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"Resilience or hardiness is the ability to adapt to new circumstances when life presents the unpredictable."
Salvatore R. Maddi
Building a More Resilient Business
When COVID-19 first came to the United States in spring of 2020, many business owners were faced with unprecedented challenges. They needed to shut down, adapt or change their business model - and they needed to do it fast.

What these tough times taught many entrepreneurs, was the value of flexibility, innovation and - most importantly - resilience. As we head into a more normal summer, it’s important to remember that building a more resilient business is ongoing work.

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Unsung Entrepreneurs: Immigrants, Veterans and Encore (55+)
SCORE's Megaphone of Main Street
There are three groups of entrepreneurs who contribute more to the economy than any other: first-generation American or immigrant entrepreneurs, veteran entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs age 55 and older. 

In fact, while only 13.2% of the U.S. population are first-generation immigrants, they represent 20.6% of all U.S. business owners. Veteran business owners represent 9.1% of all business owners, compared to their smaller population size (7.6%) in the U.S. And entrepreneurs age 55 and over make up a staggering 50.9% of all U.S. business owners, despite accounting for just 21% of the country’s population.

Still, while these groups of entrepreneurs may have contributed to entrepreneurship at greater rates than the general population, they are also typically overlooked when it comes to small business development initiatives and many were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

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Sunday's Scoops and Treats - Concord, NH

Owners: Cole Glaude and Sarah Thayer
Mentor: Gene Calvano
When Cole Glaude and Sarah Thayer moved back to New Hampshire from New York about two years ago, one of the things they missed most was their favorite ice cream spot. So, they decided to bring the things they loved about that spot to their home state and opened Sunday’s Scoops and Treats in Concord on June 5, 2021.
The pair started planning for the business back in January of 2020, moving their plans along faster in January 2021 after connecting with their SCORE mentor Gene Calvano. With Gene’s help, they were able to secure a location, create a business plan, set a budget and open the store.
Today, almost a month after opening, they’re looking forward to a summer of serving up unique scoops. Sunday’s is not your traditional ice cream shop. Ice creams are made to order and completely customizable. All dishes start with a vanilla base, with the option to add any ingredients and mix-ins from more than 40 options. 
Their true speciality? Cereal infused ice cream! But they’re also offering more traditional ice cream mix-ins like brownie bites, cookie dough and even graham crackers and toasted marshmallows.
Visit their website to learn more and visit Sunday’s Scoops and Treats in Concord for your next ice cream fix! https://www.sundaysscoops.com/
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