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With so much rain in the forecast lately, a rain garden seemed like an appropriate project to spotlight. The featured project includes a two pool rain garden that was completed in September 2017 in a parklet outside of the Blair Township Municipal Building.

But first... what is a rain garden? Click here to learn more:

Rain Garden Information

This project includes an inlet box that was installed on an existing pipe that carries stormwater from Penn Farm Estates directly to the adjacent stream. This inlet box acts as a splitter and sends some of the water to the rain gardens for pre-treatment before being released back into the pipe system and eventually the stream. Larger storms will continue on through the existing pipe system so the rain gardens do not get overwhelmed. The runoff enters the upper rain garden pool, soaks into the ground, or flows over a boulder spillway into the lower rain garden pool. A paver pathway was created to relocate some existing picnic tables and benches, giving the parklet more organization and purpose as well as providing an educational opportunity.  

If you want/need a green infrastructure implemented into your next project, we can help! Contact Brian Smith, PE at Keller Engineers to learn more about this type of project.

814-696-7430 |

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On June 3, 2021, we celebrated the completion of the Syberton Road Pedestrian Crossing Project located in Loretto Borough, PA.

The purpose of the project was to install a dedicated pedestrian crossing along Syberton Road from Saint Michael School to the Basilica of Saint Michael Church. Improvements made during this project provide pedestrians with improved conditions while utilizing the crosswalk and associated sidewalks.

The project involved the removal and re-setting of existing roadway brick pavers and construction of a new concrete safety crosswalk. Additional improvements included new concrete sidewalks, concrete curbing, ADA curb ramps, paint markings, solar-powered flashing school crossing signs, and seeding and mulching.

We are grateful to be the civil engineer on this important safety project for the community.

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The Formative Years (1997 to 2001)

The need for structure and organization within Keller Engineers became evident as the staff and client lists increased, and the need for additional office space was out-pacing Joe’s estimates.


“These years were a learning experience for everyone, including me,” Joe said. “Organizational skills were pushed to the limit as Division Directors juggled client and agency meetings, designed projects, wrote proposals, and managed staff and project schedules.” 


Staff numbers increased to 41 during this time and high school interns were hired as well. Two interns, Dave Cunningham and Kevin Campbell, from Hollidaysburg High School, went on to study civil engineering in college and are still with Keller today.  

Several significant expansions occurred in this five-year period:

  • 1997 Joe and Joan Keller purchased 418-420 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg and began extensive renovations.

  • 1998 – A new building, at the rear of the property, was constructed for the survey team and their equipment.   

  • 1999 A new service, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), was added

  • 2001 A branch office was opened in State College, Pennsylvania.   

Click the below link to view office expansion pictures:

Office Expansion Pictures

We will finish with a couple stories…

A Frightening Putt

At the 2000 Employee Golf Outing, A Frightening Putt was born. As Bill Henry (Water/Wastewater) was looking for his ball in the woods, he found a four-foot black snake. Bill drove to the green where Jay Ebersole (Survey) was putting and placed the snake behind him. When Jay, who hates snakes, turned around…


Goat Friend

Our Transportation Team made friends with a goat during design and construction of a new bridge in Fulton County. The sweet goat, who lived on a nearby farm, visited the construction site each day. 

During one inspection, the goat put her head on the shoulder our Chief Bridge Inspector, Kim Carr. Kim said the goat, who acted like a dog, wanted to be petted.  

This photo was taken at the bridge ribbon cutting. The event would not have been complete if the goat had not attended!  

Stay tuned for next month's adventures of Keller Engineers.

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We are pleased to announce that Haylee Henry joined our Land Development Division in Hollidaysburg, PA as a summer intern!

She recently completed her third year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a focus in Environmental Conservation and Ecology.

Welcome to the team, Haylee!

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Job title: Director of Accounting

Years at Keller Engineers: 25

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? At home.

What is your favorite dessert to make and why? Cookies, because there are so many varieties!

A genie gives you three wishes—what are they? 1. For more people to seek and live by the Lord’s teachings (then good follow); 2. World peace; 2. Cure for cancers 

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure? My addiction to antiques.

Which fictional character do you relate to most? I’m more of a non-fiction person, but there was a time when I ripped my pants, so I guess I will say SpongeBob SquarePants. Yes, I can relate to Sponge Bob.

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On Tuesday, June 8th, Keller Engineers employees attended a picnic lunch to celebrate our Marketing Specialist, Brittany Eckenrode, and wish her the best of luck in future endeavors.

Brittany has been with Keller Engineers for nearly four years and has been an asset to our team. Her husband recently accepted a promotion in Norfolk, VA, so their family of four will be moving in late July.

We tried to tell her not to move... but she is being stubborn! Best wishes to you, and your family, Brittany!


Angela Reilly, 6/14

Tim Larson, 617

Brittany Eckenrode, 6/27

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Our Transportation Division is continuing to grow - we just posted five NEW positions to our website. We also have career opportunities available in our Land Development and Business Development Divisions, as well as positions open in our State College, PA and Camden, NJ office locations.

If you know someone looking for an exciting, challenging career in the civil engineering field, Keller Engineers, Inc. offers a wide variety of options.

Visit the "Careers" section of our website to see our job opportunities:

Keller Engineers Career Opportunities
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