
pressed it against my chest,
took a few deep breaths,
and open my eyes and heart...
to bear witness to the pain and suffering of the innocent souls
tha t been abused and sold in child sex trafficking...

This is probably the greatest of all world's pain...
How can we heal THIS?
(If you feel uncomfortable now, please stay with me.)
"By turning a blind eye, we've all allowed a harmful epidemic
to take root. Let there be no more turning away."
- Craig Sawyer, producer of documentary " Contraland "

"Child sex trafficking is an estimated $38 billion dollar a year business in the U.S.; blackmail involving pedophilia is at the root of much
of America's political corruption..."
This is beyond shocking. This is the real dark.
Our culture is really SICK.
How can we heal THIS?
(I asked myself again)
Can we?

While the team of "Vets For Child Rescue"(movie "Contraland") doing
an amazing job of raising awareness about child sex trafficking and
exposing this criminal enterprise, and putting predators behind bars,
the question remains:
CAN we really HEAL this? and HOW?
. . .
"We live in a beautiful country. But people who have no
respect for human life, freedom, or justice have taken it over.
It is now up to all of us to take it back.”
Howard Zinn

And the R(e)volutionary Love is the answer.

"Revolutionary love is the choice to enter into labor for others who do not look like us, for our opponents who hurt us and for ourselves.
In this era of enormous rage, when the fires are burning
all around us, I believe that revolutionary love is the call
of our times." - Valarie Kaur


(excerpt from Valarie Kaur's TED talk )

"Love is not just a feeling but a form of sweet labor. 
Fierce. Bloody. Imperfect. Life-giving. 
A choice we make over and over again.

" What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb,
but the darkness of the womb?
What if our America is not dead,
but a country that is waiting to be born?
What if the story of America is one long labor?
What if all of our grandfathers and grandmothers
are standing behind us now?
Those who survived occupation, genocide, slavery, detentions,
political assaults.
What if they are whispering in our ears today, tonight,
"You are brave"
What if this is our nations GREAT TRANSITION?
. . .
and What does the midwife tell us to do?
and then?
Because if we don't push
we will DIE
If we don't push, OUR NATION will DIE.
Tonight we will BREATH
Tomorrow we will LABOR...
through LOVE
is the MAGIC
we will show OUR CHILDREN."

With LOVE,
Dr. Tatiana

P.S. Please check the links at the bottom.
I strongly encourage you to watch the videos below,
especially talks by Valarie Kaur and Lyla June.
Enjoy it! and Thank you :)

NET of LIGHT Gathering and Meditation
(Every third Thursday of the month)

June 18 | 7 pm

From "Our Love is Our Power" , by Sharon McErlane :
"The time of Earth changes, foretold by ancient teachings is upon us. At such moments in history, the Divine comes to Earth to intervene. This time has been referred in many cultures as the time when God the Mother will return to earth. An aspect of the Divine Feminine (energy of Yin ) has come to Earth in the form of the Great Council of Grandmothers . Their mission (and ours) is to restore the Feminine Principle of energy back to our beloved planet, which at this time suffers from a depletion of the energy of yin and an over supply of the energy of yang. "It is time to return to balance, and for this women must lead. Women must take the first step. It can be no other way." The Grandmothers ask us to participate during this time by casting the Net of Light . The Net of Light is lit by the hearts of those who hold it, lit by the sacred places on earth, by the saints, sages and avatars who have come to uphold our planet at this time and by all those who love life and gladly serve."
"The Net of Light will hold the Earth steady during the times of change." - they say.
Who are the Grandmothers? watch HERE
What is the Net of Light? watch HERE
And new development in Grandmothers work:
A Message from the TREES. watch HERE

If the message above resonates with you, please join us!
online and in person
235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102

Online meeting link:

 Please RSVP: or
or call (941) 953-2209

This is a "MUST SEE" TED talk!!
"What's the antidote to rising nationalism, polarization and hate?
In this inspiring, poetic talk, Valarie Kaur asks us to reclaim love as a revolutionary act. As she journeys from the birthing room
to tragic sites of bloodshed, Kaur shows us how the choice to love
can be a force for justice." (22 min)

Watch the video HERE

Lyla is a powerhouse!
She is an embodiment of strength, truth and real beauty!
It so worth to hear the whole talk (27 min), to FEEL who she is, and definitely to listen the last 9 min - her personal healing story!

" Lyla June - poet, musician, anthropologist, educator, public speaker
and community organizer of Diné, Cheyenne and European lineages - has inspired audiences around the world with a message of personal,
collective and ecological healing.
In this talk she explores the links between environmental destruction and "rape culture" and how we can heal and transform ourselves and our society. Lyla delves into how the healing of women can unleash the healing of men and how we have to heal humanity to heal the Earth."

Watch the video HERE


A shocking documentary about child sex trafficking in America.
This is the real epidemic. Our culture is really SICK:
"child sex trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise on earth;
it is an estimated $38 billion dollar a year business in the U.S.;
blackmail involving pedophilia is at the root of much of America's
political corruption."
It's shocking and painful, and you need to see it!
Because if we don't know, it "doesn't exist".
And when we know, we can do something about it.

Watch Intro to Contraland HERE

Watch the film HERE

The most comprehensive and clarifying interview
with Dr. Zack Bush, MD on Coronavirus,
what it’s trying to tell us, and how we emerge from the darkness.
If you haven't seen it already, please do!
He is brilliant!
It is 1 hour and 22 min, and I guarantee you will enjoy every minute of it.

Watch the interview HERE

Clinicians, Researchers, & Health Experts from Around the World Interrogating the Mainstream Narrative Around the Pandemic.
Great resource website Questioning Germ Theory, Contagion,
and Viral Testing.
See for yourself.

Visit the site HERE

Much Love to All!

Look forward to seeing you soon :)

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