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June 2021
Summer, Summer, Summertime
We can all agree that there has never been a year quite like this one for us as educators. As we wrap up this school year and give it a final bow, it is already time for us to begin planning for the next. Summertime is when the activity level of most of the RCU staff really warms up. Our team is finalizing national certification reports, editing item banks following item analysis processes, evaluating assessment, writing technical reports and planning for the 2021-2022 school year.
Summer is also a time for most of us to become students and trainers. I want to remind each of you about the 2021 MS-ACTE Virtual Conference and the 2021 Summer RCU Online Learning Module Schedule. Those are just two of the many resources available for you to explore to see what may work for you and your next group of students.
Remember there are also two areas related to MS-CPAS results that you should take advantage of prior to planning your instruction for the next school year.
  • Reports: For secondary reports, we have further separated reports due to the new scoring process required by the MS-CPAS3 contract in an Archived Area (Fall 2010-Fall 2017) and Current Area (Spring 2018-Present). Reports can be accessed with your RCU district account here.
  • Interpretive guide: Each August we update the MS-CPAS Interpretive Guide. This document provides data interpretation guidelines for teachers, administrators and school districts for all the CTE reports offered by our department. The guide can be downloaded here.
Most of us used some semblance of hybrid teaching in our career and technical education (CTE) classrooms this school year. This summer would be an ideal time to video demonstrations of difficult or fundamental hands-on skills you need your CTE students to master. Here are a few free tools (with an idea of how to use them) that you can consider using in your Canvas courses. I have used each of these in my Mississippi State University classes over the last few years. Consider using a few of these as you plan for the next school year.
  • EdPuzzle: Free tool that embeds with Canvas and can be used to create interactive video lessons.
    • CTE Use: Take YouTube videos (already made or film your own) and insert multiple-choice questions at points in each video for students to engage with and to check for understanding.
  • FlipGrid: Free video tool that embeds with Canvas and can be used to engage students and families.
    • CTE Use: Get students to video each other performing a skill and reflecting on the performance task.
  • Loom: Free tool that embeds with Canvas and can be used to record and share video messages of your screen or webcam.
    • CTE Use: Narrate and annotate your presentations or techniques to find out more about careers in each CTE field.
  • EpocCam: Who needs a document camera? Use this app to stream camera footage to your PC from your phone.
    • CTE Use: With a camera mount, you can have an easy, hands-free way to capture content to use in your courses.
Please take the time to relax, recharge and plan for next year. You deserve it!

Sean Owen, PhD
Assessment Manager
Important Dates
Secondary MS-CPAS ReportsMay 28: Final reports available
Secondary National Certification TestingThe RCU will publish MDE certification results midsummer, contingent upon the release of results by the certification companies.
Postsecondary Summer Roster Submission Period
Available anytime between June 9 and July 1
Postsecondary Summer Testing
July 6-15: Postsecondary testing
July 16: Make-up testing 
July 23: Final reports available 

Visit the MS-CPAS resources page for the full calendar. You must be logged in to the RCU website to access the MS-CPAS resources. 
MS-CPAS Testing
During this time of year, we are actively planning for the next school year. We will spend our summer updating manuals, guides, calendars, etc. We would like for you to take some time to reflect on any confusion or problems that you may have encountered this year and provide us feedback we can utilize to make helpful changes to our processes and documents. Some of you have reached out along the way with suggestions, and we are always appreciative of your input. As you think of ideas or improvements that might help, please share them with us here.
Summer is also a wonderful time for teachers to reflect on instructional practices, and we encourage you to use the MS-CPAS Class Report to help guide that reflection. In this report, teachers can see the class average for each unit and note the units of high and low student mastery. This knowledge can be very beneficial in planning for the upcoming school year and making adjustments that could increase student achievement. Please remember that teachers do not have access to the district login used to download these reports, so it is imperative that administrators and testing coordinators make these reports available to them.
National Certifications
Now that testing has ended, the process of generating national certification reports has begun. The publication of these reports is contingent on the release of results by certification companies, but you can expect to see them by mid-summer. Directors and testing coordinators will receive an email from our team when the reports go live.
Please enjoy your summer and some much-deserved rest and relaxation! If you have a question, please send us a Help Desk ticket or call 662.325.2510.
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