The Inside Scoop
June 2021
Happy Pride Month! Thank you for reading Youth Pride, Inc.'s June edition of The Inside Scoop! Within you will read about the upcoming summer session of our leadership program OUTspoken, YPI's Lavender Graduation for LGBTQ+ graduates, our newest program Aro/Ace Space, and an overview of all the fundraisers happening this month for YPI.
Register For OUTspoken's
Summer Session!
OUTspoken is YPI's leadership program designed to be a first step on a pathway to becoming a community leader by learning about advocacy, community involvement, and cultural awareness. The program is also designed to give youth the opportunity to learn about their different identities and how that knowledge can impact their community.

Meeting once a week for 9 weeks, the next session of OUTspoken begins Monday, June 21st on Zoom from 3:30-5:30pm. Youth who complete the program will receive a stipend.

To learn more or sign up, fill out our interest form below.
Pride Fundraisers!
Several generous businesses are hosting fundraisers for YPI during Pride month. We are very grateful and hope you will consider checking them out! Here are some of the opportunities to support YPI:

The Flower Shoppe in Pawtucket has put together a rainbow bouquet, Blooming with Pride, and 15% of each one sold in June will be donated to YPI. Additionally, patrons can apply the 15% donation to any bouquet purchased during the month of June!

Wormtown Brewery is dedicating a craft beer, Be Hoppier Double India Pale Ale, to YPI in June! One dollar from each pint sold goes to YPI. Applicable at Worcester taproom, Worcester Beer garden, and Foxborough Taproom.
Tricycle Ice Cream's annual Birthday/Pride Month flavor is back and benefiting YPI; birthday cake batter ice cream on salted brown butter chocolate chip & confetti cookie dough, white chocolate dip, and rainbow nonpareils. A portion of these ice cream sandwich sales will be donated back to YPI.

Wildflour is offering their rainbow pride whoopie pies again this year and 10% of each sale is donated back to YPI. In addition, 5% of all general sales every Monday will be donated back to YPI (Including at Garden Grille!).
Lavender Graduation 2021
We invite LGBTQ+ graduates to join us for Lavender Graduation on June 26th!

Lavender Graduation is an annual ceremony conducted on numerous campuses around the country to honor LGBTQ+ and ally students and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to the school/university.

YPI's Lavender Graduation will have speakers, reading of names, and group tassel turn. Oh yeah, did we mention we're mailing all registered graduates a rainbow tassel! Graduates who register by June 18 have the best chance of receiving their tassel in time for the ceremony.

To be part of this event, please fill out our registration form below.
We Need Some
Aro/Ace Space!
Aro/Ace Space is a weekly social pod for youth on the Aromantic and/or Asexual spectrums, and their questioning cohorts. Facilitated by peers who share these identities, Aro/Ace Space is for conversation of all types, ranging from the silly to the serious. Introspection, memes, and pets can all be expected here, along with guided discussions about the Aromantic and Asexual communities.

Aromantic refers to an individual who does not experience romantic attraction. Aromantic people exist on a spectrum of romantic attraction and can experience sexual attraction.

Asexual refers to an individual who does not experience sexual attraction. Each person experiences relationships, attraction, and arousal differently. Asexuality is distinct from chosen behavior such as celibacy or sexual abstinence; asexuality is a sexual orientation that does not necessarily entail specific chosen behaviors.

Aro/Ace Space meets Fridays from 3-4 on Discord. To learn more or sign up, email

Racial Equality Resources
YPI stands with youth of color and are committed to deepening racial equality within our organization and our work. We will provide resources in our newsletter to continually educate, mobilize, and engage our readers in racial justice matters.

The National Black Justice Coalition is America’s leading national civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+, and same gender loving (LGBTQ+/SGL) people. Their recent toolkit, Inviting In, combats the idea of "coming out" and highlights the fact that no one is owed access to someone's personal identity information and should only have it once an individual invites them in to that information.

The Humans Rights Campaign put together Coming Out: Living Authentically, a guide for coming out as a BIPOC. The literature contains information on talking to family, code-switching, the intersection of immigrate status and LGBTQ+ status, and more.
YPI Resources
Are you really missing drop-in hours? Need someone to talk to? Are you experiencing crisis? Have concerns, fears or mental health needs that you need to express to someone? Here are a couple of resources for you that were compiled by YPI staff.
Monthly Spotlight
Newport Pride!
If you're looking to celebrate Pride this month, Newport is the destination! Newport Pride has a variety of events planned throughout the month of June to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.
Pride Pins - Shops and businesses that are supporting the LGBTQ+ community will be selling Pride Pins for $5. Proceeds will be used for public art displays celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride in Newport, RI. Shops selling the pins include: The Nitro Cart; Bike Newport; Simple Merchant Coffee; Ohanga; and Grapes & Gourmet. Several stores are offering special sales and deals throughout the month when you show them your Pride Pin. Check out a full list here.

Pride: In Retrospect - a free photography exhibit open to the public from June 12th - July 4th at Innovate Newport. The gallery will feature archival images from the 1960s - 2010s. The images will highlight historical moments leading up to the riots at Stonewall and the first Queer Liberation march of 1970. To register for this visual storytelling experience, click here.

Flag Raising Ceremony - The Pride flag will be raised at Newport City Hall on Friday, June 11th at 5pm. Join the flag raising by RSVP here.
Pride Ride - Sunday, June 26th is the 3rd annual Newport Pride Ride at 11am! This 2 mile bike parade starts and ends at Equality Park and takes riders throughout historic Newport. Part of the proceeds from the ride will be donated to YPI! To register for the Pride Ride, submit the Eventbrite here.

Market & Festival - Directly following the Pride Ride is the Pride Market and Festival conveniently located at Equality Park until 3pm. Expect unique vendors, great performances, and live music. Learn more about the event here.

Afterdark - If you're not too tired after a 2 mile bike ride and exciting time at the festival, Newport Pride Afterdark is happening at Parlor Newport from 9pm-1am. The night will be full of music and dancing along with a drag show by the Trailer Park Girls. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.

*Photos from Newport Out's Facebook and Website*
More Diversity in the White House
More diversity is seen in the public eye as Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House principal deputy press secretary, became the first out Black lesbian woman to deliver a White House press briefing.

Upon the briefing on May 26th she states, "It’s a real honor to be standing here today...I appreciate the historic nature. I really do. But I believe that being behind this podium, being in this room, being in this building is not about one person. It’s about what we do on behalf of the American people. Clearly, the president believes that representation matters, and I appreciate him giving me this opportunity, and it’s another reason why I think we’re all so proud that this is the most diverse administration in history.”
Our Mission
Youth Pride, Inc. is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of youth and young adults impacted by sexual orientation and gender identity/expression while working to end the homophobic and transphobic environments in which they live, work and play.

LEADERSHIP: YPI is committed to creating the leaders of today. Youth voices drive our process, and we seek to develop the leadership skills necessary both within the organization and outside of it.
AFFIRMATION: YPI believes all youth must be affirmed for who they are and how they express themselves. We are committed to making that a reality in all of the environments in which young people live.
COMMUNITY: YPI believes building strong connections is essential to youth success and empowerment. We strive to create a caring, respectful and diverse community of young people and adults.
Your tax-deductible donation helps YPI continue to do the important work we do in accordance to our mission. Your gift would be directly investing in our state's LGBTQ+ youth so that they may have a chance to share their gifts and light with the world.
Our Programs and Services
Youth Pride, Inc. serves over 700 Rhode Island LGBTQ+ youth and their straight allies a year through a variety of programs and services.
Our Center, located on Westminster Street in Providence, primarily serve as a drop-in and programming space, and is currently open to youth ages 13 to 23 on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-8pm and Thursday from 3 to 5. Youth ages 9 to thirteen are welcome at our exclusive 13 and under drop-in time on Thursdays from 5-8 pm. All YPI Center services and activities are free to youth. YPI youth get to attend events, workshops, cultural, educational, social, and wellness activities at YPI and around the state.

Our center is home to a Basic Needs Pantry, open to youth in need of food, clothing, toiletries, and school supplies. We offer one on one counseling with in-house clinicians. Our clinicians facilitate and supervise three peer-support groups.

YPI also offers support to those who work with youth through policy and advocacy, and by providing professional development workshops and technical assistance to service providers and educators.

For more information on getting involved with YPI as a volunteer or if you or someone you know is in need of our services, contact
If you have a story you feel should be included in an upcoming newsletter, email