Volume 6 I June 2021
We are almost half way through 2021, are your goals on track?
We are all facing measures to deal with the pandemic, however, we at PSCU want you to know that we will remain invested in your goals. Despite the fact that we have heightened sanitization at our branches, we encourage each of you to utilise our online services.

We have introduced the SWIFT loan to assist in this time of uncertainty. We have also partnered with PEAPSL to provide free counselling services to you our members.

Together we will get through this!

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Mrs. Siew is a former career Public Officer who is now a retired Permanent Secretary.  She has had the good fortune to work in various sectors in the Public Service, namely, Consumer Affairs, Human Resource Development and Management, Works and Infrastructure, Communications, Education, Legal Affairs and Agriculture.  As such, she has garnered a wealth of experience which has served her in good stead.

In the spirit of philanthropy and in an effort to give back to society, for over two (2) decades, she has been offering counselling and advice to those in need and is involved in charitable work which targets the less fortunate in the country.  Her life really is one of service!
Mrs Siew has served on several Committees in the Credit Union over the years, namely, Education, Human Resource, Legislative and Governance and Supervisory Committees.

Mrs. Siew has pursued lifelong learning and has been trained in a number of areas during her career.  She possesses a BSc. Sociology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Management and Development from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine and a Diploma in Executive Education at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Her advice to members of the credit union is to encourage your children and young persons to save, save, save.  Let us inculcate in them self-sufficiency from an early age. Every small amount adds up!!
Come join PSCU!
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Members wishing to make deposits or payments to their PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited Accounts can utilize the following payment services:

Payments can be made via an online bank transfer from your bank account to our bank account at First Citizens Bank using the following bank details:
Account Name: PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society
Account Number: 2796667
Branch: Park Street
Account type: Chequing

The following details must be included when processing the transaction in order to identify each payment:
1. Member Full Name
2. Member Account Number at PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited
3. Description of payment.

Payments can be made via direct bank deposit from Member’s Bank to:
Account Name: PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society
Account Number: 2796667

Ensure that:
1. Your name and account number are entered on the bank deposit slip.
2. The bank teller returns a copy of the deposit slip or a receipt to you.

All Members utilizing the above mentioned deposit and payment options are also to email confirmation of the transaction to: pscumembertransfer@pscutt.com

The following information is to be included in the mail:
1. Member Full Name
2. Member Contact Phone Number
3. Member Account Number at PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited
4. Member Branch (POS, Arima, San Fernando, Chaguanas, Tobago)
5. Amount
6. Description of payment
7. Date of transaction
8. Screenshot of the confirmed online transfer OR picture of the receipt/deposit slip along with your Name,
Account Number, Amount Transferred, Date, Bank, Location.
9. Persons making deposits of $50,000 and over will be required to complete and submit a Source of Funds Declaration
Form (available on our Website: www.pscutt.com)

A confirmation email will be sent from PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited acknowledging receipt of the information for processing your transaction or if there are any queries.
So you’ve signed up for online banking.

Let’s show you what you can do with it in this quick tutorial! Click HERE to view the video!
You can utilize our Online Banking Services to:
Check balances
Transfer funds internally
Apply for a loan
Request a letter.

If you haven’t yet registered for Online Banking sign up today via https://pscutt.com/online-banking-form/ or email us the completed PDF form to personalbanking@pscutt.com

For customer service or loan related matters contact your home branch via email:

Receive payments via ACH
Simply complete our ACH form online
or email us the completed PDF form to ach.payrolls@pscutt.com

Make your loan application online:
https://pscutt.com/loan-application or a completed PDF loan application can be dropped at any of our branches in the Dropbox.

For Insurance related concerns (F.I.P and Health Plan Claims)
Leave us a message at: pscuinsurance@pscutt.com

For more information, during the Covid-19 restrictions, contact us between 8:00 am to 2:00 pm 
Monday – Friday. https://pscutt.com/contact-us/ 

We are here to help.

PSCU Credit Union has partnered with PEAPSL to provide our members with FREE counselling during this time. If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, please get in touch with PEAPSL at 658-1291 or 235-5327 today!
Let us help you create a plan to save.
Call, visit and click on www.pscutt.com TODAY!
PSCU Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited