June 2021
June 2021 Newsletter
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  • Zack's Place is putting on the Musical Beauty and The Beazt on December 15, 2021 and we are excited to announce that there will be a documentary made about Zack's Place and the process of the musical.
June in Review

In June we had all inperson programs and it is great to be together. We also zoomed in the afternoon in addition to being at Zack's Place. The morning program on Mondays was Book Group with Bobby Perez, we gardened every Tuesday and Friday and the garden is beautiful. We rode bikes on the Rail Trail with Vermont Adaptive on Wednesdays and that is drawing a huge crowd with 24 participating just last week. On Thursday morning we enjoyed cultural programs including cooking with Sarah and story telling with Jools. One Thursday morning we met at VINS and enjoyed the outdoor programs and the canopy walk. In the afternoons we zoomed and did in-person classes including art with Finnie and Caitlin, Yoga with Amanda, Tita, Jamie, Annie and Lalita. We sang every Wednesday with Papa Frates, Bob Horan and Kerry and Sandy. Friday afternoons we stayed fit with Bari and Vince and visited Billings Farm.
We are back at it!
Cooking with Sarah
Art with Lynne Vanatta
Linda, Karissa and Nicole working and sharing a laugh in the Garden
Friends forever Jessa and Molly
Tom Alcorn and Kate Enneper on the railtrail
Josh Caddick sharing a ride with Vermont Adaptive
Ed Lawrence exhausting his mother Carol as she tries to keep up
Tom and Terry. Success!
Staying fit with Bari and Vince.
Look at those muscles!
Tom and Annie out for a ride
Dail and Keegan doing a bridge in yoga.
Amanda in the middle.
Deb and Denise!
Part of the Gang!
Chris, Joey and Kitty
Zack's Place at VINS
The "Stay at Home Tea" is in your mailbox. This is our annual plea and we hope that you will read our brochure and send in a donation. If you did not receive one in your mailbox the brochure is below. If you have not read it yet.... I highly recommend reading the poem written by Holly O'Brien.
Zack's Place Musical
Beauty and the Beazt
December 15, 2021 at Town Hall Theater
Jim Sadwith and team are making a documentary about the process see below:
Zack's Place has a wonderful opportunity to have a documentary following the process of putting on this year’s Zack's Place Musical, Beauty and the Beazt. Zack's Place is looking for ideas for funding and Grantors who may support this endeavor.
For the past 9 years Zack's Place has performed a home-grown musical: ANNIE, PETER PAN, ZAPOLLO XII, THE VOYAGE OF THE ZACKLETON, MISSING MONA, A STEP IN TIME, CHARLOTTE’S WEB, THE WIZARD OF ZOZ and JUNGLE BOOK. Each of these stories were rewritten and combined with popular music in order to adapt to the needs and abilities of the Zack's Place participants. The all-star casts are always comprised of not only participants but also other community members. During the three months of rehearsals, the cast works hard at memorizing lines and lyrics, working on diction and performance, and learning dance steps with a choreographer. Sets and costumes are designed and assembled by community volunteers. Finally everything comes together to create a magical performance at the Town Hall Theater with a standing-room-only audience.
This year we hope to document on film the work, drama, setbacks and exhilarating successes experienced by any theatrical production but in this case through the eyes and lives of Zack’s Place participants. This will culminate in the December 15thpresentation at the Town Hall Theater of our take on BEAUTY AND THE BEAZT. The project is being written and directed by long time Woodstock resident Jim Sadwith. Jim has had a successful career as a producer, screenwriter, and Emmy Award-winning director and has directed several films in which he worked with actors with differing abilities. He has already written and directed several musicals for Zack's Place: ZAPOLLO XII, THE VOYAGE OF THE ZACKLETON and THE WIZARD OF ZOZ. For the past three years he has also been a Professor of Film and Television at Savannah College of Art and Design. 
If you know of a foundation, or a private funder that would be interested in this project, please email or contact us as soon as possible. The project begins in September of 2021. The performance is on December 15, 2021.

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