The Smith Clinic for Physical Therapy
June 2021 Newsletter
Galatians 5:1
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”
Runner's Clinic
In the last month, we hosted our first Runner's Clinic with huge success. We were able to work with over 15 kids in the Memphis area on their running skills and educate them on how to strengthen and heal their bodies. We were able to complete an individual running analysis that highlighted where each person could improve their form. We look forward to many more clinics that provide our community with the knowledge and capabilities to become better athletes.
Thoughts from Sarah Blackmore on Runners Clinic
The runner’s clinic we hosted this past month was a success! We had a host of younger participants attend, mostly representing the adolescent running community. Many of these runners came from the Colts running club and represented a niche group of young adults who have committed themselves to exercise! It was very inspiring to be reminded that even kids can have a dedication and passion for health. Hearing them describe the fun they have in practices and witnessing the joy they had socializing with each other was beyond hopeful. Physical activity trends in children have shown that over the last 40 years, daily physical activity among youth has gradually declined (in regards to frequency and intensity). Studies also tell us that the older these children get, the less likely it is to meet the recommended standard for daily physical activity. Meaning, the kids and teenagers we had at the clinic last Friday are beating the standard in regards to physical activity! Looking back at our own lives, I’m sure we all understand that if we had started our fitness journeys a little earlier in life our health behaviors would be a little easier to maintain now. So fellow readers, continue to be encouraged by our youth! Cherish the young people in your life whether it is your grandchild, niece, nephew, or cousins, and continue to foster and support their fitness journeys as they grow!
Happy Anniversary Tasha!
We could not be more excited to be celebrating Tasha's 9th year at The Smith Clinic.
Her hard work and determination to her patients have not gone unnoticed, making her a valuable asset to our staff.
Tasha never fails to keep us laughing and brighten our days. She pursues excellence, determination, and patience which flows into her treatment practices here. Her patients adore her and sing her praises as they leave the clinic. We would not be the same without her and are so grateful for her commitment to our patients.
Join us in congratulating her on her wonderful accomplishments.
8 Things Your Physical Therapist Wants
You To Know About Aging Well
1. Chronic pain doesn't have to be the boss of you.
2. You can get stronger when you're older.
3. You may not need surgery or medication for low back pain.
4. You can lower your risk of diabetes with exercise.
5. Exercise can help you avoid falls—and keep your independence.
6. Your bones want you to exercise.
7. Your heart wants you to exercise.
8. Your brain wants you to exercise.
Memorial Day Recap
Ava's foster daughter, Journey
Josh and Kelsey with their son, Blake
Angie and Micheal with their boys at Mt. Rushmore
Andrea's son, Tucker
Emily with her sweet puppy
Ellie Grace and friend at the lake
Patient Appreciation Day
We could not be more thankful for those who showed up to celebrate our clinic. Each of you has made our clinic better and we are so thankful for your dedication. The Lord has greatly blessed our clinic family and we want to acknowledge His sovereignty and grace in our lives. Over the last 21 years, He has never failed to provide for our every need and shower us with His mercies. Our hope is that you feel His presence when you walk through our door and that all prise would be given back to Him. Thank you for being a huge part in what God has done in our lives, we could not be more grateful.